Saturday, December 10, 2016

~Sarah's happy Birthday, caroling at the nursing home, Kimberly playing to raise money for the school in Colombia etc.~

Sarah had a very Happy 16th birthday!
Back in August when we were in Hobe Sound, FL, Sarah saw this Beautiful China at the EFA Thrift store.  She fell in LOVE with it, and wanted it for her home someday.
On our last Saturday there they had a special sale and so Phillip and I decided to buy that China for Sarah for a combination of her 15th and 16th birthday gift. WE GOT IT FOR A GREAT DEAL!!!!
There were 78 pieces of HAVILAND CHINA for less than $170.00!!  UNREAL!
 ~Here are the pieces she got.  We took a pic of it in the China Cabinet in the FEA thrift store before she packed it all up.~

~Sarah's birthday breakfast.~

 ~Samantha got this fun cup for Sarah.~
 ~We had my homemade sourdough bread and homemade jam as part as our breakfast.~
 ~Sweet Sarah.~
So, since her China was Sarah's gift...on her birthday we wanted to do something Special, but not have to spend hardly any money.  
So, we met several of our young people at the mall and walked around and window shopped, laughed, talked, took pictures, etc.~
~Sarah and her cousin Darla.~

 ~Scott and Abigail.~
 ~Mary talking to "Santa."  She didn't pay, just walked in and talked to him.  :-)
Of course she realizes that it's Jesus and her Daddy and Mommy that bring her her gifts.~
 ~Abigail looking at Santa.~
 ~Our fist pic of the young people that met at the mall to help Celebrate Sarah...and then more young people arrived....
 ~So we took another pic.~
 ~RaeQuelle and Sarah.~
 ~Mary enjoyed being with Clarrisa and Kelsey.~

 ~We ladies enjoyed walking around together.~
 ~Darla and Sarah.~

~And after the mall, then we went to McD's where everyone purchased themselves a snack if they wanted it.

 ~Recently Our Sweet Kimberly recovered a couple chairs for me.~

 ~On Friday we got to meet up with Michael and Beth and their family...and with Sherry too.  We had a BLAST being together!!~

 ~Our kids were singing Christmas songs together in the Burger King playground.~
 ~Then on Saturday, the Pilmores and Ryans and our family went to see the Lebanon Christmas parade.  It was so fun.~

 ~Zack and Abigail.~
 ~Sarah, Anna, and Kimberly.~
 ~Myself (Heather), Susanna, Pastor Paul, and Phillip.~

 ~Then we ate a late lunch/early supper at McD's.~

 ~Then we Ran to Goodwill, and among the treasures we found was ....this knife set for $2.50.
It was in the package...but someone had used it once to cut a cake...LEFT THE CAKE ICING SMEARED ON IT, packaged it back up, and took it to Goodwill. :-)
~Then we went to CCO to hear Darla play.~

 ~Abigail "helping" her Daddy practice for our Church Christmas choir. :-) ~
 ~Is Robbie Proposing to Abigail?  HA!~

On Thursday our homeschool group from our church went to the Lodge nursing home and caroled.

~Here is Noah playing his guitar at the nursing home.~
~Kimberly, Megan, Sarah (hiding behind Megan) Kiana, and Darla playing a fun Christmas song at the nursing home.~

 ~Kimberly playing the piano at the nursing home.~

 ~Elijah, Mary, and Abigail sang "C is for the Christ child." ~

 ~Then we walked the halls and caroled.~

 ~Then the whole homeschool group Headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
This is the clan that rode with me.~

 ~Debbie and I.  Thank the Lord, the Lord helped our family to sell 44 Butterbraids, which gave us some gift cards to Chick-fil-A!~

 ~Darla playing Christmas songs at Chick-fil-A!~

 ~That evening Noah, Elijah, and Mary helped me make 64 Pepperoni rolls for our Christmas gathering we had at our house Friday night, Dec. 9th.~

 ~And that Thursday night, Kimberly went to another Chick-fil-A and played Christmas songs on her violin, to raise money for our school for poor children in Colombia.~
 ~Phillip took her...and drew her chalkboard.
The manager loved having her there, and has asked her to come back this coming Tuesday to play again.~
 ~The kids and I made Peppermint Almond bark, and so here Noah and Elijah are acting like they are going to eat the whole thing.~
 ~Our peppermint almond bark.~
Pics coming of our fun Christmas gathering at our house soon.

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