Sunday, April 7, 2013

~More Alabama pics & other Deputation pics.~

Well, I normally try to blog about every 2 or 3 days, but right now I'm only able to blog about once a week.  Between traveling, and going thrift storing to find things for our home, keeping the laundry done up, packing, and repacking and unloading and re-loading the van, etc....
I'm meeting myself coming and going. =)  Our deputation is going well, Thank you for praying for us.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~About 2 months ago, when I talked to Melinda about coming to Alabama, we planned to go thrift storing while we were together, for she has some great prices at her thrift stores.  So on Saturday after we surprised Bryanna at her party on Friday night, March 22nd, we girls went shopping, while the "boys" (and their Dad's) rode go-carts.  How fun!~

 ~Jesus gave us some good deals at the thrift stores, and Melinda shared some clothes that her girls had worn, so we were able to get our family all "clothed and ready" for Deputation. =)  We girls had a lot of fun shopping together.~
 ~Besides shopping together, we also ate together and had a lot of fun visiting with Donald and Melinda, Aunt Jan, and Donald's parents from AK.~
 ~Here we are singing in our service, at the Fogelman's church in Jasper.  Thank you, Brittany, for taking our picture. =) ~
 ~Phillip really enjoyed visiting with Donald and Mr Ed.  Mr. Ed was a HUGE help to us.  Our clothing rod in our van broke, and he welded us a new one!!!  What a blessing!~
 ~ Here is Kimberly Skyping Natalie in Colombia going down the road.~
 ~Our Sunday evening service was in Pell City.  Pell City Camp is the camp where I grew up.  I hadn't been back on that camp grounds since I was expecting Kimberly.  A lot of nice changes since then. =)  Here I am with my dean of Women from GBS, Sis. Brown.~
 ~The Heather I met and Kimberly played a special for that night's service.~
 ~Here I am with my good friend Melinda.  She was great with child.  We left Monday and they had their baby boy on Wednesday. =)  Congratulations, Donald and Melinda!!~
 ~Sunday evening we had a yummy snack at their house.~
 ~Kimberly and Bryanna~
 ~All our kids together.~
 ~Kimberly and Bryanna made cookies together.~
 ~It was so nice to see my "Aunt" Jan again. (Aunt Jan is a sister to my A. Linda, so we've just always called her "Aunt Jan."~
 ~Then we headed to have a service in TN, and to see my Grandmother (GG).  Here is Kimberly doing GG's hair.~
~Kimberly and GG.~
~Our good friend Mr. Jim Hobbs came to our TN service.~
~My sweet cousin Esther and I.~
~Little Mary wore clear out.~
~Yummy food fixed by Aunt Carole and Grandmother.~
~This man gave Noah and Elijah matching leather cowboy coats.~
~The TN service (a combined service with other churches) gave us a pounding of clothes hangers!  We were needing hangers, and now we have H.A.N.G.E.R.S.!!~
~We went with U. Dan and A. Carole to Gracie's restaurant and had some cook food.~
~This was the Saturday before Easter.  I put on one of Phillip's work shirts to keep me "clean among the dust" and went down into our basement and was digging in my china and crystal that had been packed away for years. 
Sorry, I got mixed up and said last post, that it had been "12 1/2 years" since we packed up our things to go to the mission field. 
My tired mind must have added the year 2004 to 8 1/2 years and I accidentally wrote 12 1/2 years.  It's only been 8 1/2 years since we packed our dishes and went on Deputation and then to the mission field. 
So you can imagine that...I'm having so much fun unpacking my things and PLAYING HOUSE!!~
~While we were home for Easter Sarah and her cousin Darla got to go to a Tea party birthday party together.~
THANK YOU for your prayers!!  I'm so TIRED that I'm wondering if my family will miss me if I don't get into the van when we leave for our service in N.C. on Tuesday.  Hee! Hee! =D


Mindy said...

I hear you met my husband at Noblesville. :) I am so disappointed that we weren't back yet so I could meet you and hear about your work. I love missions services! I may just have to come when you are at your parents church. Hope all goes well with your travels and services!

The Dickinsons said...

Yes, Mindy, I was so SAD when I was talking to Anthony Arnold last night (whom we haven't seen since our AZ days and we were so HAPPY to see) that your husband was here but you were still out west. =(

So sorry I missed you...but we'd LOVE to have you come over to visit our service here at Daddy and Moma's church. I'd love to see you!! =)


Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Thanks for posting these pics! Dan Stetler was with us a couple of weeks ago, and I asked how Mrs. Brown was doing (hadn't seen her since 1998). I was so glad to hear that she was doing well, and I made a mental note to find someone who had her address so that I could contact her. It put a smile on my face to see your pic with her. :-)
I'm sure you guys are crazy busy, but it sounds like you're having lots of fun being "home"!

Emily Grace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sis. Dickinson!!
Excited to hear that we might meet you and your family when you travel out west! :)
Love, Emily for the Albertsons in CO

Lady Theophilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady Theophilus said...

Hope you had a very wonderful birthday and have a good time celebrating with your family this week. Anxious to meet you in CO!! yay! - Beth Albertson

Brittany said...

I'm enjoying your pictures, Heather! So glad your deputation is going well - looks like you're getting to see lots of friends and family! Be safe, we're praying for y'all as you travel all those miles :)

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Beth and Emily, for your nice comments on my blog. When I had FB they posted my birthday as in April, but my birthday is actually in November. =)

We just met your brother from GBS the other day, and hope it works out for us to meet y'all. =)

Blessings, and THANK YOU for your prayers. Jesus is giving us a good deputation, but I'm SO TIRED!!!

Emily Grace said...

Sorry for the mix-up! =) We just had it on our birthday calendar wrong. -EA

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