Friday, January 24, 2014

~An update on our Precious Baby.~

For the Amy who left me a comment and wanted to contact us...I just left a comment on my last post right below your comment. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Whew! Is life ever busy!  By 1:00 this Wednesday we will be heading to the airport to fly to Argentina...whether we are READY OR NOT!  =) 
Jesus and others are helping us.
 ~I've spent quite a bit of time getting baby all checked out this week.  I went to my midwives' office and that went well.
All except that it looks like I will have gestational diabetes again this time.  =(
But, we plan to add LOTS of fresh veggies to our diet and lots of exercise (we walk a lot when we are in South America....since we don't own a car there =) which should help me keep my numbers down.~
 ~Yesterday we went for an ultrasound.  Here's our little baby cakes.  
I'm 9 1/2 weeks along.  
I'm due around Aug. 25th.  
Baby's heart rate was 179. 
As you can see, there is only ONE baby!
I'm sort of relieved.  =)  I love twins, but wondered H.O.W. I would do it with the life Jesus has given us of TRAVELING all the time. =)
God the Giver of Life is so amazing.  
We were so HAPPY to see our little baby and all looks great.  
(If you do not know how to read an ultrasound: 
baby's head is to the left, little hand sticking up, and little foot to the right.  Baby is laying on his/her back. =)~
Now here's just some random pics for you to see.
~Here's Phillip and I in our new aprons we got for Christmas.  =)~
~Our associate Pastor Paul Pilmore and his family had us over for a yummy snack.  We consider the Pilmores to be some of our Great friends!!!  We attended G.B.S. together.  =) ~

~Then my dear friend Connie E.'s made our supper!  And was it ever delicious!!!  I had spent nearly my entire morning in the doctor's office, so it was such a BLESSING to know that dinner was coming!
Connie's daughter and our friend Jessica came over and helped Kimberly all day yesterday... pack, clean, fold clothes, etc.
THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!  Y'all were such a blessing!~
Lord willing some of our friends in Argentina have opened up their parents' home for us to stay in while we are there.  Their parents now live in another country, so the house is sitting empty.
As far as I know there is no internet there.  So, I have no clue how long it will take us until we can hook up internet to let y'all know that we've arrived safely, etc.
We'll try to get the internet worked out as soon as possible.
Phillip left this morning at 3:00 AM to drive the Mission Helps' van back to PA.  He flies back this evening.
Your prayers for us are SO appreciated.


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Kira said...

Thinking of you Heather as you once again gather up your belongings to take on another adventure for God ...Argentina is a very blessed country , how the unsaved souls living there DONT even know you are ON YOUR WAY ...and how wel know you will save souls for Christ there what a BIG job ...but God is sending his BESTEST PEOPLE on the job . Thinking and praying for you all in the days ahead and especially for your long day of travelling .

lila said...

Awe.... so happy baby is doing good. Looks like you are doing better. Will be praying as you travel and minister. Wish we could see you before you leave but looks like we will have to wait on another visit til you get back.

Abigail Kuhn said...

So glad your baby is doing good! You've got a lot on your plate between pregnancy and moving! I'll be thinking of you and praying for you. I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where I'm having to rest a lot because of swollen legs and aching back, but it will all be worth it when I see my little twincesses! :) Only have 4 weeks 4 days left till they're coming! :)

Linda S said...
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Linda S said...

Be nice if the baby were born on Granddaddy's birthday the 22nd or Uncle Carson's on the 21st. Very precious and good picture of the baby. May God give you strength and traveling safety.

Flowers Family said...

Bless your heart! Will be praying for you as you head back to Argentina! I know God will give you all the help, grace and strength you need! May God continue to bless your efforts and give you many fruits for your labor! We know all about how FRUSTRATING it is to not have internet when you are on the field! Hope you get it soon! Will be watching for up-dates :o)

Pamela said...

Praying for your journey...and for your precious family as all of you share Jesus.

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