Friday, April 15, 2016

This, That, and I.H.C!

"MY" Beloved I.H.C. :-) is just next week!  YAY!
We get to attend IN PERSON THIS YEAR!  HOORAY! :-)
We can't wait to see Friends we haven't seen for a while...
To Greet each with a nod, handshake, hug, or a smile.

We want HIS PRESENCE to fill the place...Everywhere!!
To Save or Sanctify, encourage, or Revive...
Each one of us, so that IN HIM we will Thrive!

For One day, all will end, though we know not when...
Then we'll attend the BEST I.H.C. up in HEAVEN!!! :-)
I want to LIVE MY LIFE so I KNOW that I'll be THERE....
At that "I.H.C. of I.H.C.s" up in Heaven so Fair!!!

Here's the link for I.H.C. 
(I couldn't see the live stream button, but I assume that it will appear on Tuesday.)
Here's a link with the schedule, in case you need it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 ~At the end of my last post I showed you pics of the house being knocked down beside us.  Here's the EMPTY FIELD that is beside us now!~
 ~One day this week, Bro. Paul and Zack rode by our house on their bikes.  So, Kimberly made them an Argentine Mate, and we served a tray of chocolates. :-) ~

 ~Abigail wearing Mary's sunglasses.~
 ~My DEAR FRIEND Kimberly N. came by and Sonya too. 
Kimberly and I have been friends since we were teenagers and she is who our Kimberly is named after.
Here, Noah is playing his guitar for "Aunt Kimberly."~
 ~Coffee and dessert with friends.~
 ~Heather, Laura, Sonya, and Kimberly...with a TIP-TOEING MARY in front. :-) ~

 ~"The 2 Kimberlys"~

 ~Our Daddy pastored Kimberly's church in here we are...the 3 Louisiana girls. :-)~
 ~Our Missionary Convention started last night and goes through Sunday with Eric and Hannah Kuhns. 
All are invited to come.  It is being held at our Christian Nation Church.  (All except Saturday evening we are having an international dinner elsewhere.) ~
 ~Mr. Elijah got his cast off this morning.  So please excuse the many pics and angles of his SIGNED cast, but we want it for our blog books.~

 ~Noah ad Elijah right before Elijah got his cast off early this morning. ~
 ~He now has a brace to wear for 3 weeks.~
 ~This morning a dear friend asked if she could bring some Krispy Kreme donuts by. 
Well, of course.  :-) 
Thank you, Dear MEGAN for your kindness.  They were delish and a great addition to our brunch.~


lila said...

I hope we can watch IHC on line. I'm glad you are getting to be there in person this year.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This is a fun post of everything you've been doing daily.
I really liked your I.H.C. poem, and especially the ending of I.H.C. together in Heaven. Smile.
It's awesome that it's time for Elijah's cast to come off!
Thank goodness for your blog, so I can enjoy watching you guys.
Love, Mom D.

Sherry L Dickinson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moma said...

Dearest Heather, I don't why the person felt they should remove their comments but I will make up for it!:) Daddy and I have been praying for the IHC and those in charge to make it what only God can make of it. We are glad you get to go this year and we can be there with you and the Alaskan Crew! I really enjoyed your IHC poem and trust that we all can enjoy together, it ending in Heaven. I loved the clean lot next to your house and wish more could come down on your street. I love you and am looking forward to seeing all of you in just three more days. Moma

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