Friday, January 22, 2010

~Christmas post #3~

Having been out of the USA for 3 Christmases now...brings a whole new meaning to the song, "I'll be Home for Christmas!" We were soooo HAPPY to get to be "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" with my family for the first time since 2004! It was a very SPECIAL time being with my family. Our hearts were VERY SAD that Andrew and Vonnie and family couldn't be there, but we understood fully! (We haven't seen them since 2006, they've never seen Elijah, and we might not get to see them for another 2 years. SNIFFLE! SNIFFLE! SOB! SOB!) But, we were grateful to God that we got to be with Lincoln, Lyn, Keith and Kelsea, Daryl, Laura, Natasha, Brittany, Darla and Bryan and their dog Diesel, Daddy and Moma, and my Grandma Bryan who is 102! We had a blast being together. We cried together, laughed together, recalled memories, shopped at our favorite store--GOODWILL =), wept while we listened to our dear 102 year old Grandma talk to Jesus in such a sweet child-like way, put together puzzles, played games, ate, had family devotions, and just soaked up being together as a family...Special Memories we will have for a LONG TIME!
~Our kids don't get to see snow in Colombia, so they had been asking Jesus to send us some snow so that they could build a snowman. The morning after we arrived at Gram and Gramps house, Jesus sent in this snow. Thank you, Lord!~

~Natasha was a HUGE help with our baby Elijah.~

~Sarah...the snow angel!~
~Brittany and Kimberly "kissing" their snowman. =)~
~Helping Aunt Laura bake lots of yummy Christmas cookies and goodies.~
~The wonderful finished product.~
~We were so glad to get to go caroling with the Union Friends Church. It was fun caroling and the refreshments and fellowship afterwards were special.~
~Caroling upstairs in Grandma Bryan's room.~
~Kelsea loved her cousin Elijah.~

~Putting together a puzzle. They completed (2) 1,000 piece puzzles in just a few days.~
~Family altar.~

~I had purchased matching shirts for our kids and then I made Elijah's into a romper.
~Christmas day.~
~Grandma Bryan opening her Christmas gift.~
~Gramp and Gram got these matching shirts for Sarah and Darla, Bryan and Noah.~
~My Sweetheart and I. Phillip bought me this neat Christmasy handmade apron at an Amish store during our Christmas get-away in Hillsboro, OH.
~Grandma and Elijah...101 years difference in age. =)~
~The girls Christmas table.~
~The kids Christmas table.~
~Our Christmas table.~

~Keith, the oldest Grandchild, holding Elijah, the youngest grandchild.~
~Our family on Christmas day at Gramp and Gram's house.~
~Gramp had some coupons and took us all to Old Country Buffet for a yummy meal. Thank you, Gramp.~
~On the Sunday after Christmas it snowed so beautifully. We got pictures of all our families out in front of the parsonage there at Westfield, IN.
~All because these 2 people fell in love.~
~Lincoln and Lyn Keith and Kelsea.~

~Daryl and Laura, Natasha, Brittany, Darla, Bryan and Diesel.
Sorry, this is so hard to see, the setting was wrong on my camera.~

~Gramp took the kids on a afternoon nature walk.~

~Gram found this cute shirt for Elijah that said, "It's Always Christmas at Grandma's house." Please ignore Elijah's nose he had a bad cold.~We were very blessed this CHRIST-mas!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed getting to make Christmas Memories with you all SOOO VERY muc
Love, Natasha~

Anonymous said...

sorry that was supposed to be "much"!

lila said...

The pics are delightful. I am so happy you all had a very special Christmas. What a blessed family. We love you and miss you. lila

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