Thursday, June 6, 2013

~Happy 18th us! =) ~

~It's Been 18 W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. YEARS!~
 Since I'm traveling down the road and trying to blog at the same time, I'll write a shorter than normal anniversary post. =)
We were visiting with Bro. Winfield Poe recently and he said something like this.  
For a good marriage to work it just takes 2 unselfish people!!! 

Phillip is VERY unselfish and a very giving man!  I'm VERY HAPPY with my wonderful husband that Jesus B.L.E.S.S.E.D. me with, and I'd say" YES!!!!!" all over again.  
Phillip is a careful Christian, AWESOME husband, and wonderful Daddy!!!!!  He is such a caring man, and has BLESSED my life more than I have words to express.  Out of all the other ladies in the world Phillip could have chosen, I'll be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that he chose ME!!!  =D

 Phillip, I love you!!!!  Thank you for believing in me, for loving me, for helping make me who I am today, and for the AWESOME 18 years we've had together!  Let's be together until Jesus comes!  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So remember in one of my last posts....we were eating our lunch that the NE church packed for us and driving 4 and 1/2 hours to our evening service in Colorado Springs, CO?  
Well, after I took a long nap, I woke up to see THIS!  Pikes' Peak in Colorado Springs, CO!!~
 ~That night at our service... we were privileged to meet the Jonathan Lucas family.  Here we are together in a photo.~
  ~Sarah and her new friend~
 ~And we got to stay with our dear friends the LeFevers.  When Sarah was little, she called Bro. LeFever..."Grandpa Froggie!"  =D
 ~Then on Monday we went to meet/stay with the Albertson family.  We've "met" them through our blogs, but were so GLAD it worked out for us to meet them.  Here are our boys enjoying their trampoline.~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Albertson and Mary.~
 ~And Kimberly and I enjoyed playing instruments with Emily and Jason.~
 ~They took this picture of our family.~
 ~Sarah, Emily, Kimberly, and Mary.  (Beth was at work. =( ~
 ~They had planned a yummy fun picnic to take to the mountains, but then it got to windy and chilly, so we had their yummy picnic in their nice home. =)
 Having family devotions together.~
~The Albertsons were just as nice as we had thought they would be!!  They are a dear family and we enjoyed our visit with them! =) ~
 ~Sarah, Emily, and Emily.~
Part of the Alberton family
Since I don't have my camera, I don't have all of the pics that I took while there at the Albertsons.  Sis. Albertson did a blog post about our visit.  So, For more pics, go HERE.    =)
~Then we headed to Mitchell, S.D.  We arrived at midnight on Tuesday.  
Here is the corn palace in Mitchell.  All the designs you see are made with ears of corn.~

 ~On Wednesday Bro. and Sis. Winfield Poe had us over for a yummy fish fry.  He caught and fried the fish and she made the hushpuppies. It was a fun lunch!!  I'm glad that they can still cook lunch together since they are both in their 80's.  I hope that when I'm in my 80's I still have the energy to cook.  =D~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Poe. They are Dear saints!~
 ~Phillip and Bro. Poe.~
 ~Bro. Poe talking to Kimberly.~
 ~Bro. Poe with Sarah, Elijah, and Noah.~
 ~Then we got to go to our DEAR friends...the for supper. It was so FUN being with Bro. Arnold and some of his kids.  (We missed seeing Sis. Becky. =(
We feel like they are family....ever since our FUN days in AZ together.   [I took pics of Clarrisa and I and of Olivia and Kimberly and Sarah, but that was on my camera that we lost and then was FOUND...and is being mailed to AZ.]
So I'm posting pics from Phillip's phone.  THANK THE LORD he took some pics on his phone, or I wouldn't be able to blog!!
Bro. Arnold and our Mary.~
 ~We had a service there in Mitchell, S.D., and then afterwards came back over for ice cream at the Arnolds.  Sam, Bro. Arnold and Mary, and Phillip.~
 ~On Thursday we headed to Sioux City, IA, and had a house service at the Mitchems.  Our younger kids singing up front.~
 ~Kimberly took a pic of Hannah and I, but don't have it with me.  =( ~
 ~Phillip and I loved their neat ol' tabernacle on their grounds there.  We stayed in a fun old cabin and I fell in LOVE with their old dressers, and mirror in that cabin.  I told Phillip, I'd love to go to Walmart and buy them a mirror and trade them for this OLD one.  =)  (But, I didn't!) ~

 ~Our family.~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Mitchem, and Phillip and I.~


Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Anniversary! I was wrong... I had ya'll at only 17 years, but since our Brittany is almost 18 I should have remembered since I had to walk down the isle B.I.G. with her! =) Old age makes one forget I guess!!;0 Glad ya'll got to be with the Albertsons. They were a GOD-SEND on our 1st deputation for who wants to spend Thanksgiving on the road. That is when they had us over for a spread and fun and games and we've been fast friends ever since! Fun to see that Middleton Doll we remember helping them pray about for Emily! God is Good! Such a blessing. So glad to see pics of all your travels. I love you and am praying MUCH for ya'll. Happy, Safe Travels! Your Sis, Laura

Brittany said...

Happy anniversary to you both!!!

Janet said...

Here is the link to our blogpost about your visit.
Some of our pictures turned out better. I'm sorry it looks like a finger was in the way of your family picture one of us took!
The videos at the bottom of the post took forever (a day and a half!) to upload, but I hope everybody enjoys the videos of some of the music time we enjoyed with you!
Pretty neat Laura remembers introducing us to the Middleton Doll. We always feel the missionaries have so many wonderful people to meet and greet along the way--why would they remember us? But we have been so blessed by opening our home to missionaries. I think it has directly helped to shape our children into lives of service for God.
Love to you ALL!

lila said...

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple that means so much to us!!! We are where we are today because Jesus let us be mentored by you. Many blessings your way. Neat post. love to all

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I know it's been a while since I posted. I sure enjoyed the wonderful time we all had together, although it was just way, too short;( Oh, well. I'm glad we can have forever together, with no time limits! By the way...we have a moving date for July first. although Chad is having to do more work on our house! Happy Anniversary to both of you! Aren't you glad marriage just keeps getting better? That's soooo wonderful about finding you camera! God is good! Praise The Lord! Love, Hannah Klunder

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