Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~Pics from our Thanksgiving!~

Thank you for your prayers for me. I'm feeling MUCH better!!
Here recently we did 3 deputation services. One here in Cinci, then drove all night to Tennessee. We spent a couple days with my Grandmother (whom we call GG, which is short for Great Grandmother), then went on to our service in North Carolina. Then we had Thanksgiving with my family, and the following Sunday we had a service in Shelybyville, IN. We surely enjoyed getting to spend some time with GG, Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole, and Derek and Esther and family in Tennessee.
~Here is GG with our children.~

We had a Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a few pics from our time at Daddy and Moma's!
It was so nice to get to be home for Thanksgiving. We loved getting to see Uncle Andrew and Heidi. (We missed the rest of their family who were in AK). We haven't seen their family since 2006. Uncle Andrew had never met our Elijah nor our Mary. Our Noah who will soon be 7 was only 2 the last time we saw them. We surely enjoyed getting to be with Andrew and Heidi, Daddy and Moma, the Hausmans, and Great Grandma Bryan. (We really missed the AK Bryans, Lincoln, Lyn and family, and GG!)
~Uncle Andrew meets Elijah.~~Uncle Andrew meets little Mary.~
~We had a blast being together. And it's all because THESE TWO PEOPLE fell in LOVE...and still are in Love!~ (Moma would want me to tell you that she was too busy feeding everyone and being together to think about what the back of her hair looked like. =)
~Our men "Solving the worlds problems." =D (Missed you, Lincoln, Keith, and Drew!)
~Daddy carving the turkey~
~Great Grandma Bryan making the oyster dressing, which is a Bryan tradition.~
~Phillip enjoying visiting with Grandma Bryan. (who is 103 and 1/2 years old.)
~Moma's pretty table~
~Part of the Bryan family enjoying an absolutely delicious meal and LOVING being together!~
Dad and Mom Dickinson are here with us right now. We are enjoying time with them and Michael, Beth and kids. I'll post some pics of their visit soon!


lila said...

Beautiful pictures. So glad you could be home for another Thanksgiving. Thanks to baby Mary. What a beautiful table. I love that parsonage. love you tons

Mindy said...

Love those turkey plates! A very beautiful Thanksgiving table.:)

Daryl Hausman said...

Dearest Heather,
I'm sure glad someone in our family is good with "remembering" to take pics and post them. We are VERY good to remember to bring our camera, but never get the pics taken, for some reason! We loved getting to be with everyone!
Love ya, and SOOO glad you're feelin more like yourself!

Anonymous said...

Just too busy getting ready for Christmas to check your blog. it was so nice having family home this year even if it was not complete. I have a "gettin' even spirit" for posting that picture of Daddy and I. Too bad that I don't have a blog, but then I would have to find a "bad picture" of you and I don't think that any exists. Looking forward to a Bryan family time over New Years when ALL will be together. I love you, Moma

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