Monday, April 16, 2018

~Headed to IHC, Easter pics, our PA / NY missions weekend.~

We're sooo excited!  Tomorrow we are headed to IHC!  We are very BUSY packing for our VERY LOVED Interchurch Holiness Convention, but I wanted to update my blog, since it has been several days!
~Eggs the kids' colored at Easter time.~
 ~We gave the kids a little cash instead of buying a bunch of candy for them.~
 ~SADLY Elijah woke up sick to his stomach...on Abigail and I stayed home with him.  Kimberly drove Noah and Mary to church.~
 ~On Easter Sunday morning the youth did a play that everyone said was very special.  And then God helped Bro. Scott Susan give a good challenge.~
 ~Our Easter Table.  I set it for Phillip and Sarah too...even though they were in Colombia!~

 ~Our Centerpiece~

 ~Cute little bunny rabbit salt and pepper shakers and butter dish.~

~Since I was home with a sick little Elijah...I made myself some hot tea.~
~Sweet little Abigail stayed home with Elijah and I.~
 ~Snapped this pic after the kids came home~
 ~And the kids...with a sick little Elijah on the floor. :-( ~
 ~Sweet little Mary~
 ~Asparagus for dinner~
~Stuffed eggs~
 ~We had ham and all the fixins.~

 ~And a yummy pound cake, with fruit and cool whip.~

 ~Abigail went to church on Easter Sunday night, so we took a pic of the 2 girls before they left.~
~That night I was shocked when the kids got see that it was snowing!~
 ~We did the Resurrection Eggs...together for family Devotions~
 ~You know your house might be a little chilly...when....
You see that even your rocky horse needs a blanket.  :-)
(One of the girls laid a blanket over the rocking horse.)~
(Since Phillip and Sarah weren't here for Easter, we set another table similar for them!)~
 ~Their welcome home sign!~
 ~On the way to the INDY airport to pick up Phillip and Sarah...we Went by to surprise Grandpa and Grandma on Grandma's birthday!~

 ~Abigail holding their dog~
 ~Phillip and Sarah Arrive in the Indy Airport from COLOMBIA!!!~
(Before I knew it....Abigail had run into the "DO NOT ENTER" area...the minute she spied her Daddy and Sarah!)
 ~They got home on Tuesday, April 3rd!!~

  ~Sarah's post after she got her little Easter peeps.~
  ~After church on Wednesday night, Caleb had a youth night out.~

 ~Little heart pastries for Phillip and Sarah's welcome home breakfast!~
 ~Right before we left for PA & NY I got an email from Panera Bread telling me that I was entitled to a free pastry.  So, it helped break up our trip up North.~
 ~We went to PA to be with the Jonathan Fall family!
A Neat bridge that Mr. Fall showed us.~
 ~Kimberly, Brianna, and Sarah~
 ~Kimberly, Brianna, Sarah, and Brooklyn.~
 ~My sweetheart and I with this neat old train bridge.  The largest one of it's kind...built in 1915.~

 ~We so enjoyed our visit with Jonathan and Tami Fall.  Phillip would have been at GBS one year with them.  He reminded us of our Dear Uncle Charlie from Argentina.~
~We enjoyed wonderful meals at their house.~
 ~Had a missionary service at their church on Sunday A.M.~
 ~Bro. Fall took these pics of our family during our service...and after.~

 ~We had a blast being with the Falls.  They are truly kindred spirits.~
 ~Bro. Fall took this fun pic of us.~
~The Falls packed us a yummy sack lunch to eat on the way to our P.M. service in Northville, NY.~
 ~Fun M&M's inside the lunch.~
 ~It was snowing while we traveled.~

 ~In Northville church that evening.~
 ~So nice to see my sweet friend Juanita and her husband and family!~

 ~Putting away the display after service.~

 ~We had a wonderful supper afterwards at the Merle Hock's house.~

 ~Abigail really liked Philip.~

 ~On Monday traveling back from NY.~

I asked Phillip if we could go by Niagara Falls on our way home.  We haven't been there in 12 years.
He consented!~

~This has been my prayer recently I made a Meme to remind myself.~
 ~Coffee time one Springy day last week.~
 ~*Abigail watching Daddy Work!*
Last Thursday was quite the eventful day!  The kids and I were going last minute shopping for IHC when our BRAKES WENT OUT ON ME!! brakes...smoke everywhere...on a busy road! :-(
But God was with us and sent "an angel in a jeep" along to help us limp off of the busy road and into CVS parking lot, where we waited for Phillip to arrive!
We Thank the Lord for His protection and that we did not have any accidents!
And Thank the Lord, Phillip and his Dad have our brakes all fixed now! ~
 ~After the brake ordeal, we still needed to do some shopping.  Kimberly had a $50.00 gift card for Kohl's to buy clothes for her Peruvian trip.  Since I had a 30% off coupon we decided to go there before we went home.~
~I took this pic while stopping to drink some coffee today...taking a break from packing for IHC. (Interchurch Holiness Convention) I have attended IHC nearly all of my life.  I LOVE IHC!  I love the Christian fellowship, the beautiful music, the preaching, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when God comes with His sweet Presence!!  #ILOVEIHC
Sooooo excited about IHC!!  Now, I must go finish packing!!

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