Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~A nice surprise visit with some good Southern people from the USA!~

One Sunday Felipe's cousin Debi and her husband Daniel from South Carolina, USA, came to our church. We were happy to get to meet them. It was neat to see them singing our Spanish hymns in English. =) They are a dear couple who were here to adopt a little 11 month old Colombian boy. I was thrilled to get to talk with Daniel and hear his Southern accent, and know that when I said, "Y'all" he knew EXACTLY what I was saying. =) Daniel cannot speak but a few words of Spanish, so I think he was just as happy to hear my Southern talk and really enjoyed visiting with Phillip too. =)
Debi's Mom is from Colombia, but Debi was born and raised in the USA. She asked the Colombian government if her Mom's connection with Colombia had helped them with their adoption, but they said no.
~On Monday Daniel and Debi came to our house for lunch.

~They were glad to have some American food, and Daniel was so HAPPY to have my Southern Sweet Tea, for that is his VERY favorite drink! =D~
~A cute picture of Hayden and Elijah.~
~A nice family picture with their precious baby. =) We were amazed at how much little Hayden looks like his Daddy...when he is from Colombia, and Daneil from South Carolina. Isn't that neat? It was a LONG 3 and 1/2 year process for them, but thank the Lord they got their baby boy at last and are now enjoying him at home in the USA. =)~
~It had been awhile since we had seen our dear friends Carlos and Gloria, so later that afternoon I called them and asked them if I could bring supper and come have a nice long visit. They were as happy to see us and we were them and we had a nice long visit and got home at 1:00 AM. Our lives stay so busy that we don't get to be together often.~


Anonymous said...
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Rob and Deanna said...

Man, those subs look SOooooo Yummy!! That is one of my Very Favorite Foods! Table looks so pretty & what a neat visit.

Kim M. said...

You amaze me with your hospitality! So nice that y'all could have some nice southern guests...

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