Monday, December 12, 2016

~Our Christmasy Gathering~

So, Last Friday night we attended the God's Bible School Christmas program (which was very good, by the way) and then afterwards we invited some dear friends over for a Christmasy snack at our house.  There were 37 or so of us.
I didn't get a ton of pics, but here are some highlights.
~As I mentioned last post...our Noah, Elijah, and Mary helped me make 64 pepperoni rolls and some peppermint bark for the occasion.  Here are those pics again.~

 ~When I went to break up the almond peppermint bark it all came up in one piece, so we took this pic of Noah and Elijah acting like they were going to take a bite.~
 ~It was yummy.~
 ~The God's Bible School Christmas program.~
 ~It was a beautiful evening of worshiping the Lord, and hearing HIS STORY!~

 ~All ready to grab a plate and dig in.~
 ~Oreo Cookie balls that the kids and I made.~
 ~A family favorite...Cappuccino my new-to-me Beautiful Christmas Punch bowl that my dear friend Sis. Kemp gave me!!~
 ~Kelly, Beth, Me (Heather), Laura, and Abigail.~
 ~The Ladies all brought some goodies...and it was all delicious.~
~Zack brought us some Colombian pop called Postobon...which we got to enjoy in our clear glasses that have Christmas trees on them.
In Colombia, it was common for a product being sold in the grocery have a "gift" attached, which they called, "Obsequio."  It would make people want to buy their product.
So, One Christmas years ago while we were living in Colombia, Postobon Pop gave away one glass per pop that was purchased.  So, we bought enough glasses for our family.~
 ~Such fun memories of our Colombia...these glasses bring to our family.~
  ~Since Zack brought us the Postobon, I was serving him some in a Postobon glass.  :-)~

 ~Then we played some rather lively games.  They were hilarious.~
 ~Here the kids were playing the fun game "ImagineIff."  The Ryans graciously brought their game over for us to use that evening.~
We really enjoyed having everyone over!!!
Now, we are VERY excited because our Beloved Church Christmas dinner is tonight!

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