Monday, September 19, 2016

~School 's in Session!~

The Dickinson Home School 2016-2017 School year has begun!
Here are the Fine Students that are enrolled this year!  :-)
 ~Sarah is our lovely 10th grader!~
 ~Noah is our handsome 7th grader!~

 ~Elijah is our Dear energetic 2nd Grader!~
 And Mary is our sweet 1st Grader!
(Mary was in 1st grade last year...but due to my pregnancy and miscarriage we didn't get to finish.
We had planned for her to finish 1st grade and go into 2nd grade this year...but she would be 5 years old in 2nd grade ...ugh...a little young...
Soooo we've decided to let her slow school down a little to let her catch up emotionally...and so this year she will finish 1st grade, Learn Spanish with Kimberly, and take piano lessons!
~Here is Abigail standing by the boxes of our schooling for this year.~
 ~My centerpiece for the breakfast table this morning.~
 ~While in LA we found these school packs on a major sale at Walmart. 
It was so fun to get them for the kids...for they have lots of fun things like glue, colored pencils, scissors, a notebook, notebook paper, etc. all in one pack.~

 ~I "cheated" and baked canned cinnamon rolls this morning.~
 ~Abigail enjoying her coffee. :-) ~
 ~Breakfast burritos, fried ham, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.~
 ~Abigail lovin' on her Kimberly. :-) ~
 ~This year Kimberly plans on doing "self-study" at home. 
She will be studying Chinese, and Spanish, and taking violin lessons from Sandy Collins, and piano lessons from Martha Miller. 
In her "spare time" she plans to help Mommy by teaching Mary first grade and teaching Mary Spanish as well. 
Kimberly also plans to help out at our Christian Nation Church with the children's work, and however else she can.~
 ~Sweet Sarah put together a fun "school pack" for Abigail. :-) ~
 We're off to a great start.  Jesus has given us a good day today!


moma said...

Oh, what a Heather! Your "back to school" breakfast table looks so nice and fun for the kids! Glad that I could take a peek! We will be praying for the students and their Mommy teacher. Love you lots, Moma

lila said...

Sounds like a fun school year. The pics are cute of the kiddos.

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