Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kimberly's home, Noah's 5K race, visiting GG at Gram's, & my HAPPY Birthday~

My Dear in-laws are in the process of making a HUGE move all the way from AZ to Ohio.  We're excited that they are coming! 
Neither one of them are well!
They have purchased tickets for our Phillip, Kimberly, and Noah to fly out this Monday to help them pack and move! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!  Our Kimberly arrived Home SAFELY last Tuesday from her 3 week mission trip to our Beloved Colombia!!
~Kimberly flew all night from Colombia!~
~Right when we were leaving out the door to go pick Kimberly up, Elijah pulled out the cardboard, glue, stapler, markers, and a candy bar and made this little cardboard/candy  "Kimberly" to give to Kimberly. :-)  He's pretty creative!~

~And he made Kimberly's "backpack" on her back too.~
~Waiting for Kimberly to come!~

~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for bringing Kimberly home to us!!!  The Lord gave her a good Missions trip!~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~One Friday we ran over to IN and visited GG and Gramp and Gram in IN for the day!
 ~The Kids helped Gramp pick up sticks and limbs.~ 
 ~It was so FUN to see GG again.  We haven't seen her since her 95th birthday in April~
~Abigail watching Gram do GG's hair.~

~GG and Abigail~
 ~GG and Sarah!~
 ~I snapped this pic from inside.  It was so cute them just sitting there visiting.  GG was telling Sarah how she had met her soldier boy sweetheart ...Granddaddy.~

 ~Abigail and GG visiting.  They are TWO PEAS IN A POD!!~

 ~Gram served yummy stew and fixins that day.~

 ~Sarah watching Abigail and Mary play with matching baby dolls that Gram keeps at her house.~
 ~Gramp, Phillip, and the kids outside.~
 ~Noah is nearly as tall as Gram now.~
~THE HUNGER 5 K run~
 Then we hurried home that night...for the next morning was the HUNGER 5K. 
Noah and several from our church ran this.~

 ~Abby, RaeQuelle, Sarah (didn't run this year), Megan, Megan's cousin, and Samantha~
 ~Singing the National Anthem before the Race started.~
 ~Kristin, Sarah, Abigail, and Mary.  We waited at the finish line to cheer everyone in.~
 ~Beautiful leaves.~
 ~Abigail, Mary, and The Chick-fil-A cow.~
 ~Unbelievable!  Here came Zack...(our Assoc. Pastor's son) NINTH...out of 2,800 runners!!~
 ~And then here came Pastor Paul (far left)...with Noah right behind him!!~

 ~Noah came in 152nd out of 2,800. 
He was 22nd in his age group. 
A 5K is 3.1 miles.
Noah ran that in 23.15. ~
 ~Noah and Abigail~
 ~After Abigail stood and watched everyone run by...
she said to me, "I want a sticker too." 
So, Pastor Paul gave her his sticker/bib/number and while I was pinning it on she asked me,
"Are YOU going to RUN with me?" :-D
So, Pastor Paul ran the last 200 yards with her.~

 ~Our church team and Megan's cousin.~

 ~Afterwards they fed us (for a fee or donation of food) and a clown tied balloons for the kids.~

 ~Mary and I enjoying cotton candy.
~Abby, RaeQuelle, and Sarah~
 ~Then after the 5K Race, our family ran up to Michael and Beth's to celebrate Sophia and My birthday a tad early.~
Noah enjoying Isaiah's "green machine."

 ~Beth and Michael made Sophia's Beautiful Cake!!~

 ~Sophia and I...the Birthday girls~
 ~Beth and Sophia~
 ~Michael, Beth, Jeremiah, and Sophia~
 ~Sophia and I~
 ~U. Phillip with Ava and Abigail~
 ~Mary and Abigail with little fish that a friend from church gave them.~
 ~A Yummy Fall candle Amy gave me.~

 ~Monday we had a birthday breakfast.~

 ~Starbucks gave me a FREE birthday drink.  GRATIS!!!!
(And someone had given Phillip money for a Starbucks too.)~

~So we went on a date!!~

 ~And I still have a free pastry waiting for me at Panera Bread and Chick-Fil-A.  :-) ~
 ~After Phillip and I had our Starbucks we walked around on a date.
Then ran to Graeters Ice cream and shared my Free Sundae~

 ~Kimberly was to come back the next morning.  So, on Monday evening my Sweet sister Laura brought over my BIRTHDAY GIFT.
She brought BREAKFAST for the next BUSY morning.
A Yummy breakfast casserole...~
 ~Her yummy cinnamon rolls with cinnamon mocha icing~
 ~and yogurt~
 ~Beautiful leaves on the way back from the airport.~
 ~Kimberly's gift to me from Colombia~

 ~Uncle German's gift to me from Colombia~
 ~My birthday lunch after we picked Kimberly up from the airport.~

 ~My gifts from family and friends!~
 ~My fun snuggly gloves from Sarah~
 ~Thank the Lord someone had given me a pumpkin roll...so that was my birthday cake.~
~Fruit parfaits that Abigail helped me make for Kimberly's first breakfast home.~

~My birthday gift from my Sweetheart is this old ladder and blankets in our living room. 
(Blankets come from Sam's ) ~ 

 ~I love the old hardware on the top of the ladder.~
 ~Bro. Rigo and Sis. Ilce from our church in Cartegena, Colombia sent us the Colombian coffee...and months ago Pastor Jimmy's parents gave me the coffee cup.~
~My birthday cards...and gift card. :-) ~
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly sent us some Yummy Colombian coffee candy!!~
~I have a  SWEET FRIEND named Amy that reads my blog.  She surprised me half to death by sending me a $50.00 Gift card to probably my favorite restaurant and gift shop...
So, we took the fam and enjoyed desserts and coffee.  ~
 ~While we were sitting waiting for our dessert we took the Cracker Barrel Christmas test.  They gave you different styles of Christmas decorations and clothing to choose from and then in the end they tell you what your style is.
They said that my style was BURLAP, BARN WOOD, and rustic decor.  YEP!  Right on!!~
 ~The waiter made a mistake and brought us 2 extra slices of Coca Cola chocolate cake with ice cream...and told us to keep them! :-) ~
 ~Sarah's hot fudge Sundae~

 ~It was near Veteran's day so Cracker Barrel added a cute flag.~
 ~We are HAPPY that BBN has come to Cincinnati.  Their theology in their preaching might not always be the best, but their music is refreshing!~
 ~A fun pic that someone snapped of Phillip and I at Gary and Kelsea's wedding.  I'm sooo THANKFUL for my sweetheart that Jesus sent me!!~
 ~Mary is a good reader.  Here she is reading to her little sister Abigail.~
 ~One Day Abigail drew this and said she drew a little rabbit.~
 ~A fun kitchen towel from A. Carole~

 There was the traveling Local IHC in Cincinnati during my birthday week.  The Lord helped our family to be able to attend every service.
~The first night was at our own Christian Nation Church.~

 ~Friday morning it was at GBS~
 ~During chapel we looked over and Mary and Elijah were "looking at the preacher" thru these papers.  AND THEN to top it all off....
Elijah had a SUCKER IN HIS MOUTH during chapel! UGH! :-}  How humbling.~
 ~Daddy and Abigail holding hands during chapel.~
 ~It was so neat to hear Bro. Scott preach again.~
 ~Mary and Elijah found a piece of ice in the GBS fountain and brought it home. :-) ~

 ~On Friday night the IHC was at Burlington Bible Church. 
Kimberly and Emily~
 ~Kara, Darla, Sarah, and Katie.~

~After Kimberly came back she passed out gifts from our dear friends in Colombia.~
 ~Gifts to the kids from Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia~
 ~Yummy Tamarindo from Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia.~
 From Gaby to Sarah~

 ~43 eggs from our chickens. 
What a BLESSING!!!
Thank you, Dear Jesus!~
 ~I made a triple batch of sourdough bread...9 loaves.~
 ~My Sweetheart and I~
 ~Pumpkin dessert...yummy!~
 ~Abigail LOVES her big duckie that Gramp and Gram gave her last Spring.~

~As I mentioned above...My in-laws are in the process of moving from AZ to OH.  So, Last  Saturday morning our family ran up to Dad and Mom D.'s Ohio house and met Beth and some of her children to clean the inside of their house.~
 ~Abigail, Mary, and Isaiah helping clean Grandpa and Grandma's house.~
 ~Sarah, and Abigail, Beth and I~

 ~Sophia and I~
~For our lunch:
I brought creamy tacos in a crock pot, and the fixins, and Beth brought the chips and sour cream.  I made hot chocolate / coffee for the kids and us to drink and I cheated and baked some yummy Butterbread choc. chip cookies for our dessert.~

~Abigail helping Noah wipe down walls and window seals in one of the bedrooms.~
 ~When Noah pointed to the dirty white window seal and asked Abigail what color it was,
expecting her to say, "WHITE" 
she made him laugh when she replied, "DIRTY!" :-D
We have a kids video where a bee spells every word he says,
and he says, "That's Nasty...N-A-S-T-Y NASTY!!"

While Abigail was cleaning all the sudden she said,
"That's NASTY....
N-A     N-A
NASTY!!" :-D ~
 ~Daryl and Laura invited us over on Sunday for a yummy Sunday dinner.
We brought them a dozen of our chickens eggs as a hostess gift.
Today she sent back our egg carton ...filled with chocolate.
I told her that I liked the "EGGS" that her chicken lays. :-) ~
 We have a missionary service Sunday night at Union Friends ....the dear people that my Daddy and Moma got to pastor for 6 years.
Then, Lord willing, Phillip, Kimberly, and Noah will fly to AZ for 2 weeks to help Dad and Mom D. as they pack up and move.  
We will MISS having Phillip, Kimberly, and Noah with us for Thanksgiving...:-(  But we are HAPPY that they can help Dad and Mom!!

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