Thursday, June 21, 2018

~Kimberly plays with SWSE, U. Carson and A. Linda's 50th, Memorial Day, our Missions, Trip to PA, our anniversary post~

Well, Life has kept me PLENTY busy!!  What with being a Wife and Mommy, traveling, plus we had a yard sale this past Saturday (Pretty sure we got rid of at least 500 or more things toward our "Getting rid of 2,018 things in 2018 :-) and then on Sunday there were 14 of us here for Father's Day dinner. :-) I'll post pics from May first and then move on to Father's day, etc.

Phillip's Sweet Cousin Lisa, who was only 49 and fought a horrible case of Cancer for a long time, went to her Heavenly Home on Saturday! Though she is rejoicing and worshiping Jesus, and now has a new body, her husband Frank, their kids and small grandchildren, and other family are really suffering.  Please join me in praying for them!
(This was taken some weeks ago when nearly all of Lisa's family were together.  
Lisa is in the blue in the middle of the couch.)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Kimberly enjoyed getting to play with GBS band ...affectionately called SWSE!!

~It was a delightful evening in honor of dear Bro. Garen Wolf.  Here Bro. Wolf is telling how SWSE got started!~
~Dear Bro. and Sis. Wolf~
~Kimberly and Emily!  Sweet Emily picked Kimberly up every M, W, and F morning to take her to band and then dropped her back off.  (That way Kimberly didn't have to walk over to GBS alone early in the morning.)~
 ~Mr. Hartkopf's son and Abigail.~
 ~The Violinist!~

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~3 very WET kids...who had been playing in the rain!~
 ~Sweet and pretty roses from our rose bushes Phillip planted in memory of our
2 babies that we miscarried.~

 ~Enjoying my Havana candle.  Mmmm!~

 ~Blueberry, Red River Cereal muffins. (Red River cereal is from Canada.) ~

 ~Merilee stayed with us around GBS graduation.  It was so fun to get to know her.  She's a sweetheart and has a great sense of humor too.  These girls went jogging by the river one morning.~
 ~A stop at Starbucks afterwards~
 ~Someone is drinking Mommy's iced coffee.~
 ~A little loaf of bread that I sent to the girl's piano teacher...Mrs. Martha Miller...their last lesson before summer.~

 ~Abigail trying on Sunday glasses.~

 ~Mary drew this at Anna's graduation party.~
 ~On  the way to U. Carson and A. Linda's SURPRISE 50th wedding anniversary church service and dinner!~
 ~We enjoyed a yummy supper at U. Dan and A. Carole's house the night before.
Cousin Drew and Abigail each wearing a pair of Abigail's glasses.~

~Visiting before U. Carson and A. Linda's 50th Anniversary church service in their church that they built in an old train station.~

~We were soooo GLAD that Grandmother got to come!!! (She's 96.)~

~Their church was filled to the brim.~
~The fun reception barn~
All of us cousins and GG...(Except Lincoln, who couldn't stay for the dinner)
~A. Carole, U. Carson, and Moma and GG~
~U. Dan and A. Carole, A. Linda and U. Carson, and Moma and Daddy.~

~GG and I taking a Selfie~
~Visiting at Jeff and Susan's afterward~

~Abigail ....2 years ago~
~Mary drew this for U. Dan and A. Carole~
 ~Heading to the Smoky Mountains~
 ~We grabbed Bojangles for lunch and ate beside the creek~

 ~Cades Cove~


 ~Then we hiked Abrams Falls trail~

 ~Pretty Flowers~


 ~On the HIKE BACK TO THE CAR... it POURED the rain and we got soaked.~
 ~Noah loaned little sister Abigail his ball cap~
 ~We were soaked~

 ~This cabin in Cades Cove belonged to the family of my Granddaddy~

 ~Our Missionary service on Wednesday night in Friendsville~
 ~Soooo happy to have GG come to our missions service on Wednesday night.~
 ~Abigail, Elijah, and Mary singing at our missions service in the Friendsville church.~ 

 ~Phillip speaking and giving an update on missions.~
 ~Elijah being the usher for the offering.~
 ~Sarah playing her ukulele for the offering.~
 ~Dairy Queen Ice cream with U. Dan and A. Carole~
~How nice it was to get to go to VA to our nephew Grant's graduation!! It was so fun to be with Andrew and Vonnie and their family, Dad and Mom Sankey, and my Daddy and Moma.~

 ~Andrew and Vonnie's adorable barn house!~
 ~Grant the Graduate...and Abigail~
 ~Abigail and cousin Keith's dog.~
 ~Mom Sankey, Sarah, and Vonnie hanging a shelf.~
 ~On the day of Grant's Graduation it was a HOT day and everyone was busy working to get ready for it, so Phillip and I brought .50 Frostys from Wendys for everyone.~
 ~A picture my sweetheart drew of Andrew and Vonnie's farm they had in TN years ago.~
 ~My Daddy built raised gardens for Andrew and Vonnie.  He had some good help.~

 ~Gram meets baby Charlotte for the first time.~
 ~U. Lincoln...the administrator ...speaking for Grant's graduation!~
 ~We got to meet baby Charlotte as well.  What a dolly!~
 ~Sarah and one of her favorite cousins...Grant.  ~
 ~U. Carson and his namesake...Carson~
 ~Keith and Natalie, Carson and Charlotte.~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Sankey~
 ~Administrator U. Lincoln and Grant~
 ~U. Lincoln, Grant, and Grant's Dad Andrew. (Lincoln and Andrew are my brothers.)~
 ~Katie and Vonnie did a great job with the yummy snacks at Grant's Graduation party~

 ~Dad Sankey, Phillip, and Daddy enjoying a visit about God's Bible School and preachers that have graced that platform.~
 ~A yummy recipe from Trim Healthy Moma...that A. Carole served us.  Since we got back around 11:00 P.M. on Saturday night before Memorial Sunday and and Memorial Day..., I made a triple batch of this recipe for our family for Sunday and Memorial day and for a meal I took to a sweet friend who had had surgery.~
 ~A cute truck and trailer we saw on the way home.~
 ~Trying on glasses in Kohls~

 ~Memorial day dress...and retro shoes~
 ~The meal and some gifts all packed up to take to my sweet friend who had had surgery.~

 ~Our simple table on Sunday.  (My goal was to eat fast and TAKE A NAP. :-D)~

 ~On Sunday night in our Global Holiness Missions service, Kimberly and Sis. Becker shared about their trip to Honduras with the EFM medical trip back in March.~
 ~And Sarah and Phillip shared about their trip to Colombia in March/April~
 ~A Patriotic heart that Mary drew.~
 ~Our Dog Flint~
 ~My Patriotic muffins~
 ~Stars and Stripes...and coffee.~
 ~Abigail collecting eggs~
 ~The kids playing in the pool~
 ~Our Memorial day table~
 ~I had so. much. FUN. making this blue and white tablescape.   The middle plates I got from U. Carson and A. Linda's 50th anniversary.  ~

 ~A Cute pic of Watermelon that Elijah drew me.~
This was Elijah and Mary's Kindergarten pic in Argentina~

 ~My Sweetheart and kids got me some beautiful flowers for me...on the 2nd anniversary of the day we miscarried our Baby Mercy!~

 ~Abigail ate a hole in our sandwhich.~
 ~"Abigail the Farmer."  She goes into the chicken coop and gathers our eggs for us. ~
 ~A fun Berry basket at my sink that makes me smile~
(Who knew that Salvation Army started National Doughnut Day!)
 ~We MADE our doughnuts that day!! :-) ~

 ~A rainbow in our neighborhood.~
 ~Mary finished 2nd grade right before we went to PA~
 ~In Mary's last Math PACE she had a recipe for lemonade.  
So, she made a gallon for our family and Elijah made a gallon for their cousin.~
 ~Missionary trip to PA~
 ~Yummy lunch on the way to PA~
 ~Panera Bread sent me an email for a free drink.  YUMMY!~
 ~We had a delightful time with Bro. and Sis. Gordon.  They served us yummy food...including this fresh fruit!~
 ~This Scripture was in our room and was so encouraging~
 ~A snack basket in our guest room~
 ~Bro. and Sis. Gordon listening to Phillip share about Missions.~

 ~Dear Bro. and Sis Gordon.  We had a delightful time with them.~
 ~Sweet Sis. Gordon and I~
 ~Sunday P.M. we got to worship with the Jeremy Fuller family at their church.~
 ~Bro. Fuller ask Phillip to share about missions for a few minutes and our family sang a special, and then Bro. Fuller preached a short sermon.~

  ~A yummy snack at the Fuller's house.~

 ~Phillip and I on the farm where Mr. Jeremy grew up.~
 ~ A Neat David Brown tractor on the Fuller Farm.~
~Out for breakfast with the Fullers.~
 ~2 Peas in A Pod.~
 ~A Fun Treat!  Breakfast out with Bro. and Sis. Fuller and family!~
 ~Counting some of my MANY Blessings!~

 ~Our 23rd Anniversary!~

"Our Life Trip"
23 years ago today we said, "I Do."
It's been quite the great adventure, I'm telling you!
We've packed many a suitcase, and traveled many miles.
Shared lots of laughs, some tears, and many smiles.
"Fastened seat belts" in car and plane;
Ridden lots of miles by bus and train.
Got our "Directions" from the Lord above,
"Turn South (America) and share my Love!"
We've seen lots of sights and been on Route 66,
Been on the side of the road with a flat tire to fix!
Moved to unknown countries knowing no one.
Done the unthinkable, to see God's will be done!
We've seen God take a sin sick soul
Clean him up and make him whole!
Watched God perform miracles too MANY to name!!!!
Proving that yesterday, today, and forever He is the SAME!!!
We've typed many a church address into our GPS.
And had the "arriving at a service last minute" stress!
We've sung songs to try to honor God.
And stuck together like 2 peas in a pod.
The 2 of us became 10 (with 2 in Heaven) 😞
Making us 1 more than the # seven.
With God as our Leader and me at Phillip's side...
We've hung on for DEAR LIFE and enjoyed the ride!
Phillip, Thank you for asking me to be your picnic date! 💕
And then later on choosing me to be your Lifelong mate! 💗
I'm excited to do this thing called Life with YOU...
Coffee, and kids, and BIbles, and Souls, and pretty views!
Schoolbooks, music lessons, our mini farm and grass to mow,
Mission services, packing suitcases, and,
"It's time to Go!!"
Let's be Faithful and ignore the devil and his aggravation!!!
So we can hear, "Well Done!" ...You have reached your Destination!!!!
~Heather~ June 2018 I 💗 you, Phillip!


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