Friday, June 19, 2009

~Some pics of Elijah~

~Noah is THRILLED to have his little brother to play with. They are both early risers so they LOVE to greet each other in the morning and run off...Opps! I mean "crawl off" playing and laughing together. =)~
~Our little Elijah is growing~
~Looking cute with his curls.~
~Our kids were APPAULD when they saw that I had teasingly put Elijah's hair in a pony tail...just to see if I could do it. We plan to cut his hair soon, it's just that his "barber Daddy" is running his legs off for the Lord, and hasn't had time yet!! And I'm too scared that I'll mess his hair up for Life. =)~
~This picture is for Gramp and Gram so that they can see Elijah wearing his birthday gifts from them. =)~
~While Daddy was away teaching/preaching in Medellin, the kids and I went to our nearby bakery for a yummy breakfast treat. =)~


Beth said...

Elijah is SOOOOO cute. I love his hair. Of course all the kids are cute ;-)
Love Beth

sherryldickinson said...

I wondered what on earth the green thing was in Elijah's hair. Then, I read it was part of his PONYTAIL!! That is funny! I was just thinking, That child needs a hair cut, then, you mentioned life was too busy for Phillip to cut it. (I don't mind when you cut your baby's hair. Each mom gets to decide when she can bear to cut it! Smile.) Anyway, I KNOW what you mean about messing up his hair for life. I cut dad's hair every month, and I mess it up so badly each time, that I almost can't love him anymore, because he looks so goofy from the haircut I've given him! Meanwhile, I think he is SO HANDSOME when he gets a haircut from the barber. You know him though, anything to save some dollars!
I hope you survive your busy schedule for the next weeks!
I love your new picture at the top of your blog.
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Elijah in his new Thomas the Tank Engine Jacket. (He will love playing with "my" train when he gets home) You can be sure we will love seeing him enjoy it. Those two little boys are so cute but Heather you "need" to sew some lace on Noah's pant knees. :-( Really you need Grandma Bryan to patch them for you. I know that it is 'holes' that are in style now, not patches. :-) That is such a cute story of how they interact with each other. I am glad that God gave you two little girls to enjoy each other and then two little boys. I WONDER WHAT HE IS GOING TO GIVE US NEXT! :-) I have to go or you will be calling me collect. I do love you, Moma

Klunders said...

Dear Heather,
Sorry it's been so long since I've been able to post a comment, but we have been crazy busy and sounds like you all have been, too.... My, but Elijah has very cute blond hair. And yes it's sooooo nice that Noah has a little brother to play with. I hope the Lord will let me have at least one more little girl so Jubilee will have someone to play with. I Love how you are having those ladies meetings! What a blessing!!! I would just LOVE to go attend all your meetings. It would be so inspiring and fun!!! And WOW, you had a lot of women there this time! I'm just soooo excited that God has helped you to get this going! If I were rich I would fly down to those meetings each time you had one:)!!! Well, I have one fussy little girl, so I got to go. Love and Prayers, Hannah K

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