Thursday, April 26, 2018

~IHC 2018~

Our family will be singing and Phillip will be preaching in a Spanish revival this weekend.  Tomorrow will be in Anderson, IN, and Saturday and Sunday will be in Shelbyville, IN.  The more tired one is, the harder it is to think in another language.  Well, we're pretty much we're REALLY GOING TO NEED JESUS TO TAKE OVER!! :-)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In case you didn't read this on Facebook....
How we PRAISE GOD for His PROTECTION over our little Mary the night after IHC!!!!!!
We got home from IHC around midnight. The 3 little ones were asleep! Noah carried Abigail up to her bed in the third floor, and he woke up Mary and Elijah and told them to go inside the house.
Mary got out of the truck and walked to the back of the truck where Phillip was unloading a few things. He noticed Mary looked quite sleepy and handed her Sarah's bag and told her to take it inside. Shortly thereafter, He finished unloading a few things from the truck, locked up the truck, came inside, and locked the front door! He and I were ready to climb the stairs to go up to our room for the night when I Heard our screen door open.
No one knocked, they just stood there. I opened the door and there stood a very sleepy Mary with NO bag in her hands!!! We asked her where the bag was and she did not know. This morning we found the bag she was carrying way up the street by the stop sign. We all thought she had come inside and went to the 3rd floor to bed...But Evidently she was SLEEPWALKING around the neighborhood! 😢
I firmly believe that Mary's guardian angel had her turn around and come back down the sidewalk, climb our stairs, and open our screen door!
How we THANK GOD that she was not run over, or kidnapped!!!!
Mary has never slept waked before. So now it has become a rule that when the little ones are sleepy they have to be either carried in or watched safely into the house!!!
(TWO NIGHTS LATER: We got home late from Brittany's senior violin recital.  Mary and Abigail were both asleep.  So, Phillip carried Abigail inside and helped Mary get inside to the 2nd floor.  Then he pointed her up the stairs to the 3rd floor, and told her to go up to her bed.  A few minutes later, he told me that he couldn't find her that she was NOT in her bed.
I went upstairs and she was sound asleep on her TRUNK IN THE CORNER OF HER ROOM!)  

 ~Interchurch Holiness Convention~
Wow!  Can it be that another IHC (Interchurch Holiness Convention) has passed?  SUCH WONDERFUL MOMENTS of seeing and being with kindred spirits (to quote Anne with an "E") of like precious faith, squeezing in a hug here and a handshake there, filling up that convention center with our Praises to Jesus in Song, Praying to our Almighty Father together, hearing inspiring and convicting preaching, and experiencing the AWESOME PRESENCE OF JESUS that makes one WEEP!
Here's quite a few pictures to enjoy ... of what this IHC looked like for our family!
~I wasn't sure if little Abigail would stay in children's church or not.  The first afternoon I took her, she was quite tired, but I thought she would be excited.  She was...for awhile...then decided that she still wanted to be with her MOMMY!  
That's fine...I'll take her being my "baby" for as long as I can get.  
Our kids LOVED children's church and the Davis' family did a great job!!~
Bloomers and I and IHC go WAY BACK!  
You see, years ago, before I was even born, my Moma, who was a Tennessee girl where little children went barefooted all summer, was now living in the North.  She wasn't quite sure that she was excited about my sister Laura having to wear tights all year long.  So, she prayed that God would give her a solution, that would help Laura look feminine yet cover her, so she could relax and play outside and still be modest.  
Moma had a lady that came over quite a bit and would stand in her kitchen and visit with her.  
One day that lady happened to say something like, "Martha, I have a bloomer pattern that I think you would like!"  
Moma asked, "What in the world is a bloomer pattern?" When the lady explained it to Moma, Moma INSISTED SHE GO AND GET IT RIGHT THEN!!!  
Moma knew that this was God's answer to her PRAYER!!!  
So, she began making them for Laura, and then for Me and we wore them until we were 12 and started wearing hose. 
So, growing up, at IHC I quite often was HIDING BEHIND A PILLAR...showing yet another lady my frilly bloomers. :-D
(Per our request, Moma made each of Laura and I a beautiful and very special pair that we wore ...under our wedding gowns. :-)
 ~Abigail laying down ...with her little bloomers and knee socks showing. ~
 ~The Lord helped Duane Q. preach on Tuesday afternoon.~
 ~Our Dear Dad Sankey!  We were soooo glad that Jesus helped him to be able to come to IHC and participate too! (I have called him "Dad Sankey" for years.  I attended his school for 2 years...and also My oldest brother Andrew married Vonnie Sankey. :-) ~
 ~My sweet friend Adrian and I.  ~
 ~Abigail and Adrian's little girl~
 ~ A very good crowd for the first night.~
 ~Kimberly, Sarah, Bethany, and I and a sleeping Abigail~
 ~Kimberly, Sarah, and Bethany~
 ~So fun to see my cousin Martha! She hasn't been able to come to IHC for years. It surely felt like we should be carrying our "purses, baby dolls, and notebooks to play school during the service!" ~
 ~My name tag.~
~My sweet friend Susanna and I.~

~The girls and I had the honor of singing for Women of Worth at IHC. 
Jesus helped us.~

 ~My sweet Moma and I before WOW started.~
 ~Kimberly played several songs on her violin~


 ~The Lord helped Esther Dotson Coner speak and do a great job.~
 ~We "tailgated" at IHC and ate yummy food that I had prepared before IHC. This afternoon (due to the Prayer and fasting service) it was just Kimberly, Kelly and Cade, Noah, Moma, Abigail, and I.~

 ~Nathan Becker Bucks to spend in the youth zone.~
 ~Phillip and others visiting at our Global Holiness Mission booth.~
 ~So fun to have Grandpa (Phillip's Dad) come on Wednesday!!  They have just recently moved from AZ to OH, so it has been YEARS since he was able to come to IHC.
We sent little Abigail down the bleachers to bring Grandpa back up to us.  She was used to us sitting up the 1st aisle...but that day we had switched and sat on the 2nd aisle of the side bleachers.  So, she grabs Grandpa's hand, and starts walking up the FIRST aisle.  They got to the middle of the 1st aisle when I waved and showed Grandpa that we were up the 2nd aisle.  :-(  So, poor Grandpa and Abigail traipsed back down that first aisle and up the 2nd where they got to Phillip and I. ~
~Phillip and David Spivey visiting at the GBS reunion!~

 ~The GBS orchestra playing~
 ~A selfie with Abigail, Daddy, and Mommy.~
 ~Kimberly playing 3rd chair with the GBS orchestra.~
~God's Bible School choir and orchestra~

 ~Tim Forsee, Dan Smith, and Phillip visiting together. ~
 ~We interrupt this post for a MEMORY: Found this pic of TINY ABIGAIL.
Time flies when you're having FUN!~
 ~Sweet Elijah.  He has a very GIVING HEART!  Loves to spend his money on his brothers and sisters.~
~Time of Discovery...
For the youth~

 ~I went to hear Bro. David Spivey.  The Lord really helped him.  There was an altar call and several young people minded God and we had a sweet time of prayer together!~

 ~Cousin Emma, Cousin Sophia, and Mary.~
~Chapel of the Children!~

 ~Little Abigail sitting and watching the children sing.~
~Bethany singing with the trio from UBC~

 ~Dad and Mom Sankey sitting on the front row!~

 ~Sarah's friend Stewart praying for the offering.~
 ~My sweetheart and I~

 ~Mary and Abigail~

 ~Mary and her friend.~
 ~Abigail and Kimberly~
 ~The Heath Brothers singing in the American Rally~
 ~Cousins...Elijah, Mary, Emma, and Abigail~
 ~Sarah and Noah singing in the youth choir singing~

 ~Mass choir and orchestra.  Kimberly is playing in the orchestra.~

 ~Our family at IHC~
 ~Megan, Sarah, Kimberly, Brianna, Kate, Brittany, and Brooklyn.~
 ~Elijah and his friend Levi.  He has 2 friends named Levi and Elijah is "twins" with both of them. ~
 ~My sweet friend Esther and I.~
 ~Noah and his friend Matthew.~
 ~Sarah and Brianna~
 ~Kimberly and Brianna~
IT was a WONDERFUL IHC!!!  How we Thank the Lord for His help to everyone who sang, preached, etc., and for HIS VERY SWEET PRESENCE!!!
It was an IHC to remember!  Some say it was The Best EVER...I'm not sure, but I know it was the BEST SINCE LAST YEAR!! :-) ~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Then to top it all off we got to go to Skyline and visit with Lincoln and Lyn and Laura, Darla and Bryan on Monday.~


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that the police didn't find your little girl outside alone! Thanking God with you that she found the right door and you all heard her.
Sounds like your family is worn out and needs to rest up awhile. Take care and may God keep HIS hand upon all of you.

Tim Doubledee said...

Would you mind putting us on your email news list, please? We love reading your blogs and if your emails contain different information than your blog we would love to read them too! Thanks! God bless you guys! (I just read an email from the Rope Holders and learned that you are going to give a report on a recent trip to Colombia. We would love to read about it!)

Tim Doubledee said...

You probably would like to have my email, :) lol

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