Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~Christmas post #1~

I have more deputation pics to post, but first.....
~Welcome to our "home" for a peek at our lives this past Christmas.~
Jesus has been soooo good to us! I told you earlier that a dear lady is letting us use her nice home for Dec. and Jan. It has been so healing to my heart to get to use my Christmas tree and decorations again for the first time since 2004. And then it's been fun also getting to use some of the Christmas decorations that Jesus gave me while I was on deputation.
~While on deputation I was really WANTING and searching for an antique child's sled to decorate with for Christmas. For some years I had had these children's white iceskates that I wanted to use with it. God and My dear friend Becca in PA provided me this adorable children's sled. Thank you, Becca it has made my backdoor and me very happy this Christmas! =)~
~The front door all decorated for Christmas.~
~While in OK I got to shop at a neat store called "Cheapo Depot" and with some birthday money I got some fancy stockings and hangers like I have wanted for quite some time. =) (Thanks, Sis Lila for the neat white sprig you gave me!! I used it behind the stoking holders.) I love old suitcases, so was happy that my Moma gave us one and we found the other one at a junk store. Wasn't God good to let the house we are using have a fireplace where I could hang the stockings? ~
~I love the color of dark maroon and have had this Christmas color scheme for years. Again, I will say that God is amazing! The living room in the home we are using is done in that same color. =) ~
~I had fun using snowmen and red and white in the kitchen. I love this little Christmasy sign that I got at the Roop's store that asked, "Is it too late to be good?" ~

~It was fun using the Christmasy quilt that Laura had given me years ago. Kimberly found this cute little pillow for me at a Salvation Army that says, "May the peace of Christmas bless you always . (I was happy to find the red and green pillow here in the house that we are staying in to borrow to put with my pillow.)~
~Our last Wednesday service on deputation was at John and Janelle Manley's church in Dayton, OH. After service they, Michael and Beth and us all enjoyed some Skyline and some laughs together. =)~
~We got to spend a couple of fun days with Michael and Beth and family. Since it was near Sarah's birthday we went and got some Mexican food (Can't find much of that in Colombia) .~
~They brought out a free fried icecream for Sarah-the birthday girl-(and us) to share! ~
~We were soooo DELIGHTED that the Lord worked it out that we got to be at the God's Bible School Christmas program. You see, when we are on the field those events are things that we REALLY MISS! Both Phillip and I sang in the GBS choir and have wonderful memories of doing several of these programs under the direction of dear Bro. Wolf! This is the first GBS program we have attended in 10 years!! We had no way of knowing that since this is Bro. Wolf's last year, that night that we were there was his VERY LAST TIME to direct the GBS choir for a Christmas program. (On Sat. and Sun. he let someone else direct!)
It was so fun being there with my Daddy and Moma and with the Hausmans.~
~The choir and drama as usual was splendid! Their songs ministered to our hearts very much!~
~In this picture I tried to capture Bro. Wolf directing to the left and my neice Natasha singing on the front row on the right!~
~Dear Laura and family invited Daddy and Moma, the Pilmores and us over for a yummy, fun and festive Christmasy snack.~

~The next morning after a VERY late night I tried to put together a fun Birthday breakfast for our Sarah. She was delighted that her cousin Darla got to spend the night with her.~
~Then we met the Hausmans and Pilmores at a neat horse drawn sleigh parade in Lebanon, OH.~

~And yes...we really were as COLD as we look in this picture. Our toes froze!~

~Kissing cousins sharing a candy stick!~
Then we ran home and packed to head for our last 2 deputation services in IN.


lila said...

I'm sooo happy you had a place to decorate for Christmas. It is beautiful. I'm glad Jesus cares about our earthly desires and knows just what we need. Tell Sarah happy birthday from the Kemps. love you tons

Greg & Stephanie said...

What fun! You've been quite the busy ones! Your decor was beautiful. Glad you are doing well!
Happy New Year!

sherryldickinson said...

What gorgeous Christmas pictures these are! I love all the things you used to decorate with, so prettily. Your ideas would make any Southern Country Living magazine proud to display them! Ha!
And, even better than the beautiful decorations are the beautiful people displayed in the pictures!
I so enjoyed this Christmas post of yours!
Love, Mom D

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