Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Family day at the park~

We took a family day and went to this park. The kids had fun eating yummy treats and playing! It was a fun day together. This is the park where Kimberly took our pictures for our Anniversary post.
~I love this cute picture of our 2 blond headed boys in the stroller.~
~My 3 sweet men!~
~Noah enjoying his Cotton candy!~
~Elijah loved swinging with his big sissy~
~Elijah LOVED this slide~
~Our Cute Sarah~


lauren said...

lauren here .how lovely u r blessed with beautiful kids .kimberly is clearly growing in to a very preatty young lady.

Klunders said...

Dear Heather,
Great pixs of the children!!! I'm so glad you got to make some more great memories with the children, they sure seam to grow up so very fast. I love reading your blog as always, you always make it very interesting!
My kids were sick this week, and I was afraid our plan to visit some friends that we don't get to see very often would be upset.We praise the Lord that after much prayer there were no fevers Thurs. and Fri. so we were able to visit them after all. We are thankful for a loving Father that wants us to know that He cares for us.
I'm so encouraged when I see how the Lord is taking care of you all down there in Columbia.

Love and Prayers,
Hannah K.

Joy in the Journey said...

Hey girl, stopped by to let you know I'll be regularly updating my blog - check it out. Don't forget to leave a comment :) Miss you!!

Hey, how long will you all be staying in the US? Also, will you be coming to AZ?

Let me know if you got my e-mail.:)

Kimberly said...

cute pics...Elijah has gotten SO much bigger!

Kim M. said...

these are great pictures... your kids will cherish these memoris.

Kim M. said...

oops *memories

Anonymous said...

Aww.... we are getting SO anxious to get to see everyone! Sweet,sweet pictures... you can almost HEAR Elijah laughing in those pictures!!:)
Sending some puppet monkey's with Kelly for Kimberly's S.S. class use. They are from A. Carole, but look like they would be so much fun, all that is needed is to change their little T-shirts. Am praying for ALL you have to do in these next few weeks!
Love ya MUCH, Laura

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