Tuesday, January 17, 2017

~Our Mission Services in Missouri~

Thank you for all your prayers for our family as we have been traveling.  God has given us a safe journey so far.  We are now in Phoenix, AZ, with my dear in-laws, and now I can post the pics from our Mission services to Missouri.
~Before we left home Darla took Sarah out to Panera Bread for her birthday.~

~I made some goodies to bring to my in-laws in AZ.~
~Some cute little "Cup Muffs" (Sleeves) that Kimberly made to give to her friends and family.~

 ~The St. Louis Arch...with our shadow.~

 ~On the way to Ava, MO we saw a SAD fire and the firetrucks blocked our way. 
Thankfully, it looked like it was an antique store, so hopefully no one got hurt.  Tho it is sad about the ANTIQUES someone could have enjoyed. :-( ~
 ~Saturday evening we got to Gaylerd and Marlene Miller's house.
Here's Abigail hugging Mrs. Miller.~
 ~Mary and Abigail.~
~Following the Gaylerd Millers to Brush Arbor Church of God church on Sunday morning, Jan. 8th, where we had a mission service.~
~This cute Ford Falcon pulled into the church.  We met the owner "Uncle Jr"
 ~Sunday morning, Jan. 8th, we had a mission service at Brush Arbor Church of God.~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Miller and her Sweet sister Ms. Glenna Knight made our delicious Sunday dinner.~
~We had a delicious Sunday dinner with the Millers.~
~We stayed in the Miller's "Chicken House" (They call it the "Chicken House" because it is A former Chicken House turned into a nice cozy place to stay.) 
In there we found our first prayer card.  Taken April 2005
Kimberly was 6, Sarah 4, and Noah was 3 months.~
~Sunday night we had a mission service at the Mt. Zion Church of God.~
 ~Our Mary Grace met up with another "MARY GRACE" ...who was a "JUST A FEW YEARS" older.~

~Abigail wearing Bro. Bob Thompson's (senior) hat.~
~A Double yolked egg.~
~Monday, Jan. 9th we had a mission service at Mt. Zion Bible School Chapel~
~Bro. Bob Thompson~
~Our family singing for the kids in Mt. Zion chapel.~
~Phillip told the kids at chapel how it pays to serve Jesus...and how God calls us to be missionaries wherever we are.~
~Mary telling the kids about the Chinese tea.~
~Elijah telling the school kids about Argentine Yerba Mate.~
~Noah telling the school kids at Mt. Zion about Colombian coffee~
~Kimberly telling the kids how missionary kids really help their missionary parents by living for Jesus and helping influence the native kids to serve Jesus.~

~Sarah was in HEAVEN in their library.~
~Afterwards "Uncle JR" invited us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.  Noah and Elijah got to ride in his neat 64 Ford Falcon.~

~Brush Arbor Church of God sign with the fun Ford Falcon.
~Elijah, Uncle JR, and Noah.~

~Yummy Chinese Food.~
~Uncle JR and our family at the restaurant eating a yummy Chinese buffet for lunch.~
~Abigail and "Uncle Jr.~
 ~Then we drove 3 hours to Gentry, Ark to spend time with Phillip's Aunt Charlene, Uncle Norman, Jonathan, and Savannah.  We haven't seen Aunt Charlene and her family since 2005!  They had only met 3 of our 6 children. :-) ~
~Sarah, Savannah, and Kimberly~
~Heather, Aunt Charlene, Uncle Norman, and Phillip~
 ~Sarah in the "Chicken House" kitchen.~
 ~"Uncle Jr" had given us some packs of gravy, so we bought some sausage and biscuits and enjoyed some biscuits and gravy our last breakfast in the "Chicken House."

 ~The kids love going to the Millers cause the have a pond in which to fish, go in the boat, and they can roam all over their property. :-)~
 ~Wednesday night, Jan. 11th, we were at Fordland, MO Church of God church.  We have lots of DEAR friends at this church.~
 ~Abigail must have taken some selfies on my phone during church.~
 ~My sweet friend Adrian, myself, and my sweet friend Misty.~
 ~Then we got to meet the new pastor and wife and family at the Fordland church. Min. and Mrs. Chris King.  They served us a yummy snack in their lovely home.~
 ~Mrs. Candy King, Abigail and I.`
 ~Mr. Chris King and Phillip~

More pics coming soon.



Mrs. K. said...

Just beautiful, spiritually and physically (landscape)! Hi, Heather. I found your blog from Pink Parsonage blog list many months ago. My heart is very aligned with the way their (Rick and Karen) and your family live for Christ. I live in NYC, and the oppression is HUGE. However, it seems (prayer is ongoing but we have peace) God is leading us to live near our younger daughter and her family in Mobile, AL soon! They attend Gospel Lighthouse Holiness Church (I do not know what missions they are supporting).

Your love for Christ as a family has given much needed encouragement to my heart. If I tell you great wickedness surrounds us living here it would not be an understatement. Thankfully, our two daughters love the Lord. One lives, as stated, in Alabama. The other (an army wife) currently resides in Michigan. We have a 20 year old autistic son who loves God, but his needs are so great he attends a special-needs-only school. He has surpassed what all the tests have shown. Not academically, but his 'outreach' way of relating. Praise God! God is using our family in the smallest of ways....'small' to us. But I am sure big to Him.

Again...so glad to see answered prayer for your safe travels.

In Him,
Mrs. K.

Moma said...

So glad to hear from you all and get the nice up-date of you nice trip and services. Please say a big hello to Dad and Mom Dickinson from Daddy and I. Love to you all

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you so much, Mrs. K, for your very nice comment. Sorry, it took me so long to respond. I was traveling and my phone wouldn't let me respond, so I had to wait until I could use my computer. :-) Your words regarding my blog and our family were so kind! Thank you! I am so glad that you and your family are serving Jesus and shining for Him. Praise God for His help to your special son. I am glad that God is using your family for Him. Isn't it humbling to be used of God, even in the smallest of ways? May God continue to bless and encourage you and give you a wonderful 2017 in Him!!


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