Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our little Noah!

Our Noah. He's our baby, (but is now 3...BOO HOO!)and the CLOWN that brings so MUCH JOY to our family. In a country where most people have brown hair and brown eyes, NOAH, with his blond hair and BLUE eyes gets WAY more attention than he wants!! We were at a wedding this week, and the whole WORLD came up to him and said, "OH, Look at that PRECIOUS BABY!" After they walked away, Noah looked at me FROWNING and said, "I'm NOT PRECIOUS, AND I'm NOT A BABY!"
This past week he had a stomach flu, and so I had Phillip buy him a coke to help him feel better. You have to know that we RARELY have pop or Coke in our home. So, after a few sips of that stuff, Noah became ADDICTED. He kept coming up to me and saying, "Mommy, could you give me some more "POKE?!" (Coke!) He thought that that drink was so good, that every now and then, he might just have to "pretend to be sick", just so he could get that again. HA!

When I was growing up, there was a boy that interpreted the Golden Rule like this: "Do Unto others and then SPLIT!" Well, Noah has heard us quote him and so tonight I heard Noah say, "Do unto others and then SPIT!"
When we ride on buses to and from church, sometimes we have to sit by the OPEN DOOR. It is usually chilly here at nights, and sometimes rainy, which makes Noah cold and he wants the door shut. So, I have taught him to PRAY that Jesus would PLEASE shut the door. So, now each time the bus door closes he'll look at me and say, "MOMMY, JESUS JUST SHUT THE DOOR!"


Anonymous said...

Heather I just wanted you to know tha twhen Isaiah looked at Noah on the sofa he just laughed it was so cute. Love Beth

Carrie said...

What a cutie (though don't tell him I said that).

Tell him I said he looks so strong. ;)

Mom & dad Dickinson said...

Your Noah who sometimes looks like a little Heather, and sometimes a little Phillip always looks like a ray of sunshine. Jesus knows how to give us really bright spots in our lives, doesn't he. My prayer is that Noah grows up to be a real man of God, just like his daddy: and, a true lover of God, just like his Mama.
Mom & Dad Dickinson

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