Sunday, January 10, 2010

~Christmas post #2~

~It was so fun getting to see my good friend Laura at Daddy and Moma's church. This is where we had our last Sunday morning's deputation service. It's always good to worship with our dear friends at the Union Friends Church.~
~Our very last deputation service was at the Tim Wiford's church in Anderson, IN. It was great meeting the Wifords and seeing my good friend Mary Beth and the Evans. We spent the night with our dear friends the Evans. The Wifords and the Evans put together a yummy snack.~

~What a surprise to wake up to SNOW! Our kids and the Evans' kids had fun playing together in the snow.~

~David snapped this fun picture of our Elijah.
(David is also the one that took our snowy family picture in front of the log cabins that I posted for my Christmas post.)

~After deputation was all complete we came back to Ohio and got to attend the neat celebration for our DEAR pastor and wife: Carl and Gayle Eisenhart! They have been the world's BEST pastor and wife of Christian Nation Church for 25 years! It was such a wonderful touching evening! (This picture was obviously taken at another time, but I wanted to show you a picture of our DEAR pastor and wife.)

Here I am with my dear friends Susanna and Stephanie.~
~Our family at the pastor's celebration~
~The CNC Christmas program was very special and our children were so excited to get to sing in the kids' choir.~

~Another reason that I am thrilled getting to use this home is that I can entertain company and set pretty tables. I was soooo HAPPY to get to use my Christmas China again! I got my China at the dollar store back in 2004!~

~After the CNC Christmas program, we invited our pastor and wife (Eisenharts), our mission director and family (The Beckers), and the Hausmans over for a cranberry appetizer, a Dickinson family recipe of Italian Spaggheti, my french bread, cesear salad, and our dessert was these 2 fruit pizzas that I made.~
~The Hausmans, Becker young people, Brandon and Mrs. Joan. The house we are staying in is the home that Bro. Becker and Mrs. Joan grew up in, so they have lots of memories there.~
~The Beckers, Eisenharts, and Phillip and I.~
~Elijah, Jessica, and Levi were all born within 2 months of each other.~
~Enjoying more time with friends and family at "our" home. Some of our friends brought some snacks to add to mine and we had a great evening together. (Thanks, MaryBeth, for my fun blouse!)~
~I was happy to find this cupcake Christmas tree.~
~The Christmasy mice that our kids made.~
~As usual my dear friend/"enemy" Rob was feeding his face. HA!! (We have picked on each other since college days.) The guys enjoying the snack in "our" living room.
~Sharing an evening of fun, food and friends.~


Steve, Angela, Shania, Kelsey, and Kaitlyn said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year... Yes I know a lil late :) Love reading your blog and looking at all your pic's.. You all are such a blessing... we pray all goes well with your plans.. So glad you had a "house" for the season!! I know how it is to live out of a motor home, managable but oh so nice to have space... Love to you and your family...

Charity said...

Praying your new year is fabulous! BTW, I LOVE your white and black ruffly blouse in the pics! And, funny thing is, we made Christmas mice this year, too. They were such fun. Blessings!

Stephanie said...

So many familiar faces in this post! Lots of GBS memories with some fine people, even your tormentor who was feeding his face. :)

Gayle said...

Thank you so much for having us over to your house. The food was delicious and we loved being with you all!

Anonymous said...
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