Wednesday, April 27, 2016

~God is sending us a Blessing...~

~Make sure and read Abigail's sign!!!!~
We're very excited!  Our kids are too!!!


Family on the Prairie said...

Dear Heather,
What a nice family picture and WOW is more than just about Women of Worth!! It is also about Women of Wonder!! I remember what it felt like to find out that baby number seven was on the way when I was 43 years old! I was not expecting this, she was almost three years behind my youngest,and I told God I couldn't do it. But--I did it, and He gave grace and strength, and our dear Hannah Grace (Hannah means "grace," too) has been our most affectionate child (and most feisty!)and has been a real joy in so many ways. After we named her, I felt her name carried its own significance! It's hard to believe this happened almost eight years ago, because a week from today is her birthday, and she'll be seven.

Incidentally two days from today is my 50th birthday, and I've always felt happier to give than to receive, so for my 50th birthday I want to give another expectant mom of seven-to-be the gift of support, love, and prayers. I will try to do my best to remember you in prayer during this pregnancy. Feel free to email me personally if you'd like at

You can also visit my own blog for my rendition of IHC, (including a picture of your littlest girl!) at the following link:

God bless you, and give you, your husband and family strength and courage for the days ahead!

A fellow WOW mother of a large family,
Anna Lucas

Family on the Prairie said...

P.S. Heather, here is another link to a recent blogpost of mine of a sweet baby shower we attended, with several creative ideas I think you will just love, especially the bouquet of baby sock rosebuds! Perhaps you've seen such before, but there are other ideas there as well.

And then here's another link I just posted a couple weeks ago, about God's way of escape when we think we have too much to bear, including a picture of a family I think you will recognize!

Anna Lucas

Chris and Kezia Jackman said...

I was starting to post a comment when I realized my older sister just posted one above! How funny! I am a faithful reader of your blog and just had to smile at your latest post--I had the idea cross my mind a few weeks ago that there might be a baby on the way when you commented a number of times about being soooooo tired. Your comments had been similar before the last two babies. :-) Just love how excited you are about welcoming new babies----so refreshing in an era when people are limiting the number of children. I've only met you in person once and don't really remember a whole lot about that, as it was also the occasion of my then "new" boyfriend (now husband) to meet the folks of the church. :-) Your blog is a blessing to me---your creativity and Christian maturity regularly amaze me. Thanks for sharing your heart! ~ Kezia Jackman

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you both for your very sweet comments!!! It was fun hearing from y'all!

Hugs and blessings,

lila said...

One more sweet Dickens. I mean Dickinson. Lol. How exciting. There is nothing as pure and precious in this world as a new born baby! I can see the excitement in all the faces. Congrats. Love to all

Anonymous said...

W-O-W............ I shake my head in wonder.

The Dickinsons said...

We are too (shaking our heads in wonder)
...God has poured out yet another blessing on Phillip and I! :-)

Cynthia Lopez said...

When are you due.

Cynthia Lopez said...

When are you due.

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