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~Mr. H's Mug, our Yard Sale, Father's Day DINER, Fun, & Fellowship, Phillip preaching in VA.~

Hello!!  Welcome Back! :-)
I forgot to tell this story when I posted last time about Kimberly playing with GBS orchestra (SWSE.)  A few weeks before school ended Mr. Hartkopf said that people sort of had to be a part of the GBS Band to understand his quotes.  Then he mentioned that NO ONE would ever make a mug of his quotes like they did with Bro. Garen Wolf's quotes.
So, Kimberly secretly passed around a notebook to get quotes from fellow SWSE members...then surprised Mr. H with a mug of his quotes! :-) 
(She made one for her friend Emily A. and for herself as well.)

 ~The Quotes from Mr. H~
 ~Kimberly and Mr. H~
~Mr. H. reading through the quotes Kimberly chose to put on his mug.~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~We snuck out for a quick bite to eat on our 23rd Anniversary...right before we went to Church that Wednesday night.~

 ~Youth Night out~

 ~Our Happy 4th wreath on our front door.~
 ~Sometimes Phillip does some side jobs to help make ends meet.  Packing my Sweetheart's lunch is something I do quite often. #takinggoodcareofmyman  #hetakesgreatcareofme ~


 ~They had it all set up so Beautifully outside...then the BLACK CLOUDS ROLLED IN....and the RAIN STORM hit, and we quickly Moved everything INSIDE!~

 ~Then, the rain went away, and people got brave and went outside to eat...then later the rain came back~
 ~Mrs. Clemens and Brittany...the GRADUATE~
 ~Laura's Sweet lemon tea and Sweet Mint Tea~
2nd and 3rd Grade!~
~So we took them down to Smale park and had a fun time together.  #findelijah :-) ~

~When we went to the mission field one of the Hardest things for me to sell was my solid oak Amish built dining room table and 12 chairs!!!  
Last week our dear friends Jim and Lila GAVE US their beautiful solid oak table and 10 chairs!!!  
 ~THROW BACK to...GBS choir tour 1993~
 ~THROW BACK to 2 years ago when Baby Abigail "helped us" to celebrate our 21st anniversary in Buenos Aires, Argentina!~
 ~Not sure why, but recently Panera Bread has sent me several emails telling me I can come in and get some things for FREE!!
A couple weeks ago it was a FREE BREAKFAST ENTREE!!!  So, I ordered a coffee to give them some business, and the MANAGER GAVE ME THE COFFEE FOR FREE TOO!! #hugsfromJESUS
OUR 50's DINER!!
While on Pinterest looking for ideas for a Father's Day tablescape...I saw one that had 
mint green, red, and white, and Coca Cola!  
Bingo!  Since I have a Coca Cola collection decorating my laundry room, and I already had mint green and white paper plates (Aldi's), and I since I had made red and white gingham napkins and table runner back in Colombia....I was all SET! :-) I had soooo much fun making my 50's diner for our Father's Day Celebration!~

~Mary and Abigail in their matching skirts.  They asked that we do their hair up in a bun...just like MOMMY! :-) ~

~Abigail and her friend Raegan~
~Father's day gifts at church ready to pass out.~
~They did this for several Fathers.  This was Phillip telling some of his favorite memories and things about his Dad and about being a Dad.~
~Holding my Sweetheart's PAINT-COVERED hand in church.~
Years ago our Christian Nation Church was in the basement of a church and had about 7 people and nearly the only man was the pastor.  Mrs. Poe, a dear elderly saint, told Pastor Eisenhart that she was praying that God would send LOTS OF MEN to our church!  
This is a pic of the men 18 years or older.  I think there were around 50! (a few visitors, but mostly men of our church.)
~They had the men stand that were a 4th or 5th generation Christian.  
There were only one or two that I saw. (My Phillip is at least a 7th generation Christian, and a 6th generation preacher.) 
Then they had those stand who are a 3rd generation Christian.  I think my Daddy and my b-i-l Daryl stood.  
Then a 2nd generation Christian.  
Then a FIRST GENERATION CHRISTIAN....and there were several...
including our Pastor Eisenhart, our Associate Pastor Paul Pilmore, our music director Rob Ryan, and our mission's director Mark Becker!
Then they had the men 18 years old and older come up front and we had a very special time of PRAYER over them.  It was a special time and there were lots of TEARS!!!~
~Finally a holiday that we were ALL together.  ~
(At Easter Phillip and Sarah were in Colombia.  And Elijah was sick, so only Kimberly, Noah, and Mary got to come to church.
On Mother's Day Kimberly was staying with Grandma.)
~Phillip is showing his wonderful Father's day gift from church.  It is very NICE and keeps things COLD...and has our church's name on it. They also got a bag of nuts, and a chocolate bar.~

 ~At our FATHER'S DAY 50's diner 
we served Yummy Hotdogs and Hamburgers (that Dear Daryl grilled), tater tots, all the fixins that Laura brought over, baked beans that I made, Coke, sweet tea that Laura made and a chess pie that Laura made, and ice cream. ~

~Those Present were: Daryl, Laura, Darla and Bryan, Daddy and Moma and our family.
I asked Darla to take a selfie of us.~
 ~We found Abigail and Mary little "I Love Dad" blouses to wear on Father's Day~
 ~Colombian Coffee ice cream was one of our desserts.~
~Gramp and Gram go to see Abigail's "Chickies"
 ~4 of our 6 immediate family.  Laura, My Sweet Moma, My Sweet Daddy, and I.~
 ~Noah and Elijah playing their guitar duet for their GREAT FRIEND Mr. Nate.~
 ~Mr. Nate playing for Noah after church on Sunday night.~

~On Saturday before Father's Day we had a YARD SALE!~
We had a yard sale to help raise $ to make our family music CD soon. 
~Elijah drew this little pic for their Lemonade stand.~

~Our yard sale view ....from our bedroom window.  We also sold a dining room table and 2 chairs.~
~Elijah and Mary did pretty well with their lemonade stand.  At least 3 people gave them a $5.00 they got about $12.00 each!  They were HAPPY!  :-)
~It was Kimberly's idea to do the yard sale and she worked her head off.~

~Elijah and Mary's last customers.  The sweet Wegener girls came by and were such a fun blessing to our yard sale. :-) ~
 ~This, That, and the other~
~A Yummy Coke Float at home~
  ~So enjoyed having coffee with our girl Kimberly! She's a sweetheart and has a very contagious laugh. As a little girl she would giggle until she cried and still does... especially in "crisis situations." In a family where there are six children there are several crisis situations that happen DAILY. Lol! 😀 Kimberly falls over laughing while the rest of us try to stress, but then her laugh makes us take a lighter side. 😀 We had a fun 💗to 💗yesterday. ~Mommy~


 ~Abigail collecting the eggs from our chickens~

~Going to see the tree we planted for our Baby Mercy 
who we miscarried 2 years ago.~

 ~Our 3 "littles" trying to take selfies of our family.~
 ~We have miscarried 2 babies.  We planted this tree for our first baby....Baby Mercy.  When we got there this time to see our tree this time...IT HAS TURNED INTO TWIN OAKS! 
Maybe God did that for BOTH of our babies He is taking care of in Heaven.~

~Samantha's 15th birthday~

(Samantha is the 2nd girl from your right.  She is our music minister's daughter.)

 ~These are Kimberly's pics~
 ~Playing Checkers at Smale Park~

 ~On Saturday, June 23rd, we drove to Galax, VA to fill in for our good friends David and Jamie Spivey, who were away at camp.
We enjoyed a yummy packed lunch~
 ~Heading through Charleston~
 ~Enjoying some Argentine Mate and some YUMMY 9 de Oro crackers/cookies that U. Leo and A. Caro brought us from Argentina!!!!!~
 ~The Beautiful "HAVEN" where we stayed in at the Haven of Rest church in Galax, VA~
 ~We enjoyed Bojangles for supper.~
~Someone in the church brought us this yummy breakfast and milk and orange juice too.~
 ~Pastor David Spivey had asked Kimberly to share her mission's trips with his young people.~
 ~The Lord helped Phillip preach both Sunday morning and Sunday night.~

 ~While looking through a Penn View year book from 2010...we found a good friend of ours...Joshua Davis' picture.~
 ~2 different families brought in our yummy Sunday dinner!~
 ~Such great time visiting with these dear people!!!~
 ~Our family sang both services. 
 ~Abigail has recently started raising her hand up front to praise Jesus.  #Sosweet ~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah played an offertory with their new friends Candi and Courtney.  Candi is at the piano and Courtney is playing the guitar.  Dustin Muir joined them from the front bench. ~
  ~Phillip preached on the Lord's prayer on Sunday night.  He especially covered "OUR FATHER" and had us tell attributes that we love about our Earthly Fathers...that make us think of our Heavenly Father.  It was so good.  Afterwards Kimberly played The Lord's Prayer" on her violin.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah visiting with their new friend.~
 ~A Beautiful sunset over the Haven of Rest Church~
 ~We had a delicious snack and a wonderful and hilarious visit with the Mitch Smiths, their nephew Jordan, and the Dustin Muirs.~
 ~On the way out of town we had a yummy Mexican restaurant who had lunch specials that were very filling for $2.99!!!  YAY!!!! :-) ~

~Sarah did Abigail's hair in a side ponytail.  #welovehertopieces #herblouseisoninsideout #shegotherselfdressed

~Emily comes for a visit~
A little ice cream social with Emily!

 ~A sweet pack of cards that Emily gave me.  She made the cards using her beautiful photography.~
 ~Brunch time~
 ~Emily and Mary~
 ~Emily and Kimberly...with their Matching MR. H quote mugs!  :-) ~


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