Thursday, August 25, 2016

~Comargo Camp, part 2~

I have soooo many fun pics to post from Comargo, that I should do a "Comargo Camp, PART 3," but I want to start posting about our Time here in FL, so I'll just post alll these pics on this post.
So, Grab yourself an Arnold Palmer (Half Lemonade/Half Tea) or a glass of sweetened ice tea, sit back, and enjoy!
~Daddy and Moma seeing Mom and Dad for the first time in nearly 2 years.~

 ~Laura and her girls worked in the kitchen with Grammy and made LOTS of yummy pies.~

 ~Our kids LIVE for Friday of camp...which is Water day!~

 ~I kept trying to get a pic of Abigail and Josh W. kept coming by and trying to get into my pic. :-) ~
 ~Abigail and her friend Raegan.~

 ~The kids learned a Bible verse each day.~
 ~"My other daughter" Bethany (on your left) came to camp for the weekend.~
 ~I had asked if Phillip and Rob would sing "We Believe" for Sunday morning during camp.  So, they are practicing in this pic.~
 ~Abigail fixing her shoe.~

 ~An Abigail selfie~
 ~Bethany and Abigail.~
 ~On Sunday afternoon for the mission's service I asked if the young people could join Phillip, Kimberly, Sarah, and I and form a choir. I asked Rob if he could lead us in "I will Go."~

 ~Zack and Clayton "leading the singing" for youth.~

 ~Our Kids at play~

 ~Caleb with a cob of corn in the neck of his shirt.~
 ~Shucking corn~

 ~On Saturday afternoon of camp there is always the game of the STIFFS and the STARS.  The stiffs being the middle aged/older people, the Stars being the teenagers up to their twenties.~
 ~My Phillip.~
 ~Bro. Wilson from Canada (I think he's 75) played ball and did a great job.~
 ~And here's Bro. Wilson's daughter Kelly...playing on his same team. :-) ~
 ~My Sweetheart~
 ~Daddy and 2 of his daughters.  Sarah had just found his NICE ball glove at Goodwill for $3.00.~
 ~Abigail and her sweet cousin Darla.~

 ~Stiffs won!!!!  I was SAD...for I was Cheering for the Stars, since they don't often win.
Stiffs 22
Stars 17
 ~Mary and her Minnie dress.~
 ~Sarah and Megan doing dishes.~

 ~Bethany and I.~
 ~Kimberly and an exhausted Abigail.~

 ~Abigail slept for most of church, then woke up, then snuggled with Daddy and fell back asleep and slept the rest of the service.~
 ~There were several children that sat on our bench along with our younger this is what our floor often looked like at the end of church.  :-) ~
 ~A sleepy NiKayla~
 ~An exhausted Abigail and Elijah during church.  This was Saturday night, so the last night one could get something from the snack bar, since it would obviously be closed on Sunday. 
Elijah slept all during service and then Phillip carried him to the trailer and he SLEPT all night. 
On Sunday morning he woke up at 8:30 and said,
 "OH, NO!!!  I didn't get to get ANYTHING from the Snack Shack!" 
I told him that I got him a pack of colorful tic which he replied,
 ~Abigail at Breakfast on Sunday morning.~
 ~It's always a stiff competition to see IF the GIRLS OR THE BOYS will bring in the most money for children's offering!~

 ~Kristin and Abigail~
 ~Phillip and Rob singing, "We Believe" on Sunday morning.~
  (It was our privilege to have Rob Kennedy and Steve Hoschar accompany our family's special songs on their bass guitar and steel guitar during camp.)
 ~Elijah collecting money for the boys' children service offering.~
 ~The Delongs were here for mission's service on Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed their service.~
 ~Bro. Becker, Bro. Delong, and Phillip.~
 ~Abigail snuggling her baby doll in the trailer.~

 ~Dear people volunteer to help in the kitchen.  This time they twisted Carl's arm to serve with his wife Janie...and he served Watermelon. :-) ~
 ~Zack with my phone again. :-) ~

 ~Abigail licking the chocolate icing on Mary's cake.~

 ~All ready to sing.~

~During this service is when we found out who won, whether the girls brought in the most money or the boys!
This year...the GIRLS won, by only $3 or $4! 
Together they brought in around $1,600 for the camp!!!
 ~Bro. And Sis. Spangler did a GREAT job with the children's service.~

 ~Abigail was probably to little to put up front, for she wanted to do her own thing, but she finally caught on and stood up there and sang.~
 ~The theme was the Mercy Hospital~

 ~All the sudden from the back came some men bearing a patient who had had "OPEN HEART SURGERY!"~

 ~Out of his HEART had come things like Hatred, Envy, Pride, Cheating, etc.~

 ~And after his "OPEN HEART SURGERY" (accepting Jesus as His Savior) He had Love, Joy, Peace, etc.~

 ~Bro. Jowers did a great job being their patient.~
 ~Part of the mess on our bench and floor the last night.~
 ~Gramp and Gram gave this fun wooden box/building block to Abigail for her 2nd birthday.  On one side it says, "A" and on another side it says, "2" so it's just perfect.  :-)
Inside they gave her a nice little white tea set.~
 ~Mrs. Jeremy Fuller and I at the snack after church.~

 ~Phillip and Bro. John Parker and Bro. Jeremy Fuller.~
 ~And now that camp was over and we had enjoyed our snack the kids decided to do some arm wrestling. 
It all started with this Brother-Sister duo...Brittany and Bryan.~
 ~Pastor, Bro. Becker, and Phillip visiting.~
 ~Just for fun I decided to "Arm wrestle" my strong nephew Bryan.  Of course I knew he'd blow me out of the water...UNTIL....
 I got the idea to use all my weight.  Ha! ~
 ~Zack and Kimberly~
 ~Deanna and Samuel~
 ~Noah and Cade.~
 ~Gramp telling Sarah and Darla goodbye.~
 ~Wayne and Warren.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah.~
 ~Noah and Abby~
 ~Cynthia and Caleb~
 ~Mary and a twin.~
 ~Deanna and Bryan~
 ~Then the young people waited till AFTER MIDNIGHT and set up the volleyball net and played ball.~
 ~Pastor, Phillip, Bro. Fuller, and Bro. Becker visiting at Breakfast.~
 ~Bryan and Kimberly arm wrestling.~
 ~Zack helping clean up.~
 ~Abigail and Levi find a mud puddle.~

 ~Phillip and Pastor before we left Comargo camp.~
 ~Mary and Abigail in the truck with Bryan.~


On Monday, Several young people were visiting and buying things around the snack bar and we were visiting with Samuel about his new-to-him car.
The next day we learned that JESUS protected Samuel and his sister in a car wreck where they flipped their car 3 times. :-(

Goodbye Comargo...till next year!

~Abigail walking across a lonely camp grounds.~
 ~Then after getting all packed up, our family drove up to Troy, OH to spend some time with Michael and Beth and family, Amy, and Dad and Mom D. and to say goodbye to Dad and Mom D.
We stopped by the store and got some things to help with supper.

THEN WHEN I GOT TO THEIR HOUSE....I TOOK A NAP!!!!! I was so tired from camp, I thought I would die!!!

While I slept Dad, Michael, Phillip grilled hotdogs for our supper.
Amy and Beth made us yummy banana splits for dessert.~
 ~Aunt Heather with a baby Ava, and our Abigail.~
 ~Michael, Phillip, and Dad visiting in the kitchen.~
Dad being silly said,
In our case it's, "All Because One Man Went to the Projects."  And then howled laughing! :-)

 ~The Original Four! 
Now there are 17 of our baby Mercy in Heaven.~
 ~This is probably when Dad made that above comment, for he is quite tickled in this pic.
Dad, Mom, Phillip, and Michael.~
 We got home from their house at midnight on Monday night, EXHAUSTED.
The next day JESUS DID HELP US...and we washed up our laundry from Comargo Camp and left for Tennessee to spend the night with my GG.  ( Getting to her house at 12:30 A.M.  We had had someone hide a key so we didn't have to disturb her.  But, SWEET GG is GG, and she got up and let us in. :-)
The next day we left for Florida.
Pics coming soon.


Moma said...

Oh Heather it was so nice to find you had posted the rest of the camp pictures. They were so interesting and help tell the story of some wonderful days together. It was so nice to see Dad and Mom Dickinson, I will be so glad when they move out this way. Love, Moma

lila said...

Looks like a nice fun camp. Enjoyed all the pics. I'm glad God's people can get together and have a wonderful time. So glad Bud and Sherry could be there.

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