Saturday, November 20, 2010

~Visiting with our family~

~Elijah LOVES music and loves to sing! One day he was using an empty toilet paper roll as his mic. Then later he put the "toilet paper mic" on baby Mary for her to use and told her to sing, then grabbed another mic so he could sing too. =D~
~A couple weeks ago we enjoyed getting to meet up with Michael and Beth and their children, and Amy and Kinsey. This was the first time they had seen baby Mary so Amy and Beth were "fighting" over who was going to get to hold baby Mary first. (Aunt Beth won 'cause I handed baby Mary to her, but I dooo still love you, Amy. =)~~Kinsey and Kimberly~
~Sofia and Elijah sippin' and sharin' a shake.
~The kids~

~I thought this was a cute picture of Uncle Michael and little Mary.~
~We had a fun visit...until Burger King closed and we had to say goodbye. =(~


Beth said...

We had so much fun seeing you all! Can't wait to see you again. We miss you all. Love you

lila said...

So cute that Elijah is. Baby Mary seems to enjoy him. Love the one of him a Sophia. Glad you had a nice visit with Michel an Beth. love you tons

Greg & Stephanie said...

I always enjoy seeing how these BIG guys make our babies look ever so small!

Kimberly said...

thinking of you today as i cook for Thanksgiving and listen to my old Talley Christmas tape...remember when we went to that concert and bought the tape and listened to it all the way home?:)

the pics are precious and Baby Mary Grace is beautiful!! love you...Happy Thanksgiving to all of your family.
(and i know your Dad would not approve of my Cmas music listening...but i did hold out to Thanksgiving week:)

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