Tuesday, April 12, 2016

~I finally get to hang My engagement gift...,Company for Sunday, etc.~

Thank you for your prayers!  My back is better! :-)

~It has been 12 years since I have had my engagement gift hanging in our house!!!!  
My dear parents kept it safely for me while we were on the mission field.
The other day Phillip hung it above our bed.~
 ~I'm SO HAPPY to have it hanging again.
(The lighting was not really the best when I took this pic.)~

 ~Phillip spent 50 HOURS drawing this picture of me for my engagement gift.
He used a technic called pointillism.
There are no straight lines on the whole picture.  They are all POINTS...OR DOTS!!!!
Talk about a PATIENT man!!!  I wouldn't last drawing dots for more than a half an hour. :-) ~
 ~Here's a close up of the flowers at the bottom of the picture, and his SWEET signature!~
 ~The boys and Abigail blowing bubbles.~
~Youth Night last Wednesday night after church at Wendy's.~

 ~A nice belt that a dear lady in Colombia (whom I've never met) sent back as a gift for me!~
 ~Mary was invited to a little birthday party.  She and her sister fell asleep on the way to the party.~
 ~"Mrs. Cow" even joined the party at Chick-fil-a!~
 ~Yummy cupcakes.~
 ~Abigail was THRILLED that she got a cupcake too!~
 ~Saturday morning omelets that the kids helped me to make.~

 ~Sweet Abigail...~
 ~And those Adorable legs and little crocs. (shoes)~
 ~And then she found the DESITIN!~
 ~And enjoyed a cupcake!~
 ~Years ago a young lady was coming back to God's Bible School for her sophomore year...feeling a tad lonely.
Her sister and 2 other close friends who had attended with her the year before, were not returning that year, and she was coming back all Alone!
That lonely girl was Kelly.
One of her friends happened to be on campus visiting and was chatting with Kelly.
I had come as a freshman that year.  I knew the friend, so I ran up to say hello.
Little did I know that after I walked away....the friend told Kelly that I would make a nice friend for her.
Kelly and I became fast GREAT friends...and then became roommates for 2 years.
We made a TON OF GREAT memories during those years!
Our boyfriends attended G.B.S. ministerial dept. together as well, worked at the same place and carpooled together.
Kelly and I got married the same summer and we were in each other's weddings.
We have stayed close friends since those college years.
Now...it's fun to see our children being close friends too.
So, this past Sunday we invited Steve, Kelly and children over for Sunday dinner.
My Table~
 ~I had seen this done in a magazine using ribbons on a table and thought it looked fun.
So, I enjoyed doing it on my table for Sunday.~

 ~Sarah drew this little bunny for me.~
 ~The youth group always stands in a circle at church.  :-) ~
 ~Steve and Phillip visiting before our dinner.~
 ~I had lots of great help in the kitchen.~
 ~Along with other food, I made Red River Cereal (Hot cereal mix from Canada) rolls for our dinner.~

 ~Great friends Kimberly, RaeQuelle, and Sarah. (Our boys are great friends too, but I forgot to get a pic of them!) ~
 ~RaeQuelle made our yummy dessert!!!~
 ~Steve trying Argentine Mate with Phillip.~

First thing Monday morning....
guys showed up to tear down the FALLING DOWN house next door to us!
So, it became an "outside-the-house-
watch-and-learn-experience" for all of us!~
~It was chilly outside and rainy, so I ran inside and made some COCOA...MOCHAS for everyone to drink.~
 ~Everyone was happy that I thought of the drink...especially ABIGAIL!!!~

 ~I'm telling you, the first "clawfull" that this machine took of the front porch of that house, THE WHOLE PORCH FELL!
It was unreal!
He had this house basically down in about an hour.~
 ~I was NERVOUS and PRAYING that this whole brick wall and CHIMNEY wouldn't come crashing down on OUR HOUSE!!  The Chimney did fall on our driveway...BUT
Jesus kept our house safe!~
 ~Elijah and the rubble.~
 ~Isn't it crazy how LONG it takes to build a house and get it just right...
And then in an hour or so it can be DESTROYED?
Quite the lesson for LIFE!
Let's put our time and effort into winning souls and touching LIVES FOR JESUS...
For ALL THE REST will be 
Destroyed some day!~
 ~The empty field beside our house now!~
 ~Cousin Bryan suggested that we put brunch together.
So Laura ran inside and made biscuits and soppy Chocolate, and I ran inside my house and made boiled eggs and sausage.
It was a yummy fun time together.~
 ~Darla was letting Abigail (who was still in her jammies) carry her "BIGGER-THAN-HER" umbrella!~

With Church tomorrow night,
then our Global Holiness Missions Missionary Convention Thursday-Sunday, 
I may not get to blog for a few more days.
BUT...If I get an extra minute tho, rest Assured...that I will. :-)


Amy said...

Heather, your picture is stunning! What talent, and what a sweet engagement gift! I'm so glad it can be hung in your home again. Your Sunday table is darling! I have an important question - what in the world is "soppy chocolate" (my children are insisting I have the recipe)?

Keith and Crystal said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures. I'm praying for you.


lila said...

I have always adored your engagement gift. Your hubby has many great talents and of course you do too. I always enjoy seeing your adorable table settings. You are the one that inspired me to set a table and have friends over for meals. Lord willing I am having a ladies brunch on Thursday the 21st. The ladies in the church have been asking me when I was going to have another meal. Enjoyed your blog as always. Love and prayers

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