Friday, May 11, 2018

~Spanish Revival, Piano and violin Recital, Company for dinner~

Hello!  I think Spring finally is here... or maybe we skipped Spring and are now into Summer? :-) Anyways, This is the Day that the Lord made...and I'm rejoicing in it!!
Here's pics from the last few days in the lives of your busy missionaries.  I think we stay more busy here in the USA as full time Faith missionaries...than we did on the field.  Phillip is constantly preaching new Spanish videos and then editing them and publishing them to put on line for our people on the fields.  These sermons he is doing are very important...for there is a real dearth of Holiness sermons and materials on line for our people to see and from which to learn.

There were seekers at the altar at least twice that night, testimonies, singing, preaching and a real sense of GOD'S SWEET PRESENCE!!!

 ~Phillip preaching the first night in Anderson.~
 ~Afterwards we had a yummy snack.  Here's Noah and his friend Bryan.~
 ~A neat Parents creed found in Bro. Joe and Sis. Sharon Smith's house.~
 ~Dear Bro. Smith outside helping get some bikes ready for our kids to ride. :-) ~
 ~Sweet Sis. Smith and Abigail~

 ~The kids had so much fun~
 ~Phillip preaching Saturday night in the Spanish revival held that night in the Shelbyville English church.  (the crowd was a bigger one and fit better in the English church.)

 ~Dear Bro. Santiago and Sis. Stephanie and precious little Gabriel~
 ~The Spanish church was Celebrating 14 years that night!~

 ~Sarah was probably trying to get cute little Gabriel to smile...
 ~but I think she just got Kimberly to laugh! :-D ~
 ~Mary and some friends.~
 ~Bro. Joseph Smith teaching Sunday school Sunday morning.~
 ~Bobbie and Morgan leading singing at the Spanish church Sunday morning.~
 ~Phillip preaching Sunday A.M. in the Spanish church.~

 ~A Spanish family wanted a picture with our family~
 ~Bro. Santiago, Sis. Stephanie, and Gabriel and our family~

 ~A sweet group of kids in front of Bro. Santiago and Sis. Stephanie's house.  This is where we ate Sunday dinner.~
 ~Yum! Yum!~
 ~Mary's Spanish friend made her this "Crown."
 ~It was a delight to have Daddy and Moma come to our service Sunday A.M. and eat lunch with us.~
 ~Elijah and some of his friends.~

 ~Mary and her friend...the Castle girl.  I'm thinking her name is Lily. :-) ~
 ~Snack time at the Smith's house after church Sunday night.~

 ~We ladies.  Janette, Heather, Sis. Smith, Sarah, Kimberly, Stephanie and Gabriel and Sis. Castle.~
 ~Sweet Sarah holding Precious little Santiago~
 ~Theses blocks helped entertain Abigail at the Smith's house.  She took this pic. ~
 ~Such sweet Saints...Dear Bro. and Sis. Smith waving goodbye to our family.  What a delight to get to stay with them during the Spanish revival.~

"Babies holding babies."
Abigail LOVES to hold baby Eily...which is nearly as big as she is.~

 ~Mrs. Martha Miller and Mary~

 ~Mrs. Martha left Kimberly and Sarah's song titles in Spanish...since they played music that their Argentine teacher had given them.  It made Kimberly and Sarah soooo happy.~

 ~Mrs. Martha and Kimberly~
 ~Kelsey, Mary, Klarrisa and Abigail~
 ~Sarah and Kimberly at the reception~
 ~Visiting after the recital~
 ~Playing duck duck goose after the recital.~

 ~Enjoying the Juan Valdez coffee from Colombia that one of our dear friends sent back with Phillip and Sarah!~
 ~Pretty flowers that my sweetheart planted in front of our house.  Makes it look so cheery.  Phillip is the one that does all of our plants and flowers outside.  He loves it and is great at it! ~

 Each year we take our family out to an International restaurant to celebrate God's calling on our lives.  Phillip reminds us of the seriousness of this calling and we reflect on days gone by as well.  This year we took the kids to a Chinese Buffet.  It was yummy!~

~Sour cream scones...a Treat I made for my family~
 ~Sarah, Samantha, and Katie at GBS VIP day.~
 ~On Saturday morning of our Spanish revival Sarah and Kimberly ran over to surprise their friends at UBC days.  They pulled it off.  Bethany, Megan, and RaeQuelle squealed with delight when they walked into the girl's dorm. :-)
Sarah and Bethany playing their Ukulele's.~

 ~Sweet Abigail "did her own hair."  This really shows her sad scar from her accident back in September.  How we Thank the Lord she is ok!!~
 ~At Dad's fixing Phillip's brakes in his van.~

 ~Noah giving  Abigail a ride on the dolly while Grandpa and Elijah work behind them.~
 ~Sweet pics of my sweetheart when he was a tiny lad.~
 ~My sweet mother-in-law~
~Dad D. 1957 1st boy on left, 2nd row. ~
 ~Dad D. 1965 Top row, 2nd from left.
 ~Dad in the Navy~

 ~Dad and Mom's wedding pic~

 ~Dad and Mom D.~

 ~Dad and Mom with a new baby Michael and little Phillip~

 ~Phillip only attended Kindergarten in the public school before Gospel Center opened up a Christian school.  This is Phillip's kindergarten pic.  2nd row, 3rd from the left.~
 ~Little Phillip~

 ~Dad Dickinson's parents Wesley and Laura Dickinson~
 ~Dad Dickinson's sister Donna~

 ~Meanwhile...on our little Farm~
 ~Thank you, Jesus, for fresh eggs that we get everyday from our chickens. Since we eat 14 eggs for breakfast, getting fresh eggs daily is a Huge Blessing.~

 ~Youth night out at DQ~
 ~Fun tea tins~
 ~Fun in our backyard.  I love the little chicken house that Phillip built.~

 ~Hearing cousin Darla at CCO. (Cincinnati Community Orchestra.)~

 ~At the Spanish revival Stephanie told me that her sis-in-law had told her that the average American household has over 300,000 things.  Her sis-in-law challenged them to get rid of 2018 things during 2018!
So, our family minus Abigail is taking that challenge.  If we each get rid of 288 things that will be 2018.
I had so much fun sorting my closet and getting rid of things!!!  So rewarding!!! As I get time, I have been going through each section of our house, sorting and getting rid of things!! 
Donating things to Peru and others.~
 ~A "Clean little Sheep." ~
 ~Sunday's table~
 ~Bro. Brock and a leader from the Holiness church in Papua New Guinea~
 ~In chatting with a friend I said this line and decided to make a meme of it.  I am so glad that Jesus is here to guide us parents.  #lovebeingamother  #heartstringsattached 

 ~Having me some sweet Sarah time.~
 ~With Starbucks and Gigi's cupcakes~

~Violin Recital~

~Cousin Darla~
 ~Kimberly and her friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth follows Kimberly at her violin lessons~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Collins and Kimberly.  Sis. Collins is such a great teacher.  She was having her 70th birthday and we all SURPRISED her and celebrated her!!~
 ~Samantha and Kimberly~
 ~Mr. Collins gave such a sweet touching talk about his caring wife! And he told us even more about how she cares for her students!!~
 ~Nice reception afterwords.~

 ~#thelayersofmycafe  1st Choclate, then, coffee and creamer, and then frothed milk.~

 It was so fun to have our good friends David and Kelly Stamper over for supper on Tuesday night.  On the day they were to come over...this popped up on FB from when David came and visited us 3 years ago in Argentina. :-) ~

~Their Karra brought us these beautiful flowers!!~
 ~Young people eating and visiting in the living room.~
 ~Enjoying a simple pizza supper together.  How fun to chat with good friends that are kindred spirits~
 ~Our kids had saved their money...and Last fall they bought this trampoline. 
Since we home school...It makes it sooo nice for a "PE" break where they have fun and get exercise too!  Even we "big kids" use it. :-) ~
 ~Kelly and I.  ~
My skirt with soft yellow roses was sent to me by our Pastor Alberto and Sis. Alba in Colombia.  They made it.
~S'mores around the fire.~

 And they're off!!!  Kimberly and Sarah were DELIGHTED to go stay a few days with Grandma ...while Grandpa works with his brother-in-law.  #drivingdaddysworkvan

(That was Mary's words about her and Abigail's outfits for church last Wednesday night.)
 ~Photo bomb...Elijah.~
~All ready to post on Mommy's Instagram. :-) ~

 ~We Had to stop by the mall before church.  Cousin Bryan was with us.  
I heard Abigail ask cousin Bryan,
 "Do you want to hold my hand?"  :-) ~
 ~Abigail's drawings.~


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