Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~Baby Update and Comargo Camp 2014~

 Baby and I went for a check-up on Monday and all is well, Praise the Lord.
Like I said earlier, unless she decides to come on her own, she is due to be induced in just 7 days...on Wednesday, Aug. 20th.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our Comargo camp started on Monday and goes through this Sunday, so I'm blogging from camp.
Last Comargo camp we never dreamed that we'd get to attend THIS Comargo camp...but God sent us our baby and we GET TO BE HERE AGAIN THIS YEAR!  =D  We are soooo happy!
~The other day Mary decided to "look like Mommy" and used a little yellow pillow to make herself have a baby bump. =) ~
 ~Here's Laura and I working in the kitchen at Comargo camp.  The ladies don't let me do much, but at least I get to be in there and helping them a little.  =)  
My apron is a gift from one of my dear friends and it says,
 "This Mama cooks!" 
When someone read that on my apron they said,
"She sure does...she has a little Bun in the oven right now!" =) ~
 ~Some of our dear friends the DeMints and Phillip, baby, and I after service on Tuesday night.~
 ~Our kids wearing their Argentine from our dear friends Leo and Caro.  =) (We thought that we didn't have Mary's Argentine blouse here at camp, but found it later.)
We are LOVING Comargo camp and can't believe that it is already Wednesday night.   =(  Before we know it another camp will be history.
We LOVE Comargo camp for LOTS of reasons!!!
Here are just a few of the things we love about Comargo camp!
~the wonderful fellowship with God's people here at camp,
~Grammy's yummy cooking,
~the youth and children's activities and services,
~and the awesome morning and evening services with the sense of God's presence.  =) ~


lila said...

I'm so happy you are getting to be at camp!! Wish we could be there but don't think we will make it.Glad you and baby are still doing great!! Nice post!! Love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Would be neat if your baby comes on Aug 20--then 2 of our children will share birthdays with 2 of yours! ;-) Praying that all goes well!
Love, Janette C.

Liz said...

I've loved reading up on your blog a long chat with a cherished friend. Love & prayers...

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