Monday, February 10, 2014

From Heather in Argentina

Hello again this Sunday evening. As we still do not have internet in our house yet =( I’m typing another post for Phillip to go somewhere and post it tomorrow. There are restaurants close by that have WiFi but that means he has to go and buy something in order to use their WiFi, and be gone for an hour or more at a time. Thank you for all your nice comments. When Phillip goes to check email, he is able to save my blog comment page open so that I can read your comments when he gets back home. I have to read them fast, for the WIFI doesn’t reach to our house, so the page disappears as soon as the tablet is shut down, but I really enjoy hearing from all of you.


(We were supposed to get internet the morning after we arrived!)

The Lord is helping us! I’m feeling some better. I’m now 12 weeks/3 months along. I still get nauseated, but I’m having more better days than before. And Jesus is giving me more strength to cook the meals, wash up the dishes, etc. I still get lots of naps though too. =)

Here are some pictures of our first full day here in Argentina. As I told you, I stayed in bed a good part of the day, but in the later part of the afternoon Jesus gave me the strength to get up and get cleaned up. We walked to a nearby local restaurant for supper and then walked a few more blocks and went grocery shopping. Pizza and baked empanadas are very popular here, and so yummy. We are trying to eat lots of fresh veggies and do lots of exercise to help baby and I with my sugar problem.

PLEASE NOTE: The bottled water comes in those green glass bottles here! It is NOT wine!

Here’s a couple pics from our first Sunday here. Mary is wearing here new little cute white dress that Bro. Rigo and Sis. Ilce from Cartagena, Colombia bought her and sent back with Phillip in October.

And here we are waiting in the rain for the bus to take us to church. We walk about 5 blocks, wait for a bus, ride the bus for about 45 mins., get off walk another few blocks and we arrive at church. =) The neat thing is that the Chinese church eats their Sunday meal together each Sunday. So, we get to eat before we do the whole process all over again to go back home. =D Aren’t we blessed to get to eat authentic Chinese food every Sunday. Lots of veggies, rice, and little meat.

Here’s some pics of our back yard. As you can see there is a large pool in our backyard. But…don’t get green with envy…for we don’t swim in it…’cause it was turned into a fish pond some time back. =) But it makes for a pretty back yard. Like I said, it’s like a garden back there; Lots of exotic and pretty flowers. (And yes…I DO worry about our little ones falling into the pool…but we have a STRICT rule that our little ones CANNOT go outside with out a bigger person. And your prayers are appreciated!)

Thankfully they have a garage and the balcony to play on that is away from the pool. The balcony is where the 3 are standing looking over the railing, and it’s the same balcony where they are standing where our clothes are hanging to dry.

Uncle Charlie showed us that the huge Plata River (which is like an ocean) is only 17 blocks walking distance from our house.

So on Tuesday we hand washed our clothes and hung them on the line to dry, and then that evening we walked those 17 blocks (ONE WAY…that meant we had to walk those same 17 blocks BACK HOME!!! =) and took our kids to the Plata River, let them play in the park, and bought 3 ice cream cones to share, then walked that long distance back home again. I felt like I had had enough exercise for a month. =)

The next morning, on Wednesday…just a week after leaving our house in Cincinnati, Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah began school work again. Jesus is helping them and they are working hard to get LOTS of schoolwork done in these few months.


Please keep praying that God will guide us to the contacts He wants us to touch here…and that we’ll get internet soon!!!


Denise said...

Whoo hoo! Aunt Nesi is first to comment! I love you! Am praying for you all and have been watching for this post FOREVER! ;) I love your little garden and balcony and am praying so hard that no one forgets and falls in! Keep getting lots of rest. Darla said I get to be one of the first people to hold Baby...and you know that means I can hardly wait til August! :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

LOVED your update!!! Your yard is beautiful and you are looking very lovely, also. :D

I will be praying for the internet and I'll keep praying for all of you!

Love and hugs!!!

lila said...

Your post made me smile, smile, smile. What a lovely place Jesus has provided for you all and the kids look so happy. Wish we could come for a visit. Glad you are feeling better. Trusting you will get internet soon. Love you all

Roseanne said...

Thanks so much for the pictures...I've been trying to picture your new house in my mind. So glad you are feeling a little better. Praying you will be able to keep your sugar under control. It looks like a beautiful place and I'm excited for you all as you start your new adventures. Will keep praying for you.

Roseanne said...

Thanks so much for the pictures...I've been trying to picture your new house in my mind. So glad you are feeling a little better. Praying you will be able to keep your sugar under control. It looks like a beautiful place and I'm excited for you all as you start your new adventures. Will keep praying for you.

dannyandlizFlowers said...

How neat to see the nice, big house that Jesus has provided for you! I KNOW what it is like to be without internet in a foreign country..ugh! Will pray that you get it soon :o) Blessings and prayers to you all and the sweet growing baby! ~Liz

Daryl Hausman said...

God is soooo good to give ya'll such a haven to rest while you wait on Him for clear direction for Argentina! How beautiful all the pics are of the scenery and ya'll as well! Bryan wants to know if the boys get to go fishing in the fish pond? He thought that would be cool! Praying daily for your safety! Much Love from ICE COLD America! It's so cold for the girls to walk back and forth we feel like we are still in Russia! =) But it is so beautiful!

Tricia G. said...

Love the update!!! Praying that you get internet soon and that you continue to feel better everyday!

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thankful that you all are settling in, and I sure hope you get internet soon! You have a beautiful back yard, and I know you'll enjoy that beauty! Blessings!

Dorcas said...

So glad to hear you feel a little better! God is good!! Your backyard looks so nice and the pond must be a huge temptation to your little ones :o) Will pray for their safety.

Nicki said...

We swim in the ocean and lakes with fish, why can't you swim in a fish pond? :-) We saw a video the other day of a baby that was taught to float if she fell in the pool. The video they did was of her in footed pj's so they would have gotten heavy. Joy loves to float in the bathtub so I'm hoping this summer will get to go boating/swimming and teach her to swim at a young age.

So glad things are settling in for you guys.

Nicki said...

Was thinking about you being able to read your blog comments. If you take a screenshot, you can read it in the photo app later. You'd have to get one of each part, but it's doable. It'll save in the photos folder, and you can read them from gallery.

Kira said...

So precious to get an update from you in Argentina ...the house looks amzing , enjoy your time there , Mary Grace is getting so tall , she is a dolly ! Love her cute white dress and sandals .

Praying for you and baby and all the family .

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