Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~I'm back!~

Sorry, I know that you think I dropped off the planet, but I haven't had internet access for a few days while we were at our Comargo Campmeeting. Here are some pictures of us cleaning up our old house in Colombia that we moved out of, and some pics of our new apartment that God helped us to find. Enjoy!
~Kelly and Kimberly painting the old rental house in Colombia.~
~Painting the outside of our old house~
~The beautiful roses that Kelly got me and Kelly and I! =)~
~Like I said earlier, God provided us with a nice new apartment for 2/3 the price. It's smaller so we had to give our wooden dinning room table and chairs to the church and are using plastic table and chairs. We are very happy with our new apartment and we Thank God for helping us to find it. Here is our dinning room and our front door. The glass is non-see-through glass but you can see the glow from the green wall in the hallway coming through.~
~God is so good! The first time I saw the apartment I didn't notice that the tile in my new kitchen has fruit on it including apples...with which I use to decorate my kitchen. =) I plan to buy some more baskets to use as "drawers" on the bottom shelf when I get back to Colombia. I love my kitchen.~
~Our new living room. I plan to hang a gold framed mirror above the couch when we get back.~
~The guest bathroom. I was happy how the soap dish, soap dispense, and toothbrush holder tied the black of the tile, the aqua of the rug and the maroon of the shower curtain all together.~
~Our master bathroom. I was happy how that the tile has dolphins on it...for I had already had a seashell theme in my other home.~
~I'm happy with our Master bedroom. :)~
We begin our deputation tomorrow, so we are on the run getting everything ready. I'll stop back as often as I can access internet. Thank you for your prayers as we do deputation.


Karen Walden said...

Your new apartment looks really nice! You have it decorated really cute. I love your master bedroom window!

Good luck on your deputation tour. Maybe our paths will cross!

Roseanna said...

your master bedroom and kitchen are so cute :)

Dorcas said...

Looks like you were very, very busy before you came to the States! I trust you'll have a good time of services on your deputation tour!

~Gregory said...

It is absolutely awesome how God allowed your new home to match a lot of the decor that you already had! He didn't have to do that- it was just a bonus, and I think that is just wonderful!!!! :-)

Janette said...

Your new apartment looks nice already...great job!
Hope all goes well with your services and travel.

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