Thursday, April 24, 2014

~I.H.C. 2014~

 ~I can't tell you HOW WONDERFUL it has been to get to watch EVERY service of Interchurch Holiness Convention!  
Many of you know that my parents took me to this convention all my life.  I have WONDERFUL MEMORIES as a little girl with 2 little VERY BLOND pony tails...walking into IHC carrying my little baby dolls, wearing my little Mary Jane patent leather shoes, going to children's services, being with all my cousins, and getting free pens and pads of paper to put in my little purse (so I could write during the evening services. =)  When I was younger I would rather GO TO I.H.C. THAN HAVE CHRISTMAS!!!
And then when I got older, I got to sing with God's Bible School choir for 3 IHC's, and got to introduce my SPECIAL friend Phillip to my friends! parents announced Phillip and my engagement in the Datyon Daily!  =)
Up until Phillip and I got married I had only missed 3 IHC's in my lifetime. (One year we got snowed in, and couldn't go. =) I'm not sure what happened the other 2 years.
For the first year or two being away from my beloved IHC as a missionary was NOT EASY!  And then...PRAISE THE LORD...they started LIVE STREAMING all the services!!!  =D
WOW!  How EXCITING to get to set aside everything and watch and listen to all the services of IHC as a family all the way down here in South America!

We were SO EXCITED when we heard that first note on the piano played by R.B. Kuhn (who was my principal and piano teacher when I was younger =) on Tuesday at the "Music around the piano" service. =)
And of course how FUN to see Bro. Sankey, whom we call "Dad II!"
~Here are baby and I on Tuesday!   Tuesday's services were wonderful!~
 ~During the days of IHC I prepare fun quick meals so we can run into the kitchen and eat in between the services, and be ready to be in front of the computer at the first note on the piano of the NEXT SERVICE!  =D  
(I also try to have some yummy desserts on hands to munch on... to help our family feel the "specialness" of CELEBRATING I.H.C. =)
One of our dear Argentine friends gave us this huge chocolate egg...which we saved as one of our "Watching I.H.C. treats!" =)~
~Singing, listening, praying, and worshiping together around the I.H.C. service on the computer.
What a SPECIAL mission's service that was on Wednesday afternoon.  
We wept while listening to the men from Papa New Guinea singing, "Called Unto Holiness!"~
~And we were SO EXCITED to get to hear / see our own DEAR pastor Carl Eisenhart preach on Wednesday night.  We were so happy to see how God moved during that whole service...with 2 altar services.  We were praying together as a family as well.~
 ~When Pastor Eisenhart got up to preach, something unexpected happened in our home.
Our 5 year old Elijah started WEEPING!  When Phillip asked him WHY he was weeping, he responded through SOBS (pointing to Bro. Eisenhart)..."I WANT TO GO THERE!!!"
I think seeing our pastor made him get home-sick.  =(
We assured him that in about 8 weeks or so we get to go back to have our new baby girl.
That seemed to comfort him, but he still wept for several more minutes. ~
We are enjoying the services today as well!
 Today's Bible study and morning and afternoon services were tremendous!!!
~These are the treats that await us during tonight's service!  Another dear Argentine family gave us these cookies. =)~



Emily Grace said...

So glad that you all can "be there" even in South America! We have also been joining in online as much as we can. Praying for you all!
Love, Emily Albertson

Roseanne said...

We miss you!!! Love IHC too. I waved when they said you-alls name tonight. :-) it was wonderful this year. Such a humble melted spirit and God was there. BTW I e-m you a few weeks ago. Wondering if I had a wrong e-m address.

Karen Walden said...

Missed seeing your family this year at IHC. I clapped for you all tonight when they mentioned your family's name as they were naming the different countries! ;) So neat that you were able to join in on all the services and what a neat idea to serve special treats to your family.

Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Oh, Heather, that was so heart touching...I started crying looking at the pic of Phillip praising God while we were all praising HIM at IHC. I read your blog to my mother....I can so connect with what you are saying and how much that helps your heart. We love you all...praying for you...see ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

IHC just isn't the same without your Sis there! I missed you greatly, but was soooo thankful that Jesus helped you all to have great internet connections so you could watch!

lila said...

So thankful you have internet and was able to connect to IHC. Love your post as always. How sweet and tender Elijah is. What a sweet dear family you have.So blessed that we are friends.Looking forward to you returning home!! Love and prayers

Gayle said...

So glad you got to watch the Convention!! Thank you for praying for pastor! Tell Elijah we love Him and miss you all very much!!
Love Grammy

Steve N Angela Wiseman said...

Dearest Heather,
We too are so thankful for live-streaming. It's nice to know we are not alone with "how" we do things as a family with online services.
We worship as if we were right there with them all and oh, how the sweet Holy Spirit settles right in.

I had never heard your Pastor preach before nor am familiar with him, he was anointed of God and his message was like soaking up every ounce of "heavenly-water".

Bro.Manley was VERY good as well (they all were) a neat experience for us as we have heard about Bro.Manley and Steve being close child-hood buddies, with Steve being raised in a missionary home they stayed with the Manley's on deputation and they also visited Steve's family on the mission field in NM.

So encouraging to see the banner of holiness being lifted by our generation and those coming on
(our children's generation)

All your yummy snacks looked VERY good and you look great with your adorable baby bump. =)

Our girls send your girls (and boys) a BIG hello from the valley of the sun.

We would LOVE to go to IHC one year.
I have only been once and was very small, and Steve has been several times but we have never taken our girls.
Good Lords will we hope to go next year!

I finally met your (Dad II) at the Phx IHC a few weeks ago.
Wow, what a privilege to meet him and also to hear Bro.Plank preach. That was an answer to my prayers every since I heard Bro.Plank for the first time at the 2011 IHC I believe it was where he preached "The little things". That message has not left me or our home and wow how God used that in a mighty way in our family.
So to hear him in person was neat.

Steve knew Bro.Sanky (sp?) from his childhood also and was surprised he remembered Steve and his family from his visits to NM some years back.

That lil Elijah is precious, I'm sure homesickness pops up once in awhile for everyone. What a joy to be in the center of Gods will!
Looking forward to hearing you back in the states and "meeting" the new lil one via your blog.
We are praying for you all and think of you often.
Kaitlyn keeps checking for updates and share the fun things she finds on your blog posts from months ago.
So thankful to have godly friends our children can look up to, we love y'all.

Guess I better get as this "lil" post is turning into a blog itself. =) lol.. have a great week my friend.

((((HUGS))) from AZ

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