Friday, January 17, 2014

~We're flying to Argentina soon!~

We now have our tickets to fly to Argentina.
Lord willing we fly Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 2014.   Yes...that leaves us a very few days to get it all done!
We leave in the afternoon from Cinci and fly to another part of the USA.  Then after a short lay-over we FLY ALL NIGHT LONG and arrive in Buenos Aires the morning of Jan. 30th!
~That we can get E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Done!!!
~That our kids ears won't kill them in the airplane, which happens often.
~For a smooth flight and great connections.
~For baby and I during this stressful time...and that I don't get to claustrophobic being in the airplane for so long!
Thank you TONS for your prayers!  We can't make it without them!
~Cousin Brittany helped Mary get all ready for church on Wednesday night.  We thought her hair looked so cute.~
~And here's the back.~
~In the midst of trying to get our L.O.N.G. list of things done, Phillip took me on a quick date to Panera Bread.
We had never been there and it was very fun and yummy!
I was sort of having a rough day and not feeling the best, but it was fun to be together...and my chicken noodle soup, hard bread and hot tea, and a 1/2 of cinnamon roll twist were so refreshing!  Phillip loved his food too!~


lila said...

I hate for you to leave but yay, you won't be gone long. Praying for you all. Mary's hair is very cute. Glad you got to go on a little date. Love you all tons/

Making Memories 1999 said...

It's been a LONG time, since I've done much blog visiting or even updating my own. However, I wanted to CONGRATULATE you and your sweet family on the addition of another little one... or two. =) Trust your flight to Argentina goes well, and your time there is very productive. Blessings on you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can only imagine how complicated it must be to pack and not be feeling the best! Your in our prayers! Love, Hannah Klunder
PS. Soooo happy you got to go out on a date! So sweet of your hubby. My hubby is so nice like that, too!:)

Amy said...

Heather, my family and I have been following your blog for the last several months. We would love to send a package to you, before you set off on your travels. Could you please email me? Thank you, Amy Jordan

Stephen and Kezia said...

I know this is a little late but in response to your kid's ears I wanted to share what has saved me. Earplanes. You can find them at Walmart in the pharmacy area. They work so good. They have valves in them that releases the pressures.

God bless your ministry.
- Kezia Mills (missionary in Manaus Brazil)

The Dickinsons said...

Dearest Amy,
Sorry, I just got this comment.

Our address is:

Phillip and Heather Dickinson
P.O. Box 511
Maineville, OH 45039

God Bless you,

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