Thursday, March 29, 2007

That's my girl, Kimberly!

Each week I make around 100 cookies to pass out to the people of our church. This time I made 108 banana muffins to pass out at church. BUT WITH MY LACK OF PANS I COULD ONLY BAKE 12 AT A TIME! ALL EVENING LONG I was baking, taking out, buttering and refilling my muffin molds, until all 108 were baked! I hope to find another muffin pan SOON!) On Saturday, Kimberly made her first batch of HOMEMADE BREAD BY HERSELF AT 9 YEARS OLD!!!! I was 11 when I made my first bread. Of course, as Mommy, I'm VERY pleased with Kimberly and the GREAT job that she did. I'm glad that my girls are catching my vision of how FUN it is to bake and cook! SMILE!

Our people here LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME, THINKING ONLY FOR THAT DAY! (and that is how they shop for their groceries too. First, because they probably do not have money to shop for a week's groceries, Second, it's their culture to live one day at a time.) So, if Phillip announces on Sunday that on Friday night he will come at 5:30 to have a class or church service, and TO BE THERE...when he arrives THERE IS NO ONE THERE!!! Another preacher has told us that he has to call his people on the phone the morning, or day of the event and REMIND them. Here, as to not hurt you, they may tell you they are coming, and then not show up, most of the time because they FORGOT! The problem is that our people are soooo poor that they have no phone, so we have to get there to the church, and then walk around from house to house "FINDING OUR PEOPLE" for the special event. HELP! SMILE!


Sankey Family said...

Am I the first one to comment on your new blog? Yay! Maybe it's that another missionary wife is hungry for news of someone else in the same boat (more or less) And speaking of hungry - my goodness, that bread looks delicious - Great job, Kimberly! What a great help to your mom. Let's see - what delicious home-baked goods can my boys help me with? NOT!!
I'll be checking back often - welcome to blogging!

Gayle said...

Congratulations! You have your own Blog! Welcome to Blog world. I still haven't figured out what that means. Kimberly when you come back you will have to make us some of that bread it looks delicous. Your Blog looks great!
Sis E

Mom & Dad D said...

Just call me the "weeping mother" instead of the Weeping Prophet-as Jeremiah in the Bible. Your blog site is wonderful. Your smiling children fill my heart with love. I am trying to pray for the people of Colombia more, and I have a desire to pray more for them.
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy."
Now, if this comment section will accept my comment!!!!
Love always, Mom Dickinson

Janette said...

Great job, Kimberly!

I enjoy your blog already!

Rex and Missy McDowell said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm rather new at it myself, but it sure is a great resource. Since I grew up on the missionfield, missionary blogs are my favorite. I glad I came across yours.

Emily Pilmore said...

Good job,Kimberly! That bread looks delicious. It makes me hungry just looking at it! I love you guys and am praying for you. Keep on baking! Emily Pilmore

Beth Dickinson said...

You did a great Job!!! I wish I could do that ;-)

Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

I think that one must be highly educated to accompolish blog signing! I will choose a very special lady's to sign as this is the first that I have figured out 'the how to'. Kimberly isn't is wonderful that Jesus gave you a Mommy to teach you to make bread? Gram is pleased with your industrious ways and prays that you will always use the many talents that you have for Him. Moma and Gram

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