Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~Missionary Convention~

Thank you for your nice comments on our family picture (above). Janie Eisenhart took that picture for us for our new prayer card...Thanks, Janie!
And Thank you for your sweet comments on baby Mary and Elijah's pics that Jesus, (and Kimberly, and Sarah) helped me to take.
~Things can build up when a Mommy gets busy. Between taking care of a new baby plus 4 other children, doing some deputation traveling, working on our fixer-upper home in Cinci, home schooling, keeping up with my blog, making treats for church and other people, having company over, etc...it doesn't take long until my dirty laundry pile looks like this. =)~

~In October our family got the privilege to go over to Indiana and attend the Missionary Convention at Union Bible College. We haven't attended this convention since 2004. This is the nice fruit basket that the missions department gave to our family. (The other things are in the guest bedroom at my parent's house.)~~My Moma made this sign and had it on the crib where baby Mary was to sleep. It says, "Welcome! Baby Mary! We love you 'Wee One' Gram and Gramp."
~On Thursday morning at UBC they always have a missionary booth session during chapel. They divide all their students into age groups and they walk around from booth to booth and listen while each missionary has 8 minutes to talk to each group. It is a neat idea. We enjoyed being at the missionary convention. In this picture Phillip is talking to one of the groups.~
~The kids enjoyed the playground there at UBC.~
~Then on Saturday we got to attend the conference on the home that my Daddy held at his church across from UBC. There were 5 interesting speakers. Dennis Joslin, Bro. Dahler, David Evans, Daddy, and Bro. Gene Hood. Daddy asked our family to sing and so we sang, "The family that prayers together stays together." In the verse there is a line that says "Sweep the floor and do dishes, Give the baby lots of kisses". So when Sarah sang that part of the song Noah and Elijah leaned over and kissed baby Mary. (Whom Kimberly was holding in her arms.) =D
(Notice Elijah's "mic" that Gram bought for him to use.)~
~Joanna and Kimberly watched all of the children during the sessions on the home.~
~Enjoying lunch with our friends the Evans. It was an enjoyable educational day and made us want to do our best to maintain a Godly home!~
~We thought this was so cute that baby Mary (only 4 weeks old) was looking at Gramp.~
~Grandma Bryan (103) holding baby Mary (1 month).~
~Our family and Grandma Bryan~

Please pray for us as we leave tomorrow to do a few deputation services. On the way to one of our services we plan to stop by Tennessee to see my Grandmother for a couple days. We don't plan to do many services while we are here this time...what with having a new baby, trying to rest some and trying to get our home liveable...but there are 3 churches we feel we need to visit and thank for their support to our family. Thank you for your prayers.~


lila said...

Love all the pics but the one with you all and Grandma Bryan is sooo precious. She is such a dear dear lady.. What a beautiful family and example you are. Love you tons

Juwah said...

Are you sure that's not my laundry pile?

Anonymous said...

The family pic with your grandma. I beleive its sarah. Her dress looks very familiar. Looks familiar. The one fromour wedding I think that i gave you. Nice

rebecca said...

The note is from Rebecca ramsay before this one. I for got to put my name down.

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