Thursday, December 16, 2010

~Our House at Christmas, my ER visit and Dad and Mom's visit~

To the ladies that commented on the Tres Leche cake recipe post...I'm glad that your cakes turned out great. Thanks for the nice comments!
~I decided to decorate our home in Cinci for Christmas, even if the walls are still just studs. I made these little red and white stockings when I was a teenager. Little did I dream that I would be using them in my own home some day. =) ~~You can see all the plaster dust on the floor.~
~Phillip being silly after he hung the stockings for us.~

~I'm so proud of my man. He has put in untold HOURS working on our home. We had hoped to get to live in our home for several months while we were here in the USA, but it looks like we might only get to stay in it a couple weeks before we return to Colombia in January. We are hoping to dry wall this coming week. PLEASE PRAY that all will go well! Thanks!~
~The last Sunday of November we went to Shelbyville, IN for a deputation service. Unfortunately that is when the kidney infection hit me and I didn't get to be at our service. Thanks, Bro. and Sis. Smith, for all you did to take care of my family and I. We enjoyed our stay with y'all!~
~Phillip spoke to the Spanish Sunday School there in Shelbyville, IN in the morning and then he spoke to the youth that afternoon. Kimberly and I thought it was cute that some of his notes he had written on a piece of a board (laying on the desk right in front of the lamp) while working on our house. =)~
~We went straight from the Smith's house to my midwives' office, who sent me straight to the ER where I was treated for my kidney infection. Our dear Mission's director came by while I was in the ER.~
~Where I hung out for a few hours in the ER.~
~The best husband in the world. He did a lot to take care of sick little me on Sunday while trying to prepare for speaking 3 times that day in Shelbyville, IN. We kept baby Mary with us in the ER. All the nurses that came in to help me loved her.~
~Grandma D. meets baby Mary.~
~Beth and I with our matching earmuffs.~
~Our house in the snow. We had hoped to hang icecicle lights on the porch, but then I got sick and never got back down to our house to hang them.~
~Dad and Mom, Michael and Beth and family, Bro. and Sis. Kemp and our family went to Skyline. Yummy!~
Stay tuned to see pics of Sarah's birthday, Baby Mary's dedication and more!


Beth said...

Love all the pic of your house. Its going to look so cute when its done!..We had a great time with you all. Wish we could see more of each other but life if just to busy. Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!! love you all

lila said...

So hoping you all can spend some time in your home before returning to Colombia. It was so nice to visit with all you Dickinsons. Thanks for letting us come. Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, Bethie and you are the very prettiest and the sweetest girls in this world. I had the nicest time being with both of you this Christmas. Thank you for your kindness to me.
Mom D

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