Monday, November 23, 2009

~Catching the Gratitude Attitude~

I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving! While the world thinks of this day as nothing but "Turkey day", football, and another day off of work, we Christians love this Holiday for it reminds us to catch the Gratitude Attitude! To stop and count our blessings and name them one by one!
God has been VERY good to me! God could have saved us and sancitified us and then said that that was all He was going to do for us for there is NO WAY that we could ever repay Him for those! But...He didn't do that...He cares for every one of our needs (and even some of our wants.=) I Thank Him for ALLLLLLL He has done for Me. Below are pictures of my 3 main praises. (I THANK GOD for my family as well, but I don't have any recent pictures of them! =(
~One of the main blessings I have is my WONDERFUL man that Jesus gave me. He's the best husband in the world!!!! (I'm glad if you don't agree...for I WANT you to think that yours is the best!! =) I Thank the Lord for Phillip!~
~And when I married Phillip I got the best in-laws that a lady could ever get! I love Dad and Mom D. and Michael and Beth (and family) Tons!~
~Then I am extremely GRATEFUL that God "loaned" us 4 precious children to love and raise for Him.~~Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!~


lila said...

Your post is precious. I too am very grateful for what God has done for me and given me. It is wonderful to be one of His tho so unworthy I be. Praise His Dear Name. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. love you tons

Kimberly said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Y'all! (i just made your pumpkin dip to go w/gingersnaps and was thinking of you...Love Ya!)

sherryldickinson said...

What a nice post this is, Heather. It made my heart happy.
Mom D

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