Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~Phillip's Father's Day~

I'm so sad that I didn't get a Father's Day post on here for Phillip, Daddy, and Phillip's Dad.
I got so busy being with Dad and Mom and enjoying our time here in AZ, plus we had our missionary service on Sunday...so that I COMPLETELY forgot to do a Father's Day post.
I don't have space here to brag on Phillip, Daddy, and Dad D....but I'll tell y'all that they are the BEST in the world!! =) I'll love these 3 very SPECIAL MEN...forevah!!! =)
So, here's LOTS of pics from our time so far here in Phoenix and from our Father's Day Sunday.
~We got to Dad and Mom's house on Wednesday night, June 12th.  We are SO HAPPY to be with them!!  Here are Mom, Kimberly, Sarah, and I that first night.~
~Phillip is so happy to be with His DEAR Dad.~
~Dad in his shop.~
~Sunday morning in church at our Beloved Gospel Center church.  This is the church where my Phillip grew up in, and where Phillip pastored for 5 years before we went to the mission field.~

~The men sang a special that morning.~
 ~The Pastor and wife gave out nice Father's day gifts...a nice tie for all of the men.~
 ~Our Good friend Bro. Frank Holladay and Phillip.~
 ~Then we went home.  Here is Elijah with Dad and Phillip's Father's Day gifts.~
 ~Elijah brought in these pretty flowers from Grandma's yard.  So, I threw them in this little bottle for our "centerpiece."~
~Getting ready for our YUMMY Sunday dinner!!~
~Eating Sunday dinner.~
 ~Phillip opening his Father's Day gifts.~
 ~We gave Phillip a nice little marble cheese holder with a glass lid ('cause he loves to eat cheese room-temp), a King-sized Hershey Bar, and this neat handmade pen made by our friend Levi in Rapid City.  You can go here to see more. ~
 ~Noah and Elijah are driving their "RACE CARS" made out of boxes from Dad D's gifts.~
 ~Our kids are very happy to be with our Doggy, Bridget, who Grandpa and Grandma have kept for us all these years.  
When God called us to be missionaries our Kimberly was only 6.  One day she told me, "Mommy, God didn't call me to be a missionary, I'm going stay here with Bridget and Grandma."  =D
~Dad and Phillip and our children.~
~DEAR Dad and Mom and Phillip and I.~
~Mom, the kids and I.~
~Mom and the girls and I.  (If you look closely you can see Dad and Phillip's reflection taking our picture in the window. =) ~
~Dad opening his Father's day gifts.~
~Our mission service was that night.~

~My sweet friend Angie gave me a fun gift... and LOTS of her Coke things that I can't wait to use in our house!!!
[Please pray for Angie, she has had some very serious physical issues recently.]
~My good friend Janet took this picture of our family and Dad and Mom.  (We MISS YOU Michael, Beth, and family!!!!)~
~My sweet friend Sharron and I.  She used to attend our church when Phillip pastored here and did all kinds of sweet things for us.~
~My sweet friends...L to R: Angie, Heather, Roseanna, and Janet.~
~Janet and I.~
~Angie's girls and my girls.~
~And here they are visiting outside of the church.~
~Phillip visiting with his good friend David Spivey.~
~Janet let Mary sit on her lap and drive her car...just like she did Kimberly and Sarah YEARS ago. =)~
~And Elijah got a turn too.~
~We are really enjoying being "Home" and seeing DEAR family and Friends here in AZ!!~


Melissa said...

So glad you were able to spend Father's Day with your family, it sure makes the day better. So fun to see faces I recognized in your post tonight, Janet lived in Shreveport, LA where I am from for a short while and I attended BMI with David Spivey. You never know the people you will know on someone else's blog.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Love all the pics :) ~Carla~

lila said...

Oh!!! how I love, love, love, this post. It brings back so many memories and makes me wish for the Gospel Center days again. So glad you are having a great time with Mom and Dad D. What a sweet pic of the kids with Bridget. Seeing the pic of Bro. Phillip and Frank at the back door of the church almost made me cry. I thought of all the times Bro. Phillip stood there after church and greeted everyone on their way out. We are so blessed to have all those good memories. Can't wait to see you all. Love and prayers

Brittany said...

I recognize some faces, too :) David Spivey was a great friend of my husbands when we were in Bible school. I first met Spivey and Janet on a college tour 16 years ago - 3 of us girls stayed with Janet in her little apartment, and they took us on a tour of Phoenix - fun memories!

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