Monday, January 2, 2017

~Happy New Year~

Here's a few more of my Christmas gifts I forgot to take pics of.
~Just down from GG's house in TN there is a thrift store called "Karms."  The proceeds go to help feed the homeless in Knoxville. 
I saw this beautiful red tray there, and I loved it.  It was originally was $69.99 from Hobby Lobby, and Karms wanted $21.99.  I was NOT paying that for that tray. 
The next day, I had to be back in Karms, and asked them if it was part of their Christmas 50% sale, and they said, No. So, I did not buy it.
As we were leaving town, Phillip and Sarah ran back in Karms for a couple things.  As they were checking out, Phillip saw that tray and knew how much I loved it and asked if it were a part of the Christmas 75% off sale.  
The guy said, "No, but, I want to sale it, so I'll give it to you for 75% off!"  
So, they bought it and Sarah gave it to me for Christmas.  HOW FUN!  :-) ~
 ~Elijah gave me this fluffy off-white scarf, and Mary gave me this fun Valentines pillow that says, "You have my whole heart for my whole life."~
 ~I gave Phillip shoe trees, this french press, and a tie rack.~
~Abigail snuggling with Noah.~
 ~Out with our wonderful mission director and sweet wife on Friday night.~
 ~On New Year's Eve we went up to Michael and Beth's house and they fixed a wonderful meal including this delicious turkey.~
 ~Kimberly and Ava.~
 ~Such a yummy spread.~
 ~Phillip and Michael.~
 ~Jeremiah and Abigail under the piano bench.~
 ~Abigail and Ava.~

  ~Phillip with his piece of COOLWHIP Pumpkin pie with LOTS of coolwhip.~

 ~Beth's pumpkin pie was Delish!!~

 ~Ava is a dolly.~
 ~Beth and I!  Sooo fun to be together!~
 ~All Together!! (Notice Michael's face...and Sophia.) ~
 ~Sarah and Kimberly playing a piano duet for offertory Sun A.M.~
 ~Sunday night we had a mission's service at Afton Wesleyan Church with our good friends Jim and Audrey Bender.~

~A bunch of good young people visiting after service.~
 ~My dear friend Sis. Fairchild and I.~
 ~The Benders shared lots of cupcakes with us.  This is a "Cupcake...Cake" ~

 ~Praying together in Family Devotions... that God will help us Draw CLOSER TO HIM in 2017~


lila said...

I'm glad you got the beautiful red plate, I'm so thankful you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love you all

Moma said...

Heather, I do not know what happened to my comment but it is not here so will try again. First I said that Little Ava is a dolly! I know that her big sister is happy that she is a little girl. Of course I need to tell you again that little Abigail is a dolly in that "Christmas Car". Thanks for our picture, we will enjoy it. It was good that you had such a nice long visit with Mrs. Fairchild. Now I will try to post this again. Love, You

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