Tuesday, April 4, 2017

~Life is soooo SHORT!~

We finished up the Missions convention at UBC and were to be home for Saturday and Sunday and then our plans were to leave Monday to drive to Penn View,
Attend their Missionary convention on Tuesday and Wednesday,
drive home on Thursday,
and go STRAIGHT to church because our Global Holiness Mission's mission convention starts at our church Thursday night-Sunday.  WHEW!

We were looking forward to being at Penn View, and I had been asked to share with a class of ladies on managing a home on the mission field (Being a homemaker on the field)...

But, a couple things happened that we felt it was God saying that it was tooo much THIS TIME...to try to work in the Penn View mission convention. :-(
The first one being that our friends that we were to stay with there at Penn View ... got the FLU!! :-( (And there didn't seem to be another place for us to stay.)

The second reason was VERY VERY SAD!  My dear cousin James (58) unexpectedly passed away!!  :-(  (He had a brain tumor. :-(

~So, yesterday found us attending his funeral.  I was asked to and so had the privilege of playing for his funeral. I cannot believe he is gone!
My brother Lincoln preached James' funeral.~

 ~James' daughter Alli speaking.~
~My other brother Andrew was a pall bearer.  It made me weep watching them carry James to lay him to rest. :-(   ~
 ~My Uncle Keith's grave.  He died at boot camp when he was 17. :-( ~


 ~And this is who I am named after.  This is my Grandma Bryan's maiden name.  This is her parent's grave.  Colwell is my middle name. :-) Heather Colwell.~
 ~On the way to the meal afterwards, we passed General Sherman's home in Lancaster, OH.~
 ~Gram and 6 of her Grands.~
 ~Andrew and Phillip visiting.~
 ~Some of our kids with Uncle Andrew and Uncle Lincoln. (Yes, that crazy Lincoln has food on his mouth...on purpose. :-D ) ~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are a few pics from Sunday at our own CNC church
~These 2 dear brothers sang a special and Jesus helped them. ~
 ~Our good friend Rob and Deanna invited our family over for a yummy Sunday dinner.~

~I saw a sign like this somewhere, so wanted to put that saying on one of my chalkboards.
I thought it was all finished...when I realized that I had LEFT THE WORD "LIFE" off....definitely not Perfect.  :-) ~
 ~There...that is better.
So True!~

We have a few days home, so I am enjoying my Easter/Spring decor.  I'll post those pics soon.

~Life is soooo SHORT!  Let us live FOR JESUS NOW!
I think that the devil makes a lot of people think that they can "live their own life now"... and on their deathbed, they will get right with Jesus.  
But, none of us have an assurance of a "Deathbed!" 
I am constantly telling our children that we need to LIVE 
so... that people know where we are ...when we die!~


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Gram said...

So glad that you got to bring your family and play the organ for our nephew, James's funeral. I am so sorry for his loss, it is our first nice or nephew to pass away. it was so nice to all be together even at this sad time!

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