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~Pics from VA, Fine Arts Weekend, Piano quartets, UBC Missionary convention, Etc.~

Well, I have been swamped between homeschooling, working on projects in our home (which I can't wait to post,) fighting sickness, traveling to Missionary Convention, etc.
So, here's our "Month of March" in Pics... for you to enjoy!
(Please excuse any typos, spacing problems, etc.  It's midnight, and I'm going to bed...but happy that this post is finally posted.  :-D

 ~As we were packing up to go to VA for a missions' service on March 4th, I looked at the snowman on our front steps and saw that Elijah had put his sun glasses on him.~ :-)
 ~Kimberly mixed up a box of Colombian Natilla for us to enjoy on our trip to VA.~
 ~Look at those sweet chubby cheeks.~
 ~When we arrived at the Haven of Rest church in Va they had such a nice spread of snacks and breakfast items for us.~
 ~And such a nice prophets chamber for our family to enjoy.~

 ~It was so good to see Elizabeth from our GBS days.~
 ~Mary, Abigail and Maren.~
 ~We so enjoyed the weekend with our DEAR friends David and Jamie Spivey and their family.~

 ~David made us delicious coffee.`
 ~David and Jamie.~
 ~Sunday  night our family had a mission service at the Haven of Rest church.  
The sad thing is that Elijah was sick, so he couldn't join us. ~ 

 ~Getting ready Monday morning.~
 ~Abigail sporting her new tennis shoes.~
 ~The kids LOVED playing on the trampoline together.~
 ~On Monday we took a home school field trip and went to Salem, NC to see an old Moravian settlement.
We ate lunch at Sams club on the way. :-) ~


 ~We were wall-to-wall people and wall-to-wall fun.~
 ~At the Moravian Settlement in Salem, NC.~

 ~Look at the designs they made by folding pages of a book.~
 ~The Moravian motto was:

 ~Phillip and David have been great friends since Gospel Center School days.~

 ~Eating Moravian cookies in front of the bakery.~

  ~Kimberly took these fun pics.~

 ~Macey and Abigail.~

 ~Mary and Maren LOVED each they were skipping down the sidewalk.~

 ~Abigail picking wild flowers in the Moravian graveyard.~

~Macey and Abigail in the coach house.~

 ~We had fun taking some funny group shots.~

 ~Jamie served us some very delicious meals while we were there.~
 ~Abigail and her "uncle" David.~
 ~Having Family devotions together.~
 ~Kimberly reading the girls a story.~

 ~Saying those hard goodbyes.~
 Abigail and her cousin Darla.~

~Elijah got to attend Ethan's birthday party.~

 ~Darla and Sarah got to be a part of the Highschool Fine Arts weekend over at GBS. ~

 ~Rachelle Wolf talking.~
 ~Bro. Garen Wolf dismissing us in prayer.~
 ~Bro. Garen Wolf and Rachelle visiting with Dr. Stearns the visiting director.~

 ~Out to Coffee Emporium to celebrate Sarah and Darla.~

 ~Sarah and her Daddy....~
 ~And in Sarah's own words...~
 ~We are doing something new for us this year, we got some baby hens.  We are praying they will eventually lay LOTS of eggs for our family.  (We normally eat 15 eggs for breakfast. :-) ~

 ~We caught a flu going around and were inside for days.  Finally, I asked Phillip to build a fire outside so we could get some fresh air.  We all set around the fire all bundled up...and it started snowing.
Here, Abigail asked Elijah to "sit on her lap."~
 ~Sarah all wrapped up by the fire.~

 ~The things that poor Abigail goes through having 2 brothers and 3 sisters. :-) ~
 ~Like I mentioned above....We caught a flu going around and were inside for days.  My sweet sister Laura sent lunch and treats over once we were on the mend.~

 ~The girls wanted I made it for them.~

 ~Found this old pic of my sister Laura and their family.~
 ~Noah and Elijah mixed up these Argentine a cheesy bread.  Yum.~

 ~I am Loving my Bosch mixer.~

 ~On Friday, March 17th, we ran to Burger King and met up with Michael and Beth and children.  We hadn't seen them since before Christmas.
Kimberly made them some green mararons.~

~Looks like Abigail was thrilled to take this pic. :-) ~

 ~Michael and Phillip being crazy with the crowns.~

 ~...And Beth joins them.~
 ~We've been spending quite a bit of time in Lowes getting things for the projects we have been doing inside and outside our house.~

~On Sunday morning, March 19th, Jr. Church had the service in our regular church. Pastor wanted the parents to see all the Scripture, Bible stories, songs, and wonderful life lessons their children were learning.  It's not a babysitting's all about winning these children for Jesus.~

 ~Zack the lion.~

 ~Kimberly and Natasha were a part of a skit about Daniel.~
 ~Kimberly giving the object lesson.~

 ~Afterwards, Steve and Kelly Harvey invited us over for a delicious Sunday dinner.  I made the rolls, and Kelly made the rest of the DELICIOUS Sunday dinner.~

~Kelly's yummy pie.~
 ~Steve and Kelly, Steve's parents, Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, and I.~
 ~Sunday night, March 19th, Bro. Becker presented the pics from his and Phillip's mission trip to Colombia and Peru.~
 ~Kimberly made macarons on St. Pats day.~
 ~Fun cupcakes I made.  The "sprinkles" are gum.~
 ~Aunt Nesi gave us 2 loaves of her delicious banana nut bread, and a sweet gift in memory of our 2 babies we miscarried last year.~
 ~Abigail wanted in the pic.~
 ~An angel for each one of our 2 Angel babies in Heaven.~
 ~Sarah was invited to Mary Kate's birthday party.~

~Mary (and Abigail) were invited to a surprise birthday party for their church friend Rebekah.~

  ~The girls waiting for Rebekah to arrive.~
~The girls hiding to surprise Rebekah.~
 ~All ready to celebrate Rebekah at Sweet Froggies.~

 ~Abigail helping Mommy vacuum up some pencils shavings that had dropped.  #westartthemyoungaroundhere. :-D ~
 ~Phillip took the boys by the see where we planted the tree for baby "Mercy" that we miscarried back in May...and so Elijah brought me 2 pine branches from for baby Mercy and one for our other baby that we "Treasure!" ~
 ~A simple chocolate cake with Peanut Butter for icing.~
 ~Abigail praying on the way to church last Sunday.~

  ~Abigail and her friend Raegan.~
  ~We enjoyed having the AWC choir at our church.~
 ~Daddy and Moma dropped by to see us and so we invited Laura, Natasha, Darla, and Bryan over to join us for a little luncheon.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah played in a Piano Quartet in the Hilltop Ivories over at GBS~


  ~The Piano Quartet.  Kiana, Darla, Sarah and Kimberly.  They did a beautiful job.~

 ~Jesse Keep and Jessica Smith did a beautiful job as well.~

~The girls and their Wonderful piano teacher Martha Miller.~

~World Changers (Missionary Convention) at UBC~

Last Wednesday thru Saturday morning we were in Westfield to attend
UBC's missionary convention called World Changers.
Abigail licking her plate at dinner time.  The meals at UBC were delicious!!

 ~Due to getting up early that morning... Elijah, Mary, and Abigail all fell asleep in the first evening service at U.B.C.~
~There were at least 2 services where the altars were lined with seekers.~
~We stayed with our good friends Dan and Kandi.  Here's a pic of Kandi's yummy breakfast bar.~
~The sessions at World Changers were informative and helpful.  The Lord helped Bro. John Manly with his session.~
~Gramp and Gram joined us for Thursday at UBC.~

~Bro. David Hartkopf.~

~We saw a long-ago friend Marissa Leib.~
~It was nap time for Abigail so she was having a rough time.~

~Benji McDowell and family stayed at Dan and Kandi's too, so it was nice to visit with them.~
~Benji reading a story to his little girl and ours.~

~The Lord helped Bro. Eric Himelick on his session on Muslims.~
~Our Kimberly, Rebekah H., Sarah, and Bethany.~
~Abigail and Phillip holding hands.~
~Giving hugs before the McDowells left UBC.~

 ~Kimberly and Bethany.~
 ~Abigail praising the Lord in the Friday evening service of World Changers.~
On Saturday morning our family packed up and left and drove straight to Burlington, KY to join the church there where Bro. Jacob Martin spoke on "Why we Believer what we believe."~
~Sarah took this pic of her and Abigail on the way over from U.B.C. to Burlington.~
~Bro. Jacob Martin speaking on Biblical principles.  The Lord really helped him!~
~Dear Missy's mommy and I.~

~Elijah pulling the girls in the wagon at Burlington.~

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Moma said...

It was so good to see all the pictures. We enjoyed being with you all on Thursday morning and afternoon at the Missionary Convention. Love to you all, Moma

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