Monday, April 28, 2014

~An Argentine Grill-out!~

 Our friends Leo and Caro invited us to an "Argentine Asado"  (Grill-out!) that was to be held the Friday before Easter!
Now, this was only the 2nd BBQ we had gone to here in Argentina.  You see, Argentina is known for their meat...and their grill-outs are FILLED WITH LOTS of MEAT!!!  They just KEEP bringing out the yummy meat, which they serve with a Delicious special sauce called, "Chimichurri"!
Earlier in the week we found out the address, where to go, What day it was, and what to bring, only we MISSED one IMPORTANT detail...WHAT TIME it started on Friday!!!  =)
I'm sure that Leo probably told Phillip over the phone, but Phillip somehow missed it.  I kept telling Phillip, "WE HAVE TO FIND OUT WHEN THE GRILL-OUT IS!!"  We somehow had in our mind that it was FRIDAY EVENING!
So, Friday morning, having been up late the night before, and slept in that morning, we had just finished brunch, and having family devotions, when the phone rang.
I said to Phillip, "If that's Leo, PLEASE find out what TIME we are supposed to be at the Grill-out!"
Well, it WAS LEO asking us WHERE we were!?!!!!!
You see, the doors of the club they were renting opened at 10:00 A.M., it was now nearly 11:00 and Leo said that they were going to eat LUNCH around 12:00!!!  Talk about PANIC CITY!! =)
 So, we showered, cut up our salad, got everyone ready and by 11:45 the girls and I were in a taxi to find the club where it was to be held!
Jesus really helped us and thankfully when we got there they were still cleaning up the grills and fixin' to start grilling the meat.  =)
~We had a DELIGHTFUL day with our friends.
Our family REALLY enjoyed getting outside and AWAY from the schoolbooks.  =)
Here's 'Lijah...who LOVED rip-sticking and playing soccer... nearly all day long.~
 ~Kimberly, Caro, Sarah and I visiting~
 ~Here's ALL THE MEAT that they grilled!  =D ~
~Love this little man.~
~Everyone eating!~
 ~DEAR Caro and Leo gave Elijah and Noah some coats that their son had out-grown.
We were SO THANKFUL TO THEM AND TO JESUS...for it's turning chilly  here, and we didn't have room to bring coats for hardly any of us. =)  What a blessing these coats are being!~
 ~Mary and one of her many friends.~
 ~Mary trying to ride a scooter.~
 ~The boys rip-sticking and skating.~
 ~Phillip trying to help Leo and his brother prep the grills.  All of the grills were very dirty when we arrived.~
 ~Caro and some of the teenage girls getting the meat ready to put on the grill.~

 ~Phillip trying his hand feet at rip-sticking. =D~
 ~Progress...the meat is now on the grill!~
 ~My dear friend Caro and baby and I.  ~
(Caro is REALLY suffering physically =( ...PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS! THANK YOU!)

 ~L to R: Caro's sis-in-law, her Mother-in-law, Caro, a friend from church holding Mary, and I.~
 ~Kimberly and a friend.~
 ~Valentina and Sarah playing Chinese Checkers.~
 ~Phillip and I sitting out in the SUN and drinking HOT try to keep us warm.  It was a chilly we were THANKING JESUS for the SUN!! =) ~
 ~Sarah, Valentina, and Mary~
 ~The whole group of us (except there might have been a couple people who already left.)
We had a WONDERFULLY F.U.N. day together and had a DELICIOUS GRILL-OUT!!!!  =D


lila said...

What a nice group of people. That looked like a lot of meat but I bet it all got eaten. I'm glad you had a nice grill out. Love and prayers

Denise said...

How neat that you got to be at an Argentine Grill Out with your Chinese friends! Benji and I read about those when we did our little unit study on Argentina when you went last time. He didn't think he would care for that since he's not a big meat fan; but, he would enjoy the party! :) Please give Caro a hug from Aunt Nesi and tell her that Benji and I will be praying for her ~ pain is not a fun thing to live with but Jesus DOES help us! :) Love you and can hardly wait til you get home! :)

Liz Flowers said...

Hi Heather! Thank you for the kind comment you left on our blog. God is faithful and continues to give us His peace, strength and help during this hard time of transition. Always enjoy reading your blog and love to see the way God helps and provides for your family! Keep encouraged and many blessings to you! ~Liz

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Glad you had a fun fall day in the "spring"! Those are my two favorite times of year! Love, Hannah K.

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