Wednesday, April 12, 2017

~My Kitchen gets a FACE LIFT!!~

In case you missed it, GO HERE to see my Easter Decor, Missionary convention, and the Flings coming over for supper. 

As you may have known, I don't have a lot of kitchen cabinets.  Not complaining, just statin' facts. :-)  The 3 bottom cabinets that I have don't match, and were graciously put in for me by a friend and Phillip. (They did this as soon as we got the house, or one of the times we were coming back from the field.)  I'M THRILLED TO HAVE THE Cabinets I have! :-)

I haven't had any upper cabinets, so my wall was blank.  Not to mention that I NEEDED more places to put things.  (cabinets store a lot of food, spices, dishes, etc.)

~This is what my wall looked like before.~ 
We didn't want to try to pray in the money to buy all matching cabinets...when in God's timing we would like to sell this house and move to the country.  (We LOVE our old house, and wish we could pick it up and take it with us. :-)

So while Phillip was in Colombia and Peru, I got to looking at my kitchen and the idea popped into my head of OPEN SHELVES!
I love open shelves and it would be MUCH CHEAPER!  I talked to Phillip on the phone while he was in Peru and told him of my dreams.

I also wanted a kitchen island which would give me more drawers and doors for storage.

When he came back he found some old floor planks that had been WEATHERED...which would work WONDERFULLY for my open shelves.

SO Jesus gave us the shelves for FREE!!

~Noah, Phillip and I repainted the walls of my kitchen ...white...I LOVE white! ~

 ~Then Phillip and I scrubbed the old wooden planks and I put polyurethane on them.~

The Lord helped Phillip find me this nice kitchen island just the perfect small size for my Retro 1900's kitchen. :-)
We got a great price on it off of Craig's list.~

Enjoy the Tour! :-)
 ~My whole kitchen~

~Jesus gave us the fun chandelier some months back.~

 ~My good friend Missy Underwood gave me my 10 pickle jars.~

~I painted these blue lids of the pickle jars mint-ish green.~

~We bought metal L shaped brackets to hang the shelves.  
Then we found the corbels for a Great price at a re-store, which I painted white.  
 (Corbels are the white chunky things "holding" up the shelves. Phillip is holding one.)  ~

~One side of my open shelves...~

 ~The other side of my open shelves.~

~My sweet Moma suggested that I hang my white coffee I did...and we love it!~

~Pics from around my kitchen.~
 ~I think I told you that this little window in my kitchen...had been a part of a bathroom that was all rotted out.  My husband tore out the bathroom...
but left the little window in my kitchen for added light.~

 ~Found this fun Fleur De Lis can opener in LA!~

 ~My fun cup from Coffee Emporium some weeks back.~

 ~Since my lower cabinets are parts and pieces, I had an open space between one of them and my stove.  Our Kimberly and Sarah saw an idea on Pintrest...
3 wooden boxes to go in that space, and to give me more storage.  :-)
Phillip plans to build some sliders for these boxes so they will slide in and out like drawers.
Kimberly went searching for and found old lath boards...and made the Adorable boxes.
Sarah stenciled and painted the Cute numbers on them!~

Phillip plans to install my dishwasher soon as well.  About 4 years ago while we were living and working in Argentina, a church sent our family some money for Christmas.  
Phillip suggested that we buy a dishwasher for our U.S.A. home with that money.  We did, but due to all the traveling for Jesus and missions, it is still in the box. 

~I'm Grateful to my Jesus and my Sweetheart for the new look of my kitchen!! 

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dearest Heather, I am SO HAPPY that you finally got some shelves in your kitchen! Boy, between all of you working together, things turned out really cute! It looks like you got a new room in your house. I just love how you utilize things that others throw away, and you make it into a work of art. Also, I love how your parents and you are into every kind of little detail. It makes all of your things seem so interesting to me. And your hanging white cups set your shelves off, just right. Your red flower kettle in your window is beautiful, and so is your flowered rolling pin. Kimberly and Sarah's idea of placing those wooden slat boxes in the open space between your two cupboards was perfect. What a cute kitchen renovation this turned out to be! NOW, if you can just get your dishwasher hooked up soon, that will be better than having Christmas! (Well, almost better that is.) Cheers and congratulations on how well your hard work turned out! I am so proud of you guys! Love, Mom D

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