Thursday, December 22, 2016

~Our Entire Christmas Season ... in ONE post.~

TODAY is the day that our Baby Mercy (our baby we miscarried in May) would have been born!!!! :-(
So, I added some extra things to our Christmas decor this year.
My heart still hurts, but Jesus is helping me heal.

~My Sweet friend Kimberly N. gave us this Cross that says, "Always Remembered 2016" in memory of our Baby Mercy. :-(  ~

~I got a Willow Tree Daddy and Mommy holding their little baby to help my heart heal.~

 ~On Thanksgiving night, I was just casually strolling down a Christmas ornament aisle, when I read this ornament and it made me weep right there in the aisle!!
I bought the ornament in memory of our 2nd baby, Baby "Treasure", whom we miscarried November 2nd. :-(

"One of the Best ways to have a little HEAVEN in your home,
Is to have someone you LOVE in HEAVEN!!"

 ~And my sweet sister Laura got this sign for us for Christmas.

"I don't need an Angel on my tree...
I already have one TWO in Heaven
Looking down on me!"   :-(

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We have had a WONDERFUL...Very Busy...Christmas Season.
Here are some highlights of our activities...and some pics of some of my Christmas decor thrown in.

~I really wanted some greenery to put on our bed.  Someone gave me a Christmas gift early to spend on me...and I was able to get a 20 foot garland enough to do our bed, and the railings on our front porch.~

~I grew up with one of these ceramic lighted trees in my GG's house and in our house. 
So, back in 2009 I bought one for us.~

 ~Abigail's little tree in her room.~
 ~With her little baby dolls from Ms. Nellie.~
 ~In our kitchen.~

  ~Candy Cane Lane.~
~In the kitchen.~
  ~Elijah in his new hat.~
~Fresh Greenery on our Front door.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah's Victorian Christmas tree up in their Victorian room.~
 ~Thank you, Mrs. Jowers, for all the fun ornaments~
 ~Sarah used her fun Blue hat as the tree topper.~
 ~These are the Christmas balls that my sis-in-law Vonnie made years ago.~
 ~Abigail...wearing her "On the Good list" nightgown.~

 ~FireCrackers ...Saltine crackers with a kick.~
 ~The recipe.~
 ~On our old gas stove.~

 ~In the bathroom.~
 ~Fun getting to use my Christmas cups and saucers ....a gift from Aunt Dorris in Colombia many Christmases ago.~

 ~Putting curlers in Abigail's hair.~

 ~All dressed up for our Church Christmas dinner.~

 ~Our Church's Christmas dinner.~
 ~Abigail...and her silly faces.~

 ~My Sweetheart and I.~

 ~Sarah and Kimberly~

 ~Sarah's pretty curly bun.~
 ~Noah and his friends Cade and Keenan.~

 ~These two were the "Stars of the show" and made us all laugh.~
 ~Sarah and her cuz Darla.~

 ~Mary and her friend Nikayla.~
 ~The prize tables.~

 ~RaeQuelle, Kimberly, and Sarah.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah's table.~
~Elijah and his friend Sammy.  It was so nice to have the Flings join us.~
 ~Abigail and her friend Raegan.~
 ~Mr. Andy trying to get Abigail to be his friend. (He's been trying for weeks now. :-)~

 ~Noah and some friends doing a funny version of the 12 days of Christmas.~
 ~Our Dear Pastor and Assoc. Pastor Paul and his dear wife.~
 ~Katrina and Kimberly.~
 ~Kimberly, Brittany, and Katrina.~
 ~Table 11.~
 ~Kimberly, RaeQuelle, and Sarah.~

 ~Zack and Caleb hugging like the girls do in their pictures.  :-) ~

 ~Grammy Photo bombing.~
 ~Go Zack~
 ~Pastor Photo bombing.~

THE SAD ending to our Church Christmas Dinner...was finding out that a thief had broken out the windows of 3 of the vehicles of people from our church...and stolen their purses!!!  :-(

~Wednesday, Dec. 14th, We got the privilege of attending Mrs. Hyatt's funeral.  A Sweet lady~
 ~Kimberly playing her violin at Chick-fil-a for the 2nd night...raising money for the school for poor children in Colombia.~
 ~When you have to be away from home for hours, and you stop at McDonald's for just a sandwich...and you eye all of the fun drinks...but don't have the extra!
Then the lady accidentally makes a 2nd Frappiccino for someone who already had theirs...
And she turns and gives it TO YOU FOR FREE!!!
 ~Kimberly got her free Starbucks.~
 ~A dear friend gave us some frozen meat!  A Huge Blessing!!~
 ~Sweet little Abigail.~

 ~On our piano.~

~Phillip's Mate beside our Christmas tree.~
 ~Our more formal tree in our living room.  I was struggling with a UTI when the kids put it up...and then Abigail has "re-decorated it," but at least it's up this year.  :-)~

 ~On the mantel.~

 ~On our buffet in our dinning room.~
  ~I found this cute little red popcorn popper in a parking lots by some carts.  Just sitting on the ground, no box, obviously used.  So, I brought it home and cleaned it up, for a fun pop of red and white on my buffet for Christmas.~

~Phillip and I got to take a quick Christmasy date and grabbed a Starbucks while out.~
 ~This little snowman napkin holder I found used in Colombia many Christmases ago.
And the tiny Salvation Army bell I think Pastor Jimmy gave me.  His cousin worked for Salvation Army for years.~
 ~On the ice box.~

 ~My Daddy's hot peppers he grew, and put on a string for us.~

 ~Sleigh Rides and Hot Cocoa.~
 "Kitchens are Made for Families to Gather!~

 ~A Loaf of Sourdough bread I baked for the owner of the Chick-fil-a where Kimberly played her violin.~

 ~Mistletoe in my kitchen, I can get kisses from my sweetheart while I'm cooking.  :-) ~

 ~A cute little ornament in the shape of my Louisiana that my dear friend Kimberly N. gave us.~
 ~In the 2nd floor bathroom.~

 ~A fort the kids made in our living room one day while I was gone.  :-)  I let them sleep in it, and they were Thrilled.~

 ~On Friday the 16th, we took a family outing.  We packed lunch and supper, and made yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows and yummy coffee with Peppermint creamer, and took along some yummy sweets and homemade candy.  #cheapertopackthantobuy!  #funfamilyChristmasmemories!~
 ~The boys "ice skating" in the parking lot while waiting for Daddy to buy some more Mate at Jungle Jim's.~

 ~Early Saturday morning, the 17th, our Church choir met to practice for the Christmas program the next day.  Our choir director, Rob Ryan offered Dunkin Donuts and coffee IN THE PARKING LOT for all of his choir members. (We brought some hot choc. and some donuts for our own kids.)~
 ~The kids choir practicing.~
 ~Noah being "Mr. Findley" and Elijah and Rebekah being Mr. and Mrs. Bodmann.~
 ~Skyline for lunch after the Christmas program practice.~

 ~That evening Anna, Zack, Pastor Paul, Levi, Scott, Sarah, and Kimberly went and passed out care packages to the homeless.  They ended their evening by caroling on our doorstep.  We invited them in for some hot drinks and snacks.~
~Sunday morning Elijah, Mary, and Abigail sang "C is For the Christ Child" and Abigail really BELLER-ED out that last note!!! :-) ~
 ~You can see her singing here!~

 ~Samantha, Sarah, Kiana, Megan, Kimberly, and Darla playing for prelude for the Christmas program.~
 ~Our Choir. ~
 ~Mary is on the left.~
 ~Our Mary is MARY!~

 ~Phillip and I sang a duet called, "God is working out His plan!"  A very encouraging song.~
~It was so nice to meet a sweet lady from Argentina!!!~

 ~The kids put together this fun puzzle.~
 ~My centerpiece.
It's some fresh thyme in one buckets, and a wreath and small Christmas tree in the tin that says, "Farmer's Market" in my Strawberry picking crate .... handmade from my friend Davies in LA!!!~
 ~Noah inside his backpack. (It has a draw-string bottom.)~
 ~Abigail Hiding...can you see her little jammie feet sticking out?! :-) ~
 ~We were privileged to get to attend Bro. Lewis Smith's funeral.  It was a glorious service filled with God's sweet presence.~
 ~Then after the funeral, we rushed home, packed our bags,
and headed South for A TENDER TENNESSEE CHRISTMAS...
with GG, U. Dan and Aunt Carole, my Sweet parents, and my Dear brother Lincoln and his sweet wife Lyn. (More family will be dropping in as well.)
~Abigail hugging GG!!~
 ~Almost more temptation than a girl can handle. :-) ~
 ~Christmas shopping at Sam's with Abigail and her "twins."~
 ~Mary going Christmas Caroling...wearing some of Gram's clothes to keep her warm.~
 ~Christmas gifts galore at GG's house from someone who called themselves...."Santa Clause."
 ~GG's NEAT tree topper that goes around and flashes Stars all over the ceiling and walls.~
 ~My family joined the Friendsville Bible Methodist Church and Christmas caroled to GG and my parents and I.
(I was still struggling with a UTI so stayed home last night. I ended up in the clinic today, but I think I'm on the mend.)~

 ~Gramp reading us a Christmas story.~
 I trust that you are having a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!


lila said...

A very lovely Christmas post!! Merry Christmas to all!!

Moma said...

I was in Tenn away from my computer and could see this post until I came home. Super, from the home decorations to the kids, all made Christmas very special. Love, Moma

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