Tuesday, January 7, 2014

~Christmas with the Dickinsons, and in TN with GG~

I'm feeling very icky and have no energy...but I made myself update my blog. =) Thank you to each of you that left a nice comment on my blog.  I was delighted to hear from all of you.  Baby and I can't do much right now, but I do check OFTEN for a new comment. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And Yesterday ...God sent an "Angel" by the name of Nathan to help the girls and I take down our Christmas.  THANK THE LORD and Nathan.  Before yesterday I kept laying on the couch wondering HOW I would get our Christmas taken down, and now it's mostly all done now.  =)
Here's some pics of when Dad and Mom D. and Michael and Beth and their family were here with us.
~Here's my Moma meeting M and Beth's little Joshua.~
~Here's Sophia helping me cook.~
~Grandma and Jeremiah having a tea party.~
~Working in the kitchen together.~
~One of the days Michael and Beth made biscuits and gravy, eggs and sausages for breakfast, and then made a soup for lunch/dinner.  It was a HUGE blessing to me, and so yummy.~
~Grandpa was a big blessing with little Joshua.  Here they BOTH fell asleep.  =) ~
~Adorable little Joshua.~
~All the kids had such a fun time sledding together.  We were so HAPPY that Jesus sent us snow.  Dad LOVED the snow...since they are from AZ and don't see much snow.~

~Phillip and I the Sunday before Christmas.~
~We went to TN for Christmas.
The kids and I made lots of treats and took them to TN to my GG's house for everyone to munch on.~
~Noah took his BB gun and Elijah took his machete to TN to go "hunting" in the woods behind GG's house.  Elijah said that GG could use Noah's machete and go hunting with them.  The mental image of GG "stalking through the woods with her walker" made all of us smile!~
~Kimberly doing dear GG's hair.~
~These pics are a little out of order, but here are the kids helping me make the treats that we took to TN.~

~This is one of the new recipes I found and made this year.  Here's the recipe. ~
~Sarah the Sunday before Christmas.~
~Kimberly did her hair.  I thought it was so pretty.~
~Noah and Mary.  (Elijah wasn't feeling the best so he and I stayed home that morning.) ~
~After having my devotions, I wrapped some gifts for my family.~
~And here's all 4 children after they came home from church...with little Elijah, not so dressed up.~
 ~A gift I wrapped for my Moma.~
~Little Mary in her fun little dress we got for Christmas day.~
~The stockings are ready to be passed out.~
~Mary LOVED GG.~
~Gramp and Mary.~
~Gram and little Mary.~
~Our 3 "youngest" (we didn't know about our newest little baby yet =) with their stockings.~
~GG with her brother Uncle Walter.  It was so precious to see them together.~

~GG with her neighbor Ms. Osie.~
~We gave GG a warm wintery nightgown.~
~We enjoyed a yummy meal together.~
~Then we all rode up to Townsend, TN, to a cabin that Uncle Carson and Aunt Linda and all their family were renting.  It was so FUN all being together for a few hours.~
~Original there were 10 of cousins...only 5 of us could be there that night.
Back row L to R: Melinda (recently adopted into our family =),  and Christa.
Front Row L to R: Martha, Susan, Heather, and Cheryl.~
~A goofy pic. =) ~
~Grandmother (GG) and her children.
My Moma (standing), Aunt Carole, and Uncle Carson.  Pop Pop went to Heaven back in 1997. =( ~
~There was lots of visiting going on that night.~

~Playing games.~
~Playing music.~
~And more music.  Jeff joined Kimberly and played the guitar and David played his sax.  I played the piano in the corner.  We had a lot of fun singing and playing together.~

~Phillip told me to hurry and say goodbye...but it was SO HARD to tell all my family goodbye.  So, we stood at the door for quite awhile for everyone kept thinking of yet something else that NEEDED to be said. =) ~
~Saying Goodbye to GG.  We were so GLAD we got to spend Christmas with GG, Daddy and Moma, and Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole.~
~We came back to Cinci on the day after Christmas and got home around 6:30 or so that evening.  We quickly finished wrapping our gifts and opened them that night.  We had a very nice Christmas.~
~Opening gifts.~
~Mary loves her doll.~
~Elijah is happy with his Legos.~
~We got Mary a toy kitchen from Goodwill.  She loves it when someone will come cook with her.  Her brother Elijah loves to cook there too. =) ~
~One of my gifts from Phillip. (I decorated the box for him with burlap, fresh greenery and a pinecone. =)~
~Here's what was inside.  A beautiful off-white coat that was part of a super sale.
He had purchased me a gorgeous off-white coat our 2nd year of dating and I LOVED it.  So, I was thrilled to get another one. =)~
~Elijah took this picture of Aunt Laura and I on Sunday, Dec. 29th.~
 ~Our table for that Sunday afternoon meal.~


Anonymous said...

Love the goofy picture of us!!! So thankful we got to spend time with y'all!


lila said...

What a lovely post!!!! So glad GG is home and you all could spend time with her. I love the pic of you and your hubby. So happy you got to make a lot of memories this Christmas!! Happy you got your Christmas decor down. Praying for you my sweet friend. Looking forward to another sweet baby. I have guessed the last three right but still undecided about this one. Love and prayers

Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Looks like a fun, family-filled Christmas! Congrats on your pregnancy. Your children are beautiful, and I'm sure that they are very excited about a new addition. Take care of yourself, girl. :-)

Kimberly said...

those burlap wrapped gifts are so lovely! loved seeing you with your cousins and your GG...so special! take care...love and prayers!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Ohhhhhhh, what a wonderful post! I absolutely love it! All of these pictures were a treat to my heart and eyes! Thank you for taking the time and strength to post this for us!
There are so many neat things on which to comment that it makes me happy! The picture of baby Joshua is so sweet that I just wish I could kiss him again! Every single picture of Mary is so cute it's a pity! That's really neat that Mary and GG hit it off so well. The beautiful tasty Christmas treats made me happy to see them. Phillip and you all dressed up for church looked like a Glamour Shot-I really like it. Sarah dressed for church made me smile. Your children home from church and all dressed up except for Elijah was a sweet picture & made me smile. I loved seeing all of your family together in the TN cabin, and it made me remember how blessed the spouses are who married into your family. You all are creative, loving, kind, fun, full of motivation to do good things, and are a blessing to be around. I am happy that Phillip is one of the 'blessed' spouses who married into your Christian family. It's neat that you all spent time playing music and singing together. That is something else that is extra-special for a family to do together. The off-white coat that Phillip bought for you looks like it is really pretty. Darla holding Sophia in the snow/sledding pictures makes me laugh: short Darla with her loving heart holding long-legged, Sophia, and Darla is nearly lost beneath the load.
Dad & I had the very best time ever at your house this past December. It was pure-d-love, joy, happiness, gratefulness, and Christmas magic for our hearts. Thank you for putting up with us in the midst of your busy, busy schedule. You made two happy in-laws. Smile. With much love and gratefulness, Mom D

The Arender's said...

So sorry you are feeling yucky!!! I know that is not so fun....praying it doesn't last long! What beautiful pictures. Thank you for taking the time to share your Christmas. Love you! Adrian

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved it that ya'll got to be with G.G. and all the cousins! (& tried not to be jealous! lol! Just Kidding! What a fun post! thanks for sharing it with all of us! Love your Sis, Laura

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