Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~Celebrating Jesus' resurrection with my sister and fam.~

Sorry that I'm just now posting. I'm having an absolute BLAST working in our home.  =D
Unpacking, organizing, and DECORATING!!!!  It's so fun.  I decided that I just couldn't wait to decorate until all of our walls in our house get finished...for only Jesus knows WHEN that will be (possibly years),....so, we're hanging pictures and I'm having so much FUN!!!  I'm hoping to post pics soon (along with the rest of the pics from our weekend in AL.)
We're leaving for another deputation service tomorrow, Lord willing.
I hope that y'all had a good Easter.  Our family did.  Here's some pics from our day.
~When we started planning our deputation back in Colombia, I asked Phillip to PLEASE leave Easter open so we could be at our own church and be with Laura and family.  He did just that, and we had a wonderful weekend together on Easter.   ~
~The kids colored eggs at U. Daryl and A Laura's house on Saturday night.~
~My wreath I hung on our old ice box sort of reminded me of an Easter egg.  =) ~
~The cute little "empty tombs" that the kids made.  Gram crackers, peanut butter, choc. donuts, mini Oreo cookies, and coconut colored green.  Thanks A. Laura for the idea and supplies to make them.~
~Our kids' Easter baskets. (I forgot a pic of all 5 baskets.)~
~It's not often that you see CANDY CANES in Easter baskets.   But, someone had sent these to us, and so I put them in our kids' Easter baskets.  =) ~
~2 tired little kiddies with square eyes ready to dig into their Easter baskets.~
 ~Resurrection rolls for our Breakfast.  (Only the marshmallows from Gram were too hard to melt away to make the EMPTY TOMB. =) ~
 ~Easter Sunday morning Sarah and her cousin Darla each quoted a verse of "When I survey the wonderous Cross."~
~Noah and Sarah playing hand bells with all the kids before Sunday School.~
~I was so delighted to find this dress for Mary at a thrift store in Pell city, AL.  THANK YOU, DON & MELINDA, for buying it for Mary so she could wear it for Easter.~
~4 of our 5 children on Easter.~
~We invited Daryl, Laura, and their family over for dinner.  Laura ( my sister) and I each made part of the yummy meal.
The kids colored these eggs and then they wrote JESUS on the eggs and we nestled them down in "grass" for our centerpiece on my table.~

~I was happy to find these fun plates and napkins at Dollar Tree.  Don't you just love that store? =) ~
~On Saturday I got to unpack my crystal goblets, my 2 cake stands, and my pretty hand-painted pitcher...that I packed away around 12 1/2 years ago... before going to the mission field.  Getting to unpack and use my things again was like CHRISTMAS at Easter.  =) ~
~Then we dipped the edge of our goblets into yellow sugar and put "Peeps" on the ends of colored straws to add a festive touch to our drink. =) ~
~As you can see, little by little Jesus is helping us to find chairs for our dinning room table.  I'm HAPPY! =) ~

~Elijah and his "twin" Levi.  They were born within just a month or two of each other.~
~My sister Laura and me in my kitchen on Easter Sunday afternoon.~
~That night Kimberly, and her cousins Brittany and Natasha sang a special for church.  Jesus really helped them.~
~Kimberly made this fun cake in the shape of a cross.  We frosted it with 1 package of vanilla pudding, 1 cool whip, and 2 teaspoons of jello to give it a slight tint of color.  You can hardly tell it in this picture but it was a lime-ish green.  We put pastel Jelly beans around the edge.  I was sad that the cross was too big for my cake plate, so at last minute I had to put it on this tray.~
~We did "Resurrection Eggs" with U. Daryl and his family.  It was a special time.~
~Emily P. took these next few picture for us after church on Sunday morning of Easter. Thank you, Emily!!!~
~Our Mary
~Cousins and a friend from church.~
~Mary and her side-kick/cousin Darla.  =) ~
 We had a very special Resurrection Day.  Aren't you grateful that Jesus arose?!!!  Oh, What a Savior we have!!! 


RicKaren said...

I enjoyed your fun Easter pictures! I have those same goblets!

dannyandlizFlowers said...

So happy for you all that you got to spend Easter at your own home church and with family! I got tears in my eyes when you told about unpacking things you have not used or seen in 12 yrs...wow! Glad you are getting to enjoy your home and getting to decorate it too :o) Praying for you all as you travel for Jesus! See you in a few weeks at IHC ;o)
~Liz :o)

mmsbryan said...

How wonderful you could have time at home and to unpack those boxes that have "waited" a long time. Neat idea for the peeps on the straws. Things are looking nice at you house. Looking forward to this weekend when you will finally get to your Indiana home. Love, Moma

Brittany said...

Fun pictures! So glad y'all were able to be home for Easter =) I can just imagine how much fun you had unpacking those boxes and decorating your house!
Mary's little Easter dress is SO pretty! What a great thrift shop find :)

Gayle said...

LOve the pictures!! your table looks so cute!! Glad you are having fun decorating your house. Love Ya all!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Glad to here all is going well with your home and your travels! Enjoyed all the pictures! Have a wonderful day!
Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I've been waiting for this post! I am loving hearing about all that's going on in your neck of the woods. Your Cincy house is SO CUTE and I am enjoying seeing what others have done and what you are doing to it. When I'm shopping at the Goodwills here, I see little items that would fit into your house just perfectly but by the time you collect your things that were left here in AZ, I don't think you'll have a lot of room for extras. Speaking of houses, I'd best go do something to mine, so it'll look kind of cute. Mine's a downright mess! It's so neat that you finally got to spend a bit of 'Sunday Dinner' time with your sis and her family. You've been waiting to do that for a long time. Love, Mom D

lila said...

What a nice celebration. I'm glad you could be with family on Easter. Love all the pics. Very nice. Love you all

Roseanne said...

Mary's little dress is very cute! And love your scarf with the yellow top. Super cute :-). Looks like a fun day, and fun time with your sister.

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