Wednesday, September 14, 2016

~Our FL vacation, part 2!~

On Monday night, Sept. 12th our family left LOUISIANA and drove all night and arrived HOME yesterday at 8:30 A.M.!!!!
Including Comargo camp....we left our home on Aug. 8th...and got home Sept. 12th! 
We have had a WONDERFUL TIME being in FL and Filling in in the church in Louisiana...but we are happy to sleep in our own beds again. :-)

On Tuesday night, Aug. 23rd, Bro. and Sis. Jim Howard had our family and U. Scott and A. Libby and family over for a yummy supper.
~This cute coffee sign was on her fridge.~
 ~Mr. Jim Howard was Phillip's principal when he was at Gospel Center School, so we enjoyed taking pictures of these old pics the Howards showed us.  Phillip is on the back row 2nd from left, and Michael is the last one on that row on your right.~
 ~Dad and Mom, Phillip and Michael.~
 ~Phillip on the left.~
 ~Mrs. Shirley Smith on the left and Mom D. on the right.~
 ~Dad D. sitting at the table that was in the parsonage at Gospel Center.~
 ~This is what my Phillip looked like when I met him. :-) ~
 ~Fishing out behind Mr. Jim Howard's house.~

 ~They served us a yummy supper.~

 ~Mrs. Howard and I.~

 ~Abigail sitting in their rocking chair.~
 ~The men visiting.~
 ~Abigail takes a selfie with A. Libby, Leah, and Rachel.~

 ~Mary and her blocks.~

 ~Mrs. Howard reading Abigail a story.~
~The lighthouse in Jupiter~

 ~On Wednesday morning A. Libby and Rachel joined us for breakfast at Another Broken Egg cafe.~
 ~Biscuit Beignets.~
 ~Here comes breakfast.~


 ~That morning our good friend Nate Becker took us around to show our kids Hobe Sound campus.~
 ~Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary~
 ~Duane and Rachel and their family took the campus tour with us.  Duane attended GBS with Phillip and Regina was in the music program with me.~
 ~Our family in front of the girl's dorm.~
 ~A park with our last name.~

 ~Abigail LOVES her Kimberly whom she calls Mimi.~
 ~Then we had lunch at Dune Dog cafe. ~


 ~A pretty house Sarah took a pic of on the way home.~
 ~Wednesday night church at Hobe Sound.  U. Scott and A. Libby were celebrating 27 years of marriage!!~

 ~Our good friends the Yerians celebrating 60 years of marriage.~
 ~We invited U. Scott and A. Libby and family over for a quick simple snack to celebrate their anniversary!~

 ~On Thursday we ran to the book store and met up with our good friend Jackie Foley there. She invited us to stop by and see her cute place.~

 ~Before we left we had a nice time of prayer together~

 ~Thursday night we went on a double date with my sweet friend Kayla and her husband Harold.
 ~We went to a restaurant that they recommended called TooJay's.~
 ~Yummy Mounds cake and coffee.~
 ~We had such a nice visit with Harold and Kayla.  We enjoyed talking about serving God, missions, children, family, etc.~

 ~Abigail LOVES her big sister Mary.  Here Mary is sleeping, and Abigail crawled up on top of her to hug her.~
 ~On Friday we took a bike ride to the beach to take our family picture.  The girls enjoyed riding in the bike trailer and laughed all the way there.~

 ~I thought this was cute.~

 ~We saw lots of BLUE crabs.~

~That night the cousins came over for supper and a swim.~

 ~But the GREAT THING about SUPPER...was I didn't have to cook supper...U. Scott bought Chinese. :-)~

 ~Playing a game together.~
 ~Snugglin' with A. Libby.~
 ~Patient Rachel drawing with the girls.~
 ~On Saturday Sarah and I ran over to the FEA thrift store to go to a special dinner and sale they were having that day.  It felt good to help support fellow missions.~
 ~Saw this sign and thought it was good.~
 ~Ice cream cake that I made for Sunday dinner.~

 ~On Saturday Kimberly made us a yummy fruit smoothie.~
~Abigail drinking her fruit smooth.~

 ~The kids enjoying the hot tub in the vacation house where we stayed.~
 ~For my dinner table for Sunday dinner I enjoyed using the fun things that I found in the vacation home where we stayed.~
 ~A fun centerpiece.~

 ~Cute little wooden chargers from Pottery Barn.~
 ~Where the men were going to sit.~

~Mrs. Morgan...A dear friend I have known nearly all my life. ~
 ~Sunday morning we went to help U. Scott with his Sunday School class.~

 ~Our family sang a special and afterward Phillip spoke to them.~
 ~Talitha and I.  I found out that she and I were born in the same town and were babies together...tho this was the first time we had ever met as adults. :-) ~
 ~The Sunday dinner I made was VERY simple.  I just served a Burrito Bar.~

 ~We had U. Scott and A. Libby and their family and a friend Ostyn over.~

 ~Then we all ran out the door to go to the Nursing Home for a service.  U. Scott has a service there each Sunday.~

 ~Elijah was helping this lady find the number in her hymnbook.~

 ~Our family sang a couple special.~

 ~Kimberly played her violin.~
 ~And then U. Scott did a great job speaking and encouraging us all to keep serving Jesus.~

 ~Abigail messing with Rachel's hair.~
 ~Abigail and Mary playing the piano after the nursing home service.~
 ~Sarah and Kimberly talking to a lady who spoke Spanish and French.~
 ~That night Bro. Wes Holden gave a challenging message on the Prayer Cycle as take from Acts.
If you read the book of Acts, you will see this pattern.
The Disciples Prayed
Then they received Power/Answers to Prayer/Souls won to God
Then they experienced Pesecution
Which caused them to go to Prayer again!
In this power point he showed us that too often rather than keeping the Prayer Circle when we face trials or persecution...we become Passive, Become discouraged, Become defensive, form a committee, etc. rather than GOING TO PRAYER AGAIN!  Dear Jesus, Please help us to keep coming to you in the victories and in the battles.~
 ~"The past has not exhausted the possibilities nor demands for doing great things for God.
The church that is dependent on its past history for its miracles of power and grace is a fallen church."~
 ~Abigail and Ostyn.~
 ~Mary and her friend.~
 ~Noah and Ostyn~
 ~Sarah, Kimberly, Leah, and Rachel...with Serge and Ostyn being photo bombs behind them.~

 ~U. Scott and Abigail "arm wrestling."
 ~Leah and A. Libby.  A. Libby won.~
 ~Abigail didn't like it when U. Scott gave her kisses...cause his short beard poked her.  So she began to call him "Pokie kisses." :-) ~
 ~ A double rainbow we saw on the way out to coffee on Monday morning.~

 ~It was fun being with Leah and A. Libby for coffee.  I enjoyed sharing lots of stories of how God met our needs on the mission field.~
 ~While I was telling of Answers to prayer and the goodness of God to our family....Sarah was drawing this on a napkin.   SO TRUE!!!

 ~ I saw this sign and thought it was good."~
~On Monday Phillip and I ran out for a quick date. ~
On Tuesday, Aug. 30th we left FL to head to LA.  We went to the Bible Holiness Church in Ponchatoula, LA where my Daddy was a pastor when I was in my teens.  Phillip preached for them for 2 weeks.  It was SO FUN being HOME in LA again and seeing all our DEAR friends there!
Lots of fun pics coming of our days in LA!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed very much the 2nd group of pictures from Florida,it was fun to see so many that we knew many years ago when Daddy taught there! I love you all, Moma

Hannah Avery said...

So glad you all got to have such fun times in Florida! I got to visit Hobe Sound campus when my family and I went to campmeeting there one year when I was a teen. Such a fun time!


lila said...

So nice you all could get away and enjoy a vacation. Enjoyed the post. love you all

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