Monday, August 22, 2016

~Kemps and Comargo Camp, part 1!~

Before Comargo camp we had a missions service with our dear friends the Kemps!!!

~Phillip, Daddy, and Pastor visiting before we went to the Kemps for a service one Sunday evening.~
 ~Abigail hurt Gramp and Gram gave her this little card and sucker.~
 ~Sis. Kemp and I.~
 ~A yummy snack after church at the Kemp's church.~
 ~Christmas in July for our family from the Kemps.~

 ~Sis. Kemp gave me this chopper and I LOVE it.  She also gave me a beautiful Christmas punch bowl and an electric pressure cooker.~
 ~I can't remember if I posted this pic of Noah mowing our lawn with an old fashion mower or not, but if so, I'm reposting it.~
 ~Brittany took this pic of our Saturday evening Taco Salad supper with her family, Michael and Beth and family, Dad and Mom D. and our family... at our house the Saturday night before Comargo camp.~
 ~Abigail "helping Kimberly" sew before we headed to Comargo camp.~

~Comargo Camp 2016~ 
God gave us a WONDERFUL Comago Camp this year!!!
We are sooo Blessed to have a wonderful church camp filled with Wonderful services, yummy food, and great family of God.
God met with us in a BEAUTIFUL WAY During several services, but especially on Friday and Sunday night. 
It was wonderful to see Him working among our children and young people.~

~Someone rented a beautiful 10 person trailer for our family to stay in during Comargo Camp!
We are soooo LOVED and it was SUCH A BLESSING TO OUR FAMILY!
This is our beautiful fruit basket that Sharon Campbell made for us. :-) ~
~Abigail "helping Daddy" choose hymns to lead during Comargo Camp.~

 ~Mary lost BOTH of her front bottom teeth the first day of camp.~
 ~Abigail drinking her soup right beside Bro. Spangler.~

 ~Sarah and her buddy Ethan...finding a place to sit at lunch time.~

 ~You will see LOTS of selfies of Zack in my posts.
You see, Zack took videos and pictures for me of our family singing for No charge ...and the selfies he took were for FREE too. :-) ~

 ~Each night we sang the first special together as a family. ~

 ~Celebrating my niece Darla's birthday after church on Tuesday night.~

 ~Such a fun "Fruit cake!"~

 ~Such a cute pic of Mary sitting beside her cousin Bryan.~

 ~The kids ready for arts and crafts.~

 ~The young people playing kick ball.~

 ~The young people playing a water game.~

 ~Kimberly pouring water into a pop can on top of poor Caleb's head.~

 ~Trey pouring water on top of Kimberly's head.~
 ~Our Sarah.~

 ~Our Mary.~

 ~Everyone loves it when Grammy E. serves ice cream sundaes at camp.~
 ~Elijah taking a selfie inside our trailer.~
 ~Little Carson's birthday party.~

 ~Children's Church.  The Spanglers did such a GREAT job.~

 ~Bro. Jeremy Fuller preaching away during a morning service.
Jesus really helped Bro. John Parker and Bro. Fuller as they preached during camp.~

 ~Zack was excited that our family was singing...he was our number one fan. 
His fan he his holding says, "Go Dickinsons."~
 ~Youth service almost ready to start during the afternoon.~

 ~Bro. Nathan Becker did a great job with the youth~

 ~Elijah and Noah playing kickball.~

 ~Noah, Elijah, and Mary each wore shirts that said, "Comargo Camp 2016" and had their friends sign them.~

 ~Zack threw some water on Kyle...and nearly gave his life for it.  :-) ~

 ~Cute little Jace sleeping away...snugglin' with his giraffe.~
 ~Supper time.  We are BLESSED to have yummy meals at Comargo camp.  Grammy and her crew do a GREAT job.~

 ~Abigail coloring during church.~
 ~Looking for something to entertain Abigail...since she was not used to being in SOOO many church services in one week...I put Abigail's pony tails on her fingers during church.  :-) ~
 ~A patriotic Abigail holds her little baby doll.~

 ~Bike rides.~
 ~Bro. Wilson from Canada and my sweet Father-in-love visiting together.~

We are REALLY enjoying vacation in Florida. 
I'm taking lots of pics which I will post after I post Comargo Camp Part 2.


Moma said...

Just went on-line to see if you had a new post, and you did! It was good to see all your camp shots and all the kiddeos. Love you all very much. Moms

lila said...

I'm so glad camp went well.. Enjoyed the pics. Love you all tons

Family on the Prairie said...

Loved that watermelon fruit cake! How healthy is that!!

You might enjoy seeing pictures of a "delightfully unconventional" barn wedding, of our friend Tonya Sickler and Bud (William) Poe at
Of course, I have more pictures coming of that, too.
Anna Lucas

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