Saturday, November 14, 2009

~More pics with family and friends from AZ~

A woman never stands taller than when she is on her knees.
~It was nice to meet Mrs. Helen from England.~ ~Our girls and I enjoyed going out for a "wee cup of tea" with my good friend Juliana .~
~I doned this hat for Juliana to snap a fun pic of the girls and I at the tea room.~
~ We had our missions service at Gospel Center on a Friday night so that other area churches could come in. It was so nice getting to see a lot of our friends that we made when we lived here. After the service we had cookies and coffee. It was fun visiting with Roseanna, Janet, and Angie at my table. I cracked up when I noticed that the man behind us evidently did NOT want his face in our picture. =)~
~We were so happy to get to eat yummy Mexican food at Carolinas again.~
~ D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!~
~Grandpa took our kids on a motorcycle rides with his motorcycle.~

~We got to attend Gospel Center church for several services while we were in AZ. They had dinner in the dorm on Sunday and so we got a pic with Janet, my sis-i-law Beth, and I. We were soooo HAPPY that Michael and Beth and kids got to come out from Ohio to be with Dad and Mom and our family while we were in AZ.~

~Happy cousins playing with hairbrushes. Elijah and Sofia (Michael and Beth's youngest.)~

~Elijah playing in the water fountain at church.~
~Another fun pic of Janet and I after church one Sunday night.~
~My sweetheart and I.~

~Grandma and the kids at Gospel Center church grounds.~


Roseanna said...

I love your tea party outfit:) It was really awesome to see your mission service. I really liked that Phillip can talk while holding a flaming baton in his mouth at the same time! ;)...Lastly, I would like to apologize for my big ol' head dominating the picture of the four of us. Had I known how much space it would have taken up, maybe I woulda hunkered down under the table.
Keep doing what you're doing, I love, LOVE hearing about your mission work. It's so wonderful how God is using you :)

Travis, Donna, Alyssa, Marissa, Trae said...

Love your pictures!! I really enjoying your blog!!!Thanks for sharing the great posts!!

Anonymous said...

The guy behind us was Tracy! :) haha... thanks for the fun pics and yes, it was sooo good to see you all again!! Lots of love!

~ Janet

Steve, Angela, Shania, Kelsey, and Kaitlyn said...

That was to funny to see him hiding his face! Good pic... so enjoyed getting to see you all again and spend a few mins with you :) May God continue to bless and help your family do His will.. So enjoyed hearing all about your work for Jesus.. Just love your family so much!

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