Sunday, August 23, 2009

~Our go-away dinner~

~Our last Saturday in Colombia, our church gave us the SWEETEST go-away dinner. We wept lots of tears as they expressed their love for us and what we have tried to do for them through God's help. They served us a delicious meal and this yummy "Tres Leches" (3 milk) cake. We tried to assure them that Lord willing we will be returning to them in Jan. and that we were leaving half of our hearts with them. We are trying to pray LOTS for our dear Colombian friends while we are away.~
~Singing hymns together in the fellowship hall.~
~Sis. Farly giving a very good devotional.~
~Our church was praying for our family and for Kelly. There were LOTS of tears shed on both our part and that of our dear Colombian friends!~
~My cute little doll that my secret sister bought for me. She matches our living room to a "T". Several ladies gave me sweet and thoughtful they are! =)~
~Kelly and her Colombian secret sister.~
~The church was HAPPY to get our big wooden dinning room table and chairs to use in their fellowship hall for the ladies' meetings, etc. Here Phillip and Bro. Jimmy are visiting at that table after our DELICIOUS goodbye meal that they surprised us and served to our family.~
~A bunch of us after the go-away gathering.~
~We had someone snap this picture of Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly and their girls with our family on our last Sunday. It was HARD saying those dreaded goodbyes.~
~Our Welcoming Home Party that met us at the Cincinnati Airport on Tuesday August 4, 2009. It was so nice to see my sister Laura and her family, my parents, and Phillip's brother Michael and his family. This was the first time we had gotten to see their baby Sofia. What a cutie! It was NICE to be back home in the USA. (Although we left part of our hearts in Colombia.=)~
Lord willing, I will post pics of our wonderful Comargo camp soon.


karen arias said...
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Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

Heather, let me know when or if you all are going to be in PA. Email me to let me know where you will be next week. We'll be out that way.

karen arias said...

hermana heather nos han hecho mucha falta hemos estado muy unidos en la iglesia.
el domingo ante pasado paso algo muy lindo fue la primera ves que fui en falda me senti muy libre y segura todos no lo podian creer y sabia que esto era una cambio que DIOS QUERIA darme.

estamos orando por ustedes y estoy llendo juiciosas ala iglesia con felipe y paula.

saludes al pastor y los niños y a la iglesia en los estados unidos



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