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~Happy New Year!!~

I trust that y'all had the MERRIEST OF CHRISTMASES!! We did!  Our December was CRAZY busy what with helping Dad and Mom D. get settled into their new to them home here in Ohio, and LOTS of FUN Christmas activities.  (In case you missed it, my in-laws moved from AZ to OH.)  We're Happy to have them here!  Having them nearly 2 hours 32 hours! :-)

~Since Sarah went to the bother of bringing up my Christmas china (Her idea)...I decided that I better use it. :-)  So, one day when the fam. was gone, I surprised them by setting a pretty table.~

 ~Years ago when Phillip pastored in AZ my Mom and I were in Dollar Tree and found this adorable Christmas China by Gibson for $1.00 each.  We couldn't believe it.  We found it in July!
So, We bought it, and came home and had fun setting the table in Christmas china...IN JULY...for our men who were working on the Gospel Center Church dorm.  (Phillip, Daddy, and Dad D.) They were quite SURPRISED when they saw our table! :-) ~

 ~Abigail's little "silver"ware.  I bought these for little Kimberly years ago.~

~Hot peppermint tea ...
 ~and with might as well throw in the FUN snowman sugar container. :-) ~

~Our living room Tree.  
I got this tree at Ohio Valley Thrift store one March...for like $2.32 minus 20%!~
  ~I enjoyed adding the cotton this year!~
 ~The little cross is from Kimberly N. in memory of our baby Mercy...
 ~And this is memory of our baby Treasure.  "One of the best ways to have a little Heaven in your home is to have someone you LOVE in Heaven!"  Last year, when I read this in the store, I wept right there in the aisle.~

~The mantle~ 

 ~We got our Christmas card pic on a pillow~

The boys~
 ~The girls~ 
 ~Mrs. Calvert, The Flings, Phillip, Abigail, and I.~
 ~My Sweetheart and I~

 ~Abigail has gotten into this habit of tucking her arms into her she can be an angel. ~
 ~All the kids standing nearby as Grammy calls out the prizes.~
 ~Keenan and Noah~
 ~Abigail won this little lamb and blanket~
 ~Rebekah, NiKayla, Jessica, Mary, and Eva~
 ~Darla, Sarah, and RaeQuelle~
 ~Kimberly and baby Eily~

  ~My Sweetheart and I~
(One night Sarah and I had run into Goodwill last minute to look for an item.  
I found this maroon sweater and threw it in my cart.
Then I tried on a few things, then Sarah was trying on a few things, and all the while the clerk was frantically reminding us that THEY WERE CLOSING IN 10 MINS!! :-)
While I was waiting on Sarah to finish trying on some clothes...
I saw the Hem of this gray dress hanging out of the dresses.
So, just out of curiosity I pulled this dress out.
50% I paid $3.50!!! :-)
  ~Abigail and Mary in their sweet smocked Christmas tree dresses.~

 ~Phillip visiting with Pastor and Carl~
 ~Kimberly, Darla, Sarah, and Carrisa~
 ~Abigail and her little warm lamb blanket and lamb~

 ~On Tuesday, Dec. 12th, "Grandpa Hyatt" took Kimberly and Sarah to the Ark Encounter!~

~Later that night our family joined them and got to see the NEAT Christmas Laser light program on the outside of the ark.~


 ~Ken Ham talking to us~

 ~The Story of Creation...leading up to the Christmas story!~

 ~Animals "going into the ark"~

 ~Then we took the shuttle back to our cars and Bro. Hyatt joined us and shared his hot cider, and we shared our hot chocolate and marshmallows, oatmeal raisin cookies, and slices of cheese.~
 ~Bro. Hyatt surprised our family and got us 3 different types of fudge from the fudge shop there in the ark.~
 ~A fun pic that Sarah took~
 ~In the midst of the Christmas joy...we stopped to run to Michigan to mourn the loss of Pastor Paul's Daddy.
But how we PRAISE THE LORD that He celebrated Christmas with Jesus in Heaven this year!!~

 ~Phillip spent years living in MI, so he enjoyed being back and going down the Country snowy roads again~

   ~Elijah plays "King of the Mountain!"~

 ~We got the 5 of us (Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah stayed home) a shake from Arbys.~
 ~They drew smiley faces on them. :-) ~
 ~We left MI and HURRIED back to see if we could make it in enough time to attend Kimberly's violin recital!!!
Abigail and cousin Bryan~

 ~Poor Kimberly!  When she flew to AZ to help her Grandparents pack and move she COULD NOT TAKE HER VIOLIN!!!  :-(  So that meant she could not practice the GBS Christmas music for the GBS Christmas program, NOR could she practice for her recital for 2 weeks. :-(
She got home from helping her Grandparents LATE TUESDAY NIGHT, and the FIRST TIME SHE WAS ABLE TO TOUCH HER VIOLIN was the DAY OF THE DRESS REHEARSAL FOR THE GBS Christmas program!!
So, she got through that BUSY WEEKEND of playing for the dress rehearsal, and then the GBS Christmas program Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Then On Monday she started practicing for her recital on Thursday night!!  (It was a STRESSFUL WEEK!! :-)
So...on the day of her recital, Phillip and I and our 3 youngest had left early that morning to go to the funeral in MI and didn't think we could make it back in enough time for her violin recital.  
About 2 hours before her recital she calls us and tells us that her BRIDGE ON HER VIOLIN JUST BROKE!!! :-(
So, she had to borrow a violin for her recital that night!  
TALK ABOUT BEING UNDER PRESSURE...But, with lots of prayer...and Jesus help, she did an amazing job!!  (Kimberly works GREAT under pressure. :-)
WHEW!  Too much stress for this Mommy!! :-)
 ~Our Sweet Sarah helping Mommy with our nearly 200 Christmas cards we sent out~

 ~Christmas program practice at our church~
 ~Sis. Mills did an amazing job on all the props!!~
 ~Found this fun pic of my sweetheart's senior pics~
 ~On Saturday, Dec. 16th, after the Christmas program practice at church, we drove up to Grandpa and Grandma's house and the kids and Phillip decorated their house for Christmas ...while I made supper for everyone!!~

 ~Tater tot (casserole)....and Abi-Tot~ :-)

 ~Sarah and her Grandpa!~
 ~Grandpa and Grandma's tree all done!~
 ~The Christmas village~
 ~Deer on Grandpa and Grandma's front porch~

 ~Lights outside too~
 ~Elijah and Mary sound asleep by the time we got home~
 ~Elijah's "fish market" in our Church Christmas program. My good friend Kelly made the cute fish!~
 ~A pretty tin of yummy cookies from the Beckers!~
 ~Abigail holding her cousins doll...who was going to be the "Baby Jesus" that Sarah would hold in the play~
Our young people did a mime beyond a sheet acting out while someone sang the song "Mary Did you know?!"~
 ~Sarah portrayed Mary and held "baby Jesus" as if she were thinking...while someone sang, "Mary did you know?" ~

  ~Sarah as Mary~
 ~Darla and Sarah before the play~
  ~The Children's program was based on Rob Ryan taking a "tour" of Bethlehem and going through it's fish market (where Elijah was the selling fish), etc.~

 ~At the bakery~
 ~At the Temple~
 ~Then...he found the Messiah!~
  ~The 3 Shepherd from the left, is our Mary...our shepherdess!~

 ~Kimberly and the kids~

 ~The actors that acted out the Mime behind this curtain~
 ~Carissa and Abigail~

 ~Elijah and Mary surprised us and made brunch one morning...they fried each of us an egg...made a piece of toast...and completed it with a cup of hot chocolate, with cool whip, marshmallows, and sprinkles...which Abigail calls, "winkles!"
  ~4 Christmas candies all ready to eat.~

 ~Kimberly played Christmas music on her violin at Chick-fil-A 2 different nights to help raise money for her Honduran mission trip. In March Kimberly plans to go, Lord willing, on the EFM Medical Mission's trip to Honduras as a translator!  The Lord helped her and people gave generously, and she now has all the funds she needs to go.~
~Bro. Hyatt came and heard the girls play and took this pic from his table.~
~ Dear Emily joined Kimberly and played some songs with her on the 2nd night.~
  ~Emily took this pic of our family at Chick-fil-A~
 ~Abigail got a Starbucks gift card given to her, so she got a pink cake pop!~
 ~Christmas decor in my kitchen.~
 ~A fun Christmas plate from the year that Phillip and I were born!  I got it at "A Second Look" consignment for ... FORTY-THREE CENTS....while in AZ last January! :-) ~
 ~Winter Thyme...a sign we got on our anniversary trip to Hillsboro in June!~
 ~On the Wednesday night before Christmas we were given 2 an extra bag of fresh green beans!  So, on Thursday we cut the ends off of, and blanched LOTS of green beans!!~
 ~All ready for the freezer!~
 ~Coca Cola and egg nog in our Colombian Christmas glasses!~
 ~Mary and Abigail coloring in their Christmas coloring books~
 ~Kimberly made a yummy Apple pie to take to Grandpa and Grandma's house!  
Abigail was her little helper!~
~All done and Beautiful!!~
 ~Sarah made us 2 yummy pumpkin pies.~
 ~Abigail helping out! :-) ~
 ~One of Sarah's pumpkin pies all ready for the oven~
 ~Then the girls played with the left over dough.  A Floury Mess was Everywhere!!~
 ~I made 14 mini loaves of sour dough bread to pass out to the neighbors on our street ...along with our Christmas card.~
 ~For the first time EVER...we had all of our gifts wrapped and the stockings stuffed... BEFORE we went up to Dad and Mom D's to spend the night on Friday, Dec. 22nd!
I knew that I could NOT come home LATE Saturday night, attend 2 services on Christmas Eve, and be ready for Christmas morning...if I didn't have things done before I left home.  :-) ~

 ~Our kids draw names among that each child gets a nice gift and not 5 gifts that are smaller, that they do not need and that are from Dollar tree.  :-) ~
 ~On Friday we made gingerbread men to take up to the Dickinson cousins at Grandpa and Grandma's house.~

 ~A  sampler platter that we sent to Grandpa Hyatt.~
 ~Noah made a THUMBS UP sign on his man.~
 ~So on Friday evening we packed up the Suburban and hurried to Cracker Barrel to meet up with our Dear Friends Trint and Janette and their lovely family!~
  ~Each child gave our children nice Christmas gifts, the Castles gave us a nice gift, and they treated us to a yummy Supper!  They were so super SWEET to our family!!~

 ~We had such a nice visit with them!!~
~Elijah holding their Daisy May~
 ~Our family spent Friday night with Grandpa and Grandma.

We were sooo HAPPY for the snow that met our eyes the next morning!~

 ~Phillip and Dad D. (& Noah and Elijah) got up at 6:00 A.M. Saturday and ran to Lowe's.  They got parts to fix a water leak in the basement, and bought a pellet stove.  And installed it that day.~
 ~A SWEET PIC OF OUR OLDER 3 KIDS...from our year in Costa Rica...2005!~
 ~Ava and Abigail~

 ~Mom D's pretty table...she got the same Christmas China that I did.~

 ~The men~
 ~Joshua, Mary, and Abigail~
 ~A Ladies selfie!~

 ~Dad opening a gift from Michael and Beth~
 ~Grandma passing out Christmas gifts.~
~Beth handing out gifts~
~Ava "getting" Sarah with a Lion~ 

 ~Sophia and her tiny snowman and Abigail~
 ~Abigail's blouse says, "It's Always Christmas at Grandma's house!"~
 ~Look at Ava in Grandma's pie~
 ~Sarah was busying reading....when Daisy May climbed up into her lap. :-) ~
 ~A fun coffee cup that Kimberly made for Grandma~
 ~Ava is left-handed and Beth and Sarah are sooo HAPPY to have another lefty. :-) ~
 ~Jeremiah and Elijah...side kicks~
 ~Mary and Sophia~

 ~Family prayer~
~A fun pic that Kimberly took~
 ~The Original Dickinson family of 4.  
( Michael's knee was hurt and he had to have knee surgery on Dec. 27th :-(  )  
~Now....there are 17 of us! (and 2 little ones in Heaven.)~


~Mary and Abigail got matching nightgowns and so did their baby dolls.~
 ~Noah got some dill pickles from Bro. Hoschar at church.  They both LOVE them!~
 ~Our Christmasy our Suburban!~
 ~It was snowing on Christmas Eve as we were leaving for church~
  ~Pretty and FUN snow!
 ~My nieces provided a beautiful offertory on Christmas eve~
 ~Love the "Do"


 ~Daddy took these pics of Abigail's hair at the breakfast table. :-) ~

 ~Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast...Thanks to cans from Sams. :-) ~
 ~Silly Abigail...she got herself her ORANGE BLOUSE WITH A TURKEY ON IT...on Christmas day!  She keeps us laughing! ~
 ~Mary wrapped up fun gifts for the whole family from her!~
 ~This was Daddy's gift from her. :-) ~

 ~I have a DEAR friend in Utah named Amy.  Now, we've never met...but I'm pretty sure that we are twins separated at birth...Kindred spirits.  :-)
Amy's Sarah turned 13 and wanted to re-gift her American Girl Doll ....Marie OUR MARY GRACE!!!   
So, she sent our Mary the beautiful Marie Grace doll, her little night gown, slippers, a matching night gown for Mary, the little book, and several American Girl books!!

~A sweet note to me from my Sweet friend Amy that was tucked inside the box!~
 ~A few years ago, someone gave me several of their baby dolls for our girls.  I recognized this one as a NICE baby and felt I should tuck it away for another Christmas.  So, this year, knowing that Mary was going to get Marie Grace, I decided that I would give this one to our Abigail!!!
We've just learned that this is a Lee Middleton doll and signed by Reva. A very nice doll indeed!
IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!  Abigail has decided that it's a baby boy...and she is the PERFECT MOMMY! :-) ~
 ~And she got a double stroller from Sarah for Christmas...which is perfect for her new baby!~
 ~We invited Bro. Hyatt over for Christmas day!~
 ~We had QUITE the Christmas day.  We were exposed to Possible lice before Christmas day.  So, on Christmas day our Sarah said that WE HAD TO DO THE LICE TREATMENT because she was to spend the night with Darla that night, and she was NOT going to chance giving her lice.  :-(

Years ago a dear lady in Costa Rica gave us this lice remedy and IT WORKS IN ONLY 30 MINS!!!!!
IT KILLS LICE AND NITS!!!!  NO using pricey shampoos that don't always work, nor combing for nits for hours!!
1 cup rubbing alcohol and 2 teaspoon Boric Acid. (Found at Pharmacys.) 
Mix together and CAREFULLY drizzle on head over a sink. (HAVING A WASHCLOTH TO COVER EYES! 
Have person turn all ways, until the scalp is covered and wet, and then pull up ends of hair and rub them all over head to get them wet, then PLACE ALL HAIR TIGHTLY IN A SHOWER CAP.  
SET TIMER FOR 30 MINUTES...and then wash hair like normal...and THE LICE AND THE NITS HAVE BEEN SUFFICATED and DIE!!!  No combing for nits!!!
We have used this recipe LOTS OF TIMES in our years on the mission field and IT WORKS!!
 ~Abigail and Grandpa Hyatt~
 ~Elijah and his new Christmas cup~
 ~Somehow in the midst of opening gifts, and doing the lice remedy...Jesus helped me set a fun table and made Christmas dinner.~

 ~Daddy and Moma arrived just in time to eat Christmas dinner with Bro. Hyatt and us.~
 ~Phillip doing," What God wants for Christmas" with us. (Notice little Abigail in Bro. Hyatt's arms.)~

 ~Then Christmas night we went over Daryl and Laura's house and put snacks with their snacks and had LOTS OF YUMMY SNACKS!! :-) ~

 ~Gramp helping Abigail with her Cape~

 ~Darla and Sarah got to laughing soooo hard, because Sarah could NOT get her box opened. :-) ~

 ~The kids got a "constractafort" for Christmas. I see LOTS OF TENTS in our LIVING ROOM'S future. :-) ~


 ~It was FREEZING COLD THAT DECEMBER DAY...but we bundled up and went with Grandpa Hyatt.  (Phillip had to study to preach, so he could not go. :-( ~

 ~We got to ride the train twice!~

  ~Little Abigail's hand waving.~

 ~A neat bird~

 ~The kids got to see the polar express.~

 ~And we got to ride the Carousel~

 ~Sarah, Elijah, and Bro. Hyatt.  (Noah and Mary were on the other side.) ~

 ~Then it started SNOWING a beautiful snow and it was so FUN!~
 ~Mrs. Gingerbread lady~

 ~Riding the train one last time!~

 ~Let is snow!  Let it snow!~

 ~Mary Grace with Marie Grace!~

 ~Ukulele pics~
 ~Jesus helped Phillip preach at our church Wednesday night!~
 ~Yummy coffee with "frothed milk."  Some of our friends sent me a milk frother for Christmas!~
 ~Mary was riding the scooter down the road...WITH HER HANDS IN HER POCKETS...and she went SLIDING down the road on her cheek. :-( ~

~I made this Meme of Mary in our old house that can get CHILLY ...wearing 2 pair of tights, 4 pair of socks and house shoes.  :-) (But Grandpa came and helped Phillip put a new gas heater in and we are more toasty now!! Praise the Lord!!~
 ~Mary got this big candy cane for our dog Flint on a major clearance.~
 ~Sarah got pink puffy house shoes...and Kimberly got purpley puffy house shoes!! :-) ~


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Moma said...

Wow, what a view of Christmas at the Dickinsons and the Hausmans in Cincy. It is a real treat to view all that you post Heather. It was so fun lookin - lookin = and lookin! I feel my head is a twiling in all these views. So - o - o glad that Dad and Mom Dickinson are so close to you and closer yet to us. We enjoyed so much going over a few weeks before Christmas and taking dinner and seeing their nice house! It was good to see all the family had a very Merry Christmas!

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