Monday, January 15, 2018

~Kimberly and Noah's birthday...Bryan family reunion, etc.~

How fun to have two of our children share the same birthday! Today is their day!!
We always have a lot of fun celebrating both of them! These are two special kids!

Imagine our surprise when baby Noah was born on Kimberly's sixth birthday! Noah we were so excited to have a baby boy to join your two sisters! You have been a delight in life and have been such a blessing to our family! Now you're one of our main farmers on our mini farm. 😊 Thank you for loving Jesus and being so kind and caring. How we love you! ~M❤️mmy~
The happiest of birthdays to our sweet Kimberly! Daddy and I were so so excited when we found out you were on the way! You have been such a blessing… Everything from lugging suitcases to carrying babies! Your ever-ready cute giggle is contagious!! 😊 Thank you for loving Jesus and being so sweet! How we LOVE you!! 💗💕🎂 

Gramp put it this way:
Her dad is Phillip; his dad is Phillip. \/ (check) 
Her mom is Heather; his mom is Heather. \/ 
She was born Jan 13th; he was born Jan 13th \/ 
Soooo they’re twins? Sorta. 
Just “hatched” 6 yrs apart. 
Happy BD Kimberly; Happy BD Noah \/ 😊
~Celebrating Kimberly and Noah's birthday at Skyline~
~Hugging Grandpa and Grandma in the doorway. :-) ~

 ~And Skyline gave the birthday kids free funnel fries.~
 ~Grandpa praying birthday blessings over Noah and Kimberly~
 ~Then we went back to Grandpa and Grandma's house to visit.~
 ~And Kimberly made us yummy Colombian "Arroz con Pollo" (Rice with Chicken.)~
~The kids showing their drawings to Bro. Mills after Sunday A.M. service. (Before he preached he had passed out papers for the kids to draw what he told them to draw while he was preaching.)~
 ~A birthday Sunday our house...with the Carters!~

 ~Mary, Sis. Carter, and Abigail had matching house shoes.~
 ~Sis. Carter and the girls~
 ~We had cheese cake for dessert.~
~We had such a nice visit with Bro. and Sis. Carter~

~Looking Back a few days!!~ 
  ~Dad helping Phillip in our house.~
 ~Elijah brought his goggles to church...and Abigail put them on...up-side-down.~

 ~Mary's "I love presents" blouse.~

 ~RaeQuelle, Kelly, Mr. Wilson, Scott, Kimberly, and Keenan playing Joy to the World at the Singspiration at our church the last Sunday in December.~
 ~Little Robbie...Scott's big guitar~
 ~Panettone...reminds us of Colombia and Argentina~
 ~Looking back over 2017....Counting my BLESSINGS and looking forward to a new year with Jesus as my guide! Happy New Year! ~Heather~


~Sarah's post~
 Favorite 9 ...on Instagram~
 ~Our HAPPY New Year~
 ~We drove to Richmond, IN and met my Bryan family at Golden Corral on New Year's Day.~

 ~Us Ladies~
 ~A. Lyn and Elijah...share a birthday.~

 ~The 3 cousins all born in 2000~

 ~When Abigail gets tired she asks for Kimberly's arm...then uses it as a pillow to fall asleep in her car seat.~
 ~Then we drove to Dad and Mom Dickinson's 
and surprised them!  
Michael and Beth and family were there too.~ 
 ~Huggin' cousins!~
 ~Ava loved crawling into Grandpa's dog ...Baby's dog house.~

 ~They wanted to go out to an Asian Buffet for we did.~

 ~A goody box from "Grandpa Hyatt" for our family for New Years.~
 ~Daddy and Sarah date time!!~
 ~We had passed out a small loaf of Sourdough bread and one of our Christmas cards to all of our neighbors.  One of our neighbors gave us this yummy box of goodies.~
 ~A yummy salad that reminded us of Argentina~
 ~The girls sleeping by the Christmas tree.~
 ~Mary's Trunk~
~Our Kimberly is pretty creative.
She found this trunk by the side of the road.
She came home and sterilized it on the inside.
Then, took all of this outside maroon off down to the wood.
Then, she covered it in paintable wall paper.
Then she painted it white...
And the hinges she painted black.....
She gave this to Mary for her birthday!~
 ~Abigail, Mary, and Elijah~

 ~Porky the pig...a gift to Kimberly and Sarah (when they were little) from Sharron G. from Gospel Center church.We cleaned out the basement and the girls discovered him!  This is right after his bath in the washer. :-) (Sarah actually hand-washed him, then spun out the extra water in the washer.)
Got 13 donuts for $1.59! (Update: Day-old donuts… 13 of them! 😂
Brought back memories of when Moma used to get Day-old donuts and make a chocolate icing to put on top. #Yummy So I made an icing for some of our donuts. (some of our family likes just plain glazed.) 
#NotHoltmans #ButTheyareStillYummy #MysweetMomaMemories #HappyLordsDay  
(I was rushing out the door to church, so just threw the icing on.)
 ~"Artistic" Abigail...:-) ~
  ~When your sweet Kimberly makes DELICIOUS macarons...with a white chocolate center!~
 ~Abby from church turned Sweet 16...and Loves Kimberly made her some for her birthday!~

~Waiting to surprise Abby!~

~Found this fun photo on FB from our GBS choir tour days.  
This pic was taken at the "party" that we this was the LAST Choir tour of several who were graduating.
L To R Back row: Sheila Wolf, Ronna or Renee, Joslin girl, Cheri, 
Next row: Linda Davison, Kelly, Esther, Luann
Front row: Me (Heather) holding a tiny Rachelle W., Kathyrn, and Marci~
~Free yogurts at UDF on Wednesday night after church!~
~Cute rainboots...Sarah~
~Abigail went to Piano lessons with Mrs. Martha...Sarah caught this cute shot of her looking out the window.~
~Our boys took Classical guitar lessons in Argentina.  Due to getting settled, and searching and praying for the RIGHT teacher...they were thrilled to get to start up classical guitar lessons here in the USA now!~
~Abigail and I were the only ones at home this morning. So we took advantage of it and had a tea party with the dishes that Gramp and Gram gave her. While I was getting her dishes ready in front of her, She had been playing with her little pink rubber frog. When I took the lid off of her teapot to put our hot tea in it ... guess what I found in the bottom of the teapot? 
Her Pink FROG!!! 🤣
When I mentioned it to her she said, 
"Yes, I hid the frog in the teapot!" #SheMakesUsLaugh

Abigail and I were the only ones at home this morning. So we took advantage of it and had a tea party with the dishes that Gramp and Gram gave her. After I had fixed the little cloth in the basket and put the extra cups back in it I walked over to the kitchen. When I came back the basket cover was misshaped and the cups missing. (she had placed the 2 cups under the Cloth.) 
When I tried to fix them she told me ....
"The cups were cold!" 😂 #coldcupssolddraftyhouse 

~Then later on we had some yummy coffee...
complete with "frothed milk"...with my new milk frother sent to me by Dear friends!!~
~And Abigail arranged some M&M's around her coffee.~
~"Grandpa" Hyatt took our 3 oldest to the Creation Museum and then out for Mexican food.~
~For one of the kids birthday gifts...I found this LARGE box of 50 Buckeyes on sale 70% at Kroger.  YUMMY!!~

~A birthday gift for Kimberly from "Grandpa Hyatt"  I took this pic...cause of the cute plant sticking out of the gift.  (I didn't get a pic of Noah's gift.) ~
~Abigail said she was "talking on the phone" to one of her friends that is a guy!
Later she told me that he told her that she was his VERY BEST FRIEND...and that HE LOVED HER TIGHT! ;-) #SHESATHREENAGER ~
 ~Elijah is Very creative!  He tried to make snow shoes by screwing old boots to a board.  :-)
He tried them out today and told me that unfortunately they didn't slide very easily.  :-( ~
 It's that... drink your coffee, stay in your jammies, snuggle in a blanket with your Bible kind of day!!! #KJV  #Read12ChaptersToday  #TryingToReadMyBibleThruThisYear 
Thank you, Dear God, for your Word! ~Heather~

 ~Our family sang Over and Over, Again and Again God is Faithful on Sunday.
We have PROVEN HIM TRUE AND FAITHFUL many a time in our lives!!!
Especially while on the mission field!!
~Like the time GOD SPARED tiny Elijah from DYING with asthma, a lung infection and Pneumonia while we were in Colombia!! (This was brought on by SERIES MOLD in our apartment!)
~The time in Colombia when....Phillip's bag was stolen with all of our PASSPORTS, $600,...and all of our paperwork we had collected for over 5 get our Colombian residencies.
WE AND OTHERS PRAYED...and within ONE HOUR the policemen had arrested 2 women who had our passports hidden in their clothes and our money was still in their hands!!!  
~The time when we had MOVED from Colombia to Argentina and when we got ready to pay our deposit and 1st months rent on our apartment we discovered that before we had left Colombia someone had cloned Phillip's debit card and had MADE LARGE PURCHASES FROM MADRID, SPAIN...AND HAD DRAINED ALL OF OUR FUNDS OUT OF OUR BANK ACCOUNT!!!
We knew NO ONE in Argentina!
Phillip called our bank and asked if we could dispute the LARGE charges from MADRID, SPAIN that were on our account.  The lady informed him that since it was a DEBIT card they normally did not reimburse debit cards.

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